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25-06-2003, 22:30
04 - After my terrible goody hut luck in our last game, I now get Warrior Code with my first one. :D

06 - Pop 2 huts: one deserted, one maps of region.

07 - Meet an Iroquois scout to the south of my capital, I'm not sure where they could be...

14 - Greece has met my northern scout. :)

17 - Build settler. Meet the Babs. Get Bronze Working and 8 gold for Pottery.

22 - Found Medina, check this out:


06-07-2003, 13:43
No update anarres??

06-07-2003, 16:28

08-07-2003, 02:02
circa turn 30 - Buy Masonry for Pottery and 65 gold from the Greeks.
Buy The Wheel for Masonry and 33 gold from the Iroquois.
Sell The Wheel to the Greeks for 47 gold

35 - Build a granary in Mecca.

41 - Finish my 40-turn Mysticism research, about 8 turns behind the AI.

42 - Buy IW from the Iroquois for 165 gold.

Sell IW to the Babs for Alphabet and 8 gold.

Set research to Maths, I will go for max research (as cash allows).

47 - Suddenly I have contact with everyone but ERIKK...

54 - Babs demand 20 gold, I give in since I am going farmer.

58? - Damn, Russia, Persia and Babylon all suddenly have Maths. I was 5 turns from it.

Buy Maths and 4 gold from Greece for 2 gpt.

Sell Maths to the Vikings for Writing and 1 gold.

Sell Maths to Persia for Philosophy and 3 gold.

Sell Philosophy and 6 gold to the Vikings for Horseback Riding.

Sell Philosophy to the Babs for 63 gold.

Set research to Currency, 100%.

83 - At last I research Currency, and I have a tech monopoly! [:d]

Sell Currency with 22 gpt and 20 gold to the Russians for Construction. [coool]

Sell Currency to the Iroquois for Code of Laws, Map Making and 13 gold.

Sell Currency to the Vikings for Polytheism, TM and 64 gold.

Sell Currecny to Babs for full WM and 24 gold.

Sell Currency to the Greeks for WM and 227 gold.

Now only the Russians and me ahve currency, ERIKK is waay behind.

Set research to Republic @ 40 turns.

90 - Russians demand 49 gold. I refuse and get war. On the good side there is no way they can get to me, but on the bad side they could buy in lots of other civs against me...

105 - The Babs demand 68 gold, I give it to them as they are #1 in tech and power.

106 - Buy an Embassy with Persia for 64 gold, I may want to buy them in against ERIKK soon. Shit, they complete Sun Tzu's soon, ERIKK will have that sooner or later. [cry]

107 (AI) - Russia and Babs get MA against me. :(

108 - Buy an Embassy with the Iroquois.

114 - We agree to have no MA's agianst each other in the game, it was a painful conversation...

I get Persia in an MA agianst the Babs, they will buffer me and now are unlikely to be bought against me.

In the deal I give Horses and 49 gpt in return for the MA and Feudalism. I expect it not to last the 20 turns, in which case they won't be able to build any more UU's and IU get my money back.

Sell Feudalism and 172 gold to the Vikings for Engineering.

3 Swordsmen in a row kill 3 Bab spears in a far flung Bab city (in the NW of my territory), but there is at least 1 more! [eek]

115 - Shit! 3 of my 4 Swords die on 2 spears at the Bab city, the last Swordsman and a Horse take the 2 damaged spears. That's pretty bad RNG. :(

116 - Move Med Inf to the remaining Bab city near me. After that I will build more and take Greece.

AI - Vikings and Babs sign MA aginst me.

121 - Declare war on the Greeks and take my first Greek city. They only had 1 Hopilite defending aginst my Med Inf. :D

123 - Take my second Greek city.

126 - Research Republic and switch instantly.

Make peace with the Vikings getting an MA agianst the Greeks for Republic.

129 - ERIKK captures Perseopolis and the Great Library. :(

130 - Building up enough Med Inf to take the Greeks. This is tough.

Pics tomorrow...

13-07-2003, 23:53
132 - Persia is down to 3 cities, so I buy Invention, Monotheism and 4 workers for 98 gpt. Hopefully he will die withing 5 turns and I get the stuff cheap.

I give the Vikings Invention for free.

The Babs pay me 9 gpt and 21 gold for peace.

133 - I lose 8 Med Inf killing only 2 Muskets at Athens. The damn Greeks got Gunpowder last turn and upgraded a significant number of Hoplites. [cry]

135 (AI) - The Vikings make peace with the Greeks causing them to declare on me. Remind me never to make an MA in a peace deal ever again. :(

137 - I have gone from 6 turns to research Chivalry to 1. It must have been sold around by ERIKK now he has the GL.

Buy Chivalry from the Iroquois for 11 gold and upgrade 4 horses to Ansar Warriors. I have been concentrating on Medieval Inf to take the Greeks, but now I can trigger my GA, take the Greek Capital and set in for a infrastruture push (through my GA).

My FP will be build by hand in 14 turns (much sooner now my GA will begin in the next turn or two).

I get Gunpowder form the Persians for Chivalry and 20 gpt. They are down to 1 city now and I soon I will get back the 110 got a turn I am paying.

138 - I kill a couple of invading Viking Med Inf and trigger my GA. Now I can get Chemistry and Theology for 95 gpt.

141 - At last the Persians are dead, I get my gpt back. :D

Finally I take Athens. This cuts Greece in 2 and is a vital chokepoint. I lost about 12 Med Inf and a couple of Ansars takign it, killing only about 5 or 6 Musketmen.

142 - Make equal peace with the Vikings. I am getting a little worried at the Beserks that are due any moment.

I give Silks to the Iroquois, my eastern neighbours. They are still my only beffer from the all powerful Babs, and I need to concentrate on a few more Greek cities first.

144 - Athens is finally quelled, I rush a temple there.

Now I have about 15 Ansars I take Knossos and the new capital killing 5 Hoplites for no loss. Also, the capital has flipped to one of the western cities. :D

145 - Complete FP in Damascus. I seem to be building these by hand more and more these days. :(

146 - I lose one of my Greek cities to a flip, I take it back but I lost an Elite Ansar. The most annoying part is that there was less than a 1% chance it would flip. [mad]

Take Sparta (western Greek city).

147 - Research Printing Press.

148 - Take Delphi and make peace with the Greeks taking their only spare city and Education. ERIKK has appeared at the Bottleneck with a large invading force! [eek]

Make peace with Russia, giving PP and 14 gpt for Metallurgy. Set sciece to Military Tradition. Abandon Sparta.


149 - hehe, check where ERIKK is. I was going to disband Delphi anyway, and left it there to lure him to that tile. Last turn Athens hadn't got expanded borders and he could have got to it in 1 turn from where he is. Now I get an extra turn to get forces to Athens and fortify them. In ERIKKs stack are 8 Samauri and 2 Horsemen.


150 - Attack stack form ERIKK. Lose Ansar, Kill 6 Samauri, lose another 3 Ansar, Kill another 2 Samauri. Wow, only 2 Horsemen and a redline Samauri left, both Horse die against Ansars for no loss. An elite Med Inf dies attacking the last unit, a 1HP Saqmauri and a vet Med Inf finishes him off.

13-07-2003, 23:58
151 - The same Greek city as before flips on me again. [saiyan] Now I have to wiat 14 more turns of peace to take it back, and it is threatening flips all around.

153 - I am going to build a city on the hills bottleneck that is currently just inside the Viking territory, and soon I will take the Iroquois out.


14-07-2003, 08:11
Thanks for the update anarres :). Nice how you tricked ERIKK to go for Delphi first. But I think that he should have known better. You have 3 movement units! Lucky break on the RNG though [coool]

14-07-2003, 11:16
In my game vs Erikk I also lost a city to the AI that had around 1% chance of flipping back [confused]
Who the hell designed that FlipCalc anyway ? [mad]


27-07-2003, 20:45
GA ends in 157

155 - Research Military Tradition. ERIKK has now got Printing Press and Metallurgy. I hold off selling it yet since I want to snag more from the AI, and they will sell around Astonomy and Banking soon.

156 - My 'balls of steel' approach with Military Tradition has paid off. I can now buy both Banking and Astonomy from either the Russian or Babs for it. I choose the Russians since they are on ERIKK's side of the world. ;)

157 - GA ends...

158 - Russia semands Silks, I refuse since I can hold her at the chokepoint now, she backs down anyway.

161 - Sell Ivory and Silks to the Russians for 17gpt and WM.

163 - Research Physics. Give Babs Gems for 13 gpt.

Declare war on the Babs and take out 3 of their cities for no loss. My Cav hit pikes at most, and very few of them. I also get my first Leader, about time too!!!!

164 - Rush JS Bachs with my leader.

165 - Complete Bachs. Take Niagara Falls from the Iroquois.

166 - Take St. Regis and raze Salamanca, the Iroquois capital.

168 - Take another 2 Iroquois cities, only 1 left now.

169 - The last Iroquois city falls. An amazingly mild resistance, I took it all with about 15 Cavalry. Most my core cities are building Banks and Universities atm.

Damn, Russia has Magnetism the turn before me. I buy it form her for 186 gold.

174 - Research ToG and enter the Industrial Era. [coool]

182 - Research Steam Power, only Russia has it as well. Sell it to the Babs with 148 gold for Medicine. Sell Medicine to the Vikings for Democracy, WM and 6 gold.

183 - Switch to Democracy.

185 - The Babs declare on me at the end of my go. [mad]

186 - Take Grand River, originally owned by the Iroquois.

187 - The Babs have marched a stack of 12 Med Inf at me, but I have about 10 Cavs waiting to pick them off. I kill all but 2 for no loss. [evil]

Take Sippar, a Bab city near the NW bottleneck. As expected there are very few troops there and I take it for no loss.

Here is my double chokepoint:


And map:


09-08-2003, 01:13
189 - Take Uruk from the Babs with relative ease, and I am takign out several slow units that meke it to my new territory. I also pick up another leader and decide to save him for Hoovers. :)

190 - Research Electricity, set to Replacable Parts.

193 - Take Nineveh.

194 - Take Samarra. ERIKK has Steam Power so I sell Steam to the Vikings for Incense.

196 - Take Ur. Check this for annoying: [sad]

197 - Take Elippi.

198 - Take Kish. I had some terrible RNG this turn, including an Elite Cavalry loseing attacking a Vet Longbowman and 2 Elite and 1 Vet Cav dying against a 1 HP Rifleman. [cry]

Sell Electricity and 86 gold to the Vikings for Industrialisation.

199 - Sell Replacable Parts to the Russians for Sanitation, 258 gold and 115 gpt. ERIKK still has to get Electricity.

I can now turn science up to 100%, Scientific Method in 4.

200 - A bab city has flipped with 2 defenders in it. I take it back with a single cav. Take another 2 bab cities and make peace gainig another 2 cities and some obselete techs.

202 - Sell the Russians Furs for 25 gpt. :D

203 - Get Scinetific Method, switch pre-build over to ToE, complete in 2 turns. I still have my leader in reserve for Hoovers.

Will post a minimap soon when I have finished the Babs off. ERIKK must be going top branch, or saving all his money, which I doubt. Not sure why he would carry on the top branch after getting Stock Exchanges, since he needs Infantry. [hmm]

11-08-2003, 01:36
204 - One of my Bab cities flips. [mad]

I give 3 lux's to the Vikings for 23 gpt. I am buildinga few cav now to finish off the Babs, I have been concentrating on infra and the small cities are not worth all that production right now. In a turn or two I will take all the cities except the capital, I will build some artillery for that, since it is on a hill.

205 - My MPP with Russia expires, I see no reason to continue it now ERIKK is at war with them.

Complete ToE, get to Hoover and rush it with my Leader.

205 - Now I got rid of my leader I can attack Babylon. It holds Sun Tzu's and Smith's, and Sistine.

Take Babylon and in the process get another leader! [dance] I immediately create an army.

Set science to 100% Corporation, in 4 turns.

206 - Complete Hoovers.

207 - Take the last 3 Bab Cities, now I can move all my Infantry to the landbridge with the Vikings.

208 - I am trying to sell ERIKK Electricity and Replacable Parts. He wants it and says he will have Electricity next turn.

Well, I may as well take advantage, and I sell it to the Vikings for Spices, 26gpt and 43 gold.

Sell Russia Ivory and Silks for 42 gpt.

209 - Research Corporation, set to Refining. At 100% science I am making 36gpt and will get it in 6 turns. ERIKK doesn't have Electricity or Corporation! [eek] Wow, I really can't think what he has been doing...

210 - Sell Replacable Parts to ERIKK for Nationalism and 900 gold (600 now, 3x100 over next 3 turns).

Russia demands Corporation! [lol] I say no and she wisely backs down.

Sell the Vikings Replacable Parts for 683 gold and 33gpt. :D

17-08-2003, 17:29
215 - A lux deal with the Vikings runs out, I offer Scientific Method to get Incense and 20gpt or so. This ensures my WLTKD stays in 95% of my cities.

Research Refining

216 - Complete Heroic Epic. :D

220 - Research Steel.

221 - ERIKK has researched Refining and sold it to the Vikings. Since he is at war with Russia he couldn't sell it to them, so I just did, netting 94gpt and 28 gold. :D

222 - Complete Wall Street.

225 - Research Combustion.

229 - Research Mass Production. I am getting a tech every 4 turns now! [coool]

230 - Declare war on ERIKK. It's been 20 turns since we had to make peace, and I don't want him stealing my techs...

234 - Research Motorised Transportation! [dance]

AI - [lol] The Vikings declare war on me! Oh well, maybe I can pick up some leaders. :D


17-08-2003, 18:12
He's toast ! ;)

23-08-2003, 05:48
234 - hehe, I take 3 Viking cities in cluding one with Spices and the Capital, and I also get a leader. [coool]

236 - This turn I take most of Scandanavia, including killing a leader in a city I must have created. :D



237 - Complete the Pentagon.

239 - Research Radio.

242 - The invasion starts! Here is the 'before' pic:

142.99 KB

As soon as I start Russia declares on me through an MPP.

I build a city wher the settler is, construct a radar tower and attack Pasargadae...

6 Tanks die and 5 Retreat killing 11 Infantry and 5 Guerillas.

Since I don't need the slaves I take the city and sell all the improvments.

I then bombard Samaria 13 times destroying the temple, taking 2HP from an Infantry and dropping the pop from 4 down to 1.

2 Tank attacks kill the Vet and Conscript Inf defending a stack of about 20 workers! :D

Send in 2 Cavalry to pillage the coal just north of Samaria.

Abandon Pasargadae and refound on the same spot.

AI: Russia take my 2 exposed cav with 2 Inf.

I hit enter before I meant to. If ERIKK has enough Artillery and Cav he could get right in to the guts of my empire!! [mad]

As a result of the premature ending I have no 'after pic'...

24-08-2003, 00:07
Hehe we'll see how good his warmongering skills are then... [evil]

24-08-2003, 00:26
243 - ERIKK informs me he killed an Elite tank and lost 5 Cavalry.

I take out 4 Russian Inf with Arty and Tanks. The rest of my tanks need this turn to heal up. I now have 4 unsed armies, the tanks are better individually atm - when I get some more I will use the armies.

AI - Russia takes Rekyjavik back as I didn't realise they could get there.

244 - ERIKK shelled 8 or 9 times at my new city.

Research Flight, I am in the Modern Age!

Complete Battlefield Medicine.

I take Rekyjavik back with Cav.

Here is the border:


Building New Mecca allows me access to Perseopolis:


Attack Perseopolis with Tanks:

4 of my Tanks die,
3 Retreat
1 Elite Inf,
7 Vet Infs,
3 Regular Infs,
10 Conscript Infs
2 Gurillas

Fire 15 Arty shells at Suo:

6 Misses
4 Citizens killed

LOL, after the bombardment I realise there is nothing defending it!! I walk in uncontested.

Wow - I've only got 2 or 3 tanks with decent HP left, but I have 5 or 6 Tanks on 1 or 2HP.

I take the next city, Hakodate. Then Izumo, then Edo, then Osaka, and then (with a Cav)...

...I TAKE KOYOTO! [dance]

Now I take Kotyo, Sapporo, Kagoshima, and Satsuma.

Next, I sell all improvements for 714 gold.

All in all, a pretty good round! :D


24-08-2003, 00:34

Nice job ! [thumbsup]

24-08-2003, 03:29
245 - Take Shimonoseki killing 4 Inf (2 conscript), and losing 1 tank.

Take Yokohama:
2 Tanks die,
1 Retreat,
Kill 1 Vet, 2 Reg, 2 Conscript.

Attack Nara:

Lose 2 Tanks, 1 retreats.
Kill 1 Vet, 3 Con

Next I go for resources. 2 arty is enough to disconnect ERIKKs only rubber.

Bombard Arbela, a city with walls. My first shot take the walls out. Now the tanks roll - 2 die and 1 retreats, killing 2 Vet inf and 2 conscript.

An Elite Cavalry of mine dies attacking a Regular Cavalry or ERIKK's. :(


I bombard Bizen, ERIKK's isolated capital.


On the offchance I send a Cav to Nagasaki - it was defended by a Con Infantry, which my Cav took care of.

I shell Matsuyama and take 1HP from a conscript, showing it to be the only defender. I send in 2HP tanks to take it, and 2 tanks die before I get the city.

Make about 200 gold this turn from selling improvements.

Finally I pillage a line around ERIKKs land, and disband most the cities I took from him.


Ehecatl Atzin
24-08-2003, 03:52
Did he surrender?

24-08-2003, 04:07
nope, but he hasn't seen the latest turn...

24-08-2003, 20:01
246 - Bombard Samaria with 15 ARty:

Destroy walls
Kill pop
12 misses
2 HP from Vet

Attack Samaria with Tanks:

4 Tanks die killing 1 Vet and 3 or 4 Conscript Inf. :(

Bombard Nagoya with 4 shells. 3 misses and then I destroy the Stock Exchange.

247 - I build New Shanghai to get access to Ise and Fukushima:


Take Ise, killing 1 Vet and 3 Con Infantry and 1 Cav for no loss.

Tank Fukushima killing 1 Reg and 2 Con Infantry, and 2 Con Riflemen.

Take Bactra killing a Vet and a Con Infantry.

Take Sardis killing a Reg and 3 Con Inf and 2 Con Riflemen.

Take Toyama killing a Vet a Reg and 2 Con Inf, and 2 Con Riflemen.

Now I build New Bagdhad to get to Nagoya. Take Nagoya with Tanks killing 3 Vet and 1 Reg Inf, 2 Riflemen and 2 Cav.

I capture 5 Arty to add to my 20 and I bombard ERIKK's final city Bizen, taking it below size 7 and destroying the walls.


24-08-2003, 20:28
248 - Finally I finish ERIKK off by taking Bizen. [dance]

I think this is probably the first head to head played to full conclusion. [:o]

24-08-2003, 20:42
Are you sure? What about Aggie - OPD? Congrats by the way!

EDIT: and anarres - ERIKK part 2?

24-08-2003, 20:52
Congrats anarres, well played. I know now not to waste knights on adventures anymore! ;)