View Full Version : Sub needed for Civ IV Pitboss Cut more crap

18-01-2010, 00:34
From 22nd of Jauary to 7th of February because of holidays...

Please help!

20-01-2010, 03:03
I dont have Civ4 installed right now as i had to do a complete re-install on my desktop and I'm not totally sure if i have it on my PC.

I'm completly rammed this week but might have a bit of time on thursday to take a look around but can't promise anything!

20-01-2010, 15:05
Thanks anyway, BCLG!

I'll be leaving friday morning, so maybe we can see whether there is a chance at all. I guess, anything is better than the AI...;-)

But if someone else is willing to take over, I'd be happy as well!

22-01-2010, 02:52
Hope it works. I have send you a PM. If it doesn't work, then no problem.