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21-06-2003, 19:45
01 - Set science to Pottery 100% (17 turns but will drop).

I will irrigate the wheat, grow a bit wilst building warriors, then build a granary and start pumping every 4 turns. :)

14 - Pop a hut and get maps... at least it wasn't barbs.

30 - I only just build my first settler, it took ages to build the granary - I even got to size 6 with no garrison. There are 2 wheat to the east - that is where I am headed.

My island is lush, but no more goody huts, and not as big as it could be.

39 - Research Masonry, set to Maths (30-somehting turns)

41 - First turn of our second session and I realise I made a mistake not going for Writing (and ultimately Republic) straight after Pottery. I am only 2 turns in to researching Maths, so I change.

21-06-2003, 21:34
Did you consider building a Worker first to help improve all that beautiful land? :)

21-06-2003, 22:30
Yeah I did, but the shields dictated otherwise.

I have 3 cities now and 2 workers, more workers on the way. I am going to have 2 despotic 5 turn settler factories and a 4 turn one. :D

22-06-2003, 00:06
Which civs are you by the way guys ?

22-06-2003, 00:17
I am Rome, he is Persia (both random).

22-06-2003, 18:36
No pics?

22-06-2003, 19:10
I will post a pic after today's session, I am expanding rapidly, as is CB.

On demographics he is usually 1st in pop, and we keep switching 1st place for manafacturing and GNP.

23-06-2003, 04:48
You guys are doing 1 vs 1 no AI?

That's interesting idea. No intereference (besides barbs) and probably no tech trading. Sounds like fun :)

23-06-2003, 11:17
Ahh, I played to 2:30AM and forgot the pics...

I will post the full thing later, but right now it is turn 103 and I am a Republic. :D

23-06-2003, 11:30
I am very interested in how this works out. So reports of differences with an 'AI' game are very welcome.

25-06-2003, 23:20
62 - Research Writing, switch to Code of Laws.

77 - Research Code of Laws, switch to Philosophy.

83 - Research Philosophy, set to Republic.

103 - Research Republic and immediately go to anarchy. hehe, I get only 4 turns! :D

107 - Emerge from anarchy. Lux goes to 10% and science to 70%. Literature in 5 turns.

111 - Research Literature, set to Map Making.


Full size map (1600x1200) 450.65KB (http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/anarres/2003625221821_cb111_bigmap.jpg)

26-06-2003, 01:56
I'm a bit surprised to see you build your FP in Lutetia. It seems dead in the middle of your island, and awfully close to Rome. Have you considered Viroconium or Syracuse?

26-06-2003, 14:22
I have considered Syracuse, but the time it would take to buld would be astromonical. I can get 5 spt in Lutetia (size 6), or 2 spt in Syracuse.

Maybe I should get out the Corruption Calc and see exactly how many shields I can get in both these cities. Lutetia can go over size 6, but will need an entertainer at size 6 and 7. Syracuse can get to size 5, size 6 will waste the extra citizen. If I could get 3 or 4 spt at size 5 I may consider it in Syracuse. I am prepared to run a food deficit and add workers to it to keep it going, whichever city builds the FP.

13-08-2003, 18:58
Sorry about the delay in getting this posted. Things are about to get interesting. :D

115 - Rush Courthouse in Virocronium.

118 - Research Map Making. Change to Ceremonial so I can build temples.

122 - Research Maths, set to Currency (4 turns at 50%). I have lots of marketplace pre-builds.

126 - Research Currecy, switch pre-builds over. :)

My first gally finds land to the SW, connected by coast! Maybe this is an intermediate island between me and CB, or it could be a seperate smaller island. It is highly unlikely to be CB's island itself. I ahve 2 settlers rushed for next turn, I will send over 2 archers srtaight after.

130 - Research Ceremonial Burial. I only had to do 10% for 2 turnhs, then the last 2 turns were with scientists. I am gonna use the surplus to buy a harbour on my new island. [coool]

134 - Research Bronze Working, set to Iron Working.

Connect a new lux on my new island! [dance]

138 - Research Iron Working, set to Construction.

142 - Research Construction and complete my Forbidden Palace in Viroconium. [dance]

144 - Complete Great Wall in Rome. :) I have had nothign to produce for a while there, the Great Wall was pre-built using the GL.

146 - Research The Wheel.

150 - Research Horseback Riding.

151 - Complete Great Lighthouse!!! [dance]

I also enter my GA, a little earlier than I would have liked, but good anyway.

Send galleys with archers out - 1 to the west and 2 to the esat, on to odd tiles of sea in the ocean.

152 - My western galley is safe on more sea, the 2 eastern galleys are now in ocean.

153 - Both my suicide galleys sunk!! [cry] Just the one I sent west is left:

154 - Research Mysticism.

156 - Fuck!!! CB got The Colossus 1 turn before me. [mad3]

158 - Research Polytheism and finally reach the Middle Ages. :)

160 - Fuck! I just found out from checking F7 that CB has build Sun Tzu's art of War. [cry]

He really should have said, but maybe he doesn't know that I don't get wonder completion messages as player 1. I will build the GL anyway to remove it from the build queue for both of us.

161 - Complete the Great Library.

162 - Research Feudalism.

166 - Research Engineering.

170 - Research Invention and build Leo's. [dance]

174 - Research Gunpowder.

178 - Research Chemistry.

182 - Research Metallurgy.

186 - Research Military Tradition.

Upgrade 45 Horses to Cav for 2250 gold (Leo's).

187 - Shit! In the excitement of getting Military Tradition last turn I forgot to set my tech! [cry] 40% scince loss for 1 turn ins't bad in itself, but the delay in the 4-turn tech cycle may come back and bite me.

I launch my fleet [evil]

190 - Research Monotheism.


West Coast

East Coast

13-08-2003, 19:55
Wow ! great stuff !
I am sure CB's going to be real surprised ! So how many galleys ? how many pikemen ?

13-08-2003, 19:58
CB probably has the same amount of units and boats too.... I might try to sink a few! [eek]

13-08-2003, 20:10
I dont agree Erikk : "The Galley Gambit" is a touch of genius !
It will go down in history as a master move I am sure, CB is certainly building up for a galleon attack/counter attack.

13-08-2003, 20:15
I have Cavs and Muskets, not Knights and Pikes. ;)

About 50 Cav and 15 Muskets, with a few Med Inf and even a lone Longbow and Cannon. Hope it's enough, and that I can actually land at all...

13-08-2003, 20:22
Oh I knew about the Cavs, remember ? ...and just forgot about the muskets :D
Will you do a last check on known techs before attacking like we talked about or will you just go for broke ?

My 500 euro bet is on anarres ! Anybody wants to take it up ?

13-08-2003, 20:27

14-08-2003, 21:44

he's blocking the coast! [cry]

My only hope is that he isn't covering it all yet - I may be able to spread out and find a gap...

I guess if not CB will have won this with the most simple and effective of moves.

It must be costing him a decent amount of money to support the troops, maybe all is not lost anyway, I could disband the units for shields and dig in for a space win. Even with marines you can't beat a determined human as they will have infantry and civil defense by then.



14-08-2003, 22:11
So, looking at the maps, CB did the same as you did regarding blocking the coast? ;)

14-08-2003, 22:16
What a fun game this is... [rolleyes]

It should have been forbidden I guess... War is impossible as you say yourself! A waste of shields, if CB has put his efforts in city improvement he might win then...

14-08-2003, 22:54
Hmmm, CB has very good traits with Persia as civ (like free techs). Military can't be used until marines. Is CB clearly in favour now? If I were CB I would be at war with you all the time, to prevent tech stealing...

Ehecatl Atzin
14-08-2003, 23:28
If you bomb a unit via ship, can the ship cannons kill the unit and then unload your troops? or do cannon ships just hit units until they get 1 life point left?

14-08-2003, 23:45
Ships can not kill units just like cannon or artillery...plus only galley is available and it cant' bomb :D

But is it me being totally stupid or me being totally blind but I see 2 gaps on those coasts :
- one on CB's continent : [shout] GO GET HIM NOW ! [devil2]
- one on anarres' second island

[crazyeye] [crazyeye] [crazyeye]


Ehecatl Atzin
15-08-2003, 00:04
That's Anarres' second, smaller island; maybe he doesn't wish to defend it as much. There's FOW on the spot in CB's island, there should be a unit there, it's a very visible spot.

15-08-2003, 00:11
I don't need to block until he has navigation, which he may (just) already have. I overtook him in military a long time ago, and I am not too worried about a counter attack (I have good production at home and can rush or build lots in a few turns).

The 'empty gaps' on CB's island are not empty at all - they are just under the FoW. I am going to split my forces and see if I can find a way in somewhere...

15-08-2003, 00:22
quote:Originally posted by Skyfish
But is it me being totally stupid or me being totally blind but I see 2 gaps on those coasts :
- one on CB's continent : [shout] GO GET HIM NOW ! [devil2]
- one on anarres' second island

If I am playing this game for CB, I would open a small gap on purpose and hide my stack of doom near by. The moment you land, you will die instantly on the landing spot - a perfectly way for me to generate great leader.:) Is it really a gap or a trap?:D

17-08-2003, 17:36
195 - Research Theology.

199 - Research Education - switch several Cathedrals to Uni's.

203 - Research Banking.

207 - Research Astonomy.

209 - CB just got Smiths. This is OK, it means he has taken time to get Economics. He also has Bachs - a lovely wonder, but another 4 turns not going towards steam. I can still getting techs every 4, and now I have lots of Banks and Uni's I am running a surplus.

211 - Research Physics.

215 - Research Atomic Theory. I have been getting these techs cheap since CB already has them. CB's leaderhead has just changed - he is in the INDUSTRIAL age. :( I guess he will use his GA to get Steam Power very quickly, if he hasn't got it free already. This is gonna be very hard. CB is almost certain to get ToE and Hoovers. [sad]

17-08-2003, 18:08
What have you done with all your galleys and cavs ? Did you get them back home ? Will you disband them to speed up infra ?

17-08-2003, 19:34
They have already been disbanded to fund banks and unis and other stuff in cities with > 50% corruption.

I have kept about 10 galleys (upgraded to Caravel). These will provide advance warning of any invasion.

17-08-2003, 19:41
quote:Originally posted by anarres

211 - Research Physics.

215 - Research Atomic Theory. I have been getting these techs cheap since CB already has them. CB's leaderhead has just changed - he is in the INDUSTRIAL age. [sad]

[eek] Now that's quick! From Physics to Atomic Theory in 4 turns! [mischief]

17-08-2003, 20:06
hehe, well, you know what I mean. ;)

23-08-2003, 04:23
219 - Research Magnetism.

223 - Research Steam Power. I can build the Iron Works in my most productive city! [cool]

227 - Research Industrialisation.

228 - Complete Iron Works. :D

231 - Research The Corporation

232 - hehe, I see a Rifleman in a Persian city - that means he probably got Nationalism as a free tech, good for me! :)

235 - Research Medicine.

239 - Research Scientific Method.

Complete Wall Street.

240 - Research Atomic Theory. That took 5 turns. [sad]

241 - CB has just completed Hoover. [mad]