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24-06-2003, 14:44
This game started today - I agreed to play a better player on Diety in what must have been a weak moment. Also I notice that China are bottom of the pbem civ league - hmm, and we're up against the well known early military super power of the Persians.

Start position- could have been better - jungley to the north, at least one desert to the south east, no luxes in view, but there is a wheat (not bonus grass land) and another on a floodplain, and Killer does not know about my secret weapon - my new lucky black cat.


24-06-2003, 14:49
http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/prettyvacant/2003624134550_killer start.jpg

all four started on the bonus grass in the middle of them. Obvious move worker to wheat, settler to river which enables irrigation, warrior to N (from mini map most likely next civ) and bonus settler east because it's different and i suspect river curves round from SE to NE.

24-06-2003, 14:54

He looks kind of... what we call in Dutch "minzaam". I dont know the translation now (Uninterested is the wrong word). Maybe one of my fellow Dutchmen can help me out here?

Anyway Killer is the man of early conquests. Immortals will help him here!

Good luck PrettyVacant [thumbsup]

24-06-2003, 15:07

This pic explains my comments better. The settler is about to build on desert. Although the towns are close together they've got plenty of food and can share the developed squares. One sq SE would have put him next to river but less shield squares available, and got rid of desert, and (possibly) being next to rather than on floodplain reduces chances of disease.

24-06-2003, 16:05
Pack 'em in tight!

With Killer coming to get you straight away I'd build them 3 tiles apart (for ovious reasons...). ;)

23-09-2003, 22:56
well the great man said "in the pleasure dromes and ersatz bodega bars of the free world the mechanics of love grind like organs of iron to a standstill" and that nearly happened to this game. However we play on.

Ive got the English, Indians and Vikings near me; Killer has the Babs, Japs and Mongols.

2230 BC was a good year for me - I think. I had researched Mysticism and blow me if the bloody English didnt discover it two goes before me. However swapped with Viks for wheel and gpt and then wheel with Indians (who had got Myst from albion)for iron and gpt. Indians and Vikings are fighting - that should keep them busy and with gpt with both (England further away) I should get 20 turns of peace.

Also means I am up with tech (tho penniless) and know where the horsies and iron are, which I always like to know as early as poss.

23-09-2003, 23:35
heh - it's kinda wierd picking up old games...

29-10-2003, 12:03

yee hah - Great Lib in Stockholm in one turn.

Killer is using immortals to beat up the mongols (Henry=Persia=jade green) mongols yellow
ive fallen out with the Viks, on the basis that they have no iron or horses but do have silks.
There is a choke point that the English, who are just about top dog currently, hold. Killer is nearby and I fear his immortals may grab it. Also he is now, presumably, in his golden age. However at least GLib means i'll have loads of dosh - as we say in Essex.