View Full Version : Spoiler PBEM vs barbu (CDZ league)

12-07-2009, 15:29
Same blabla as usual....

barbu, please don't read this until the match is done...


12-07-2009, 15:31
Me = Cyrus of Native America

barbu = Willem van Oranje of Mongolia.

Starting position:


Looks nice. Chosen a warrior and a Dog Soldier (so, you can see I have taken Mining and BW), a worker, a Mine and a Barracks.

Revolted immediately to Slavery.

14-07-2009, 07:04
Are you guys playing pitboss or pbem?

14-07-2009, 10:04
Have you read the title of the thread? ;-) (PBEM...)

Mmh, barbu has 130 points after his first turn. Does that mean he chose to build a 2nd city? Or more techs? Let's see whether I can find him fast, I guess, he might not be well protected.

13-10-2009, 23:48
Found barbu to the east.

The screenshot is from turn 26 (bc 2440) after founding the 2nd city. After I have seen the horses, I knew I had to grab that location (which is on a hill)

He sent a few archers afterwards, but I was able to rush enough Dog Soldiers to prevent him from doing damage (although at least connecting horses was delayed)

13-10-2009, 23:55
I was able to deny him any strategic ressources, so archers was all he could build for the whole game (one Catapult in the end)

My Horse Archers and Dog Soldiers fortified in the hills surrounding his capital for quite a long time until I was able to add a few Catapults.

Used a Great Scientist for a Golden Age.

But I waited with an attack as I had to build a third city to get Galleys, because barbu founded his 2nd city on an island.
In 80 AD my troops captured Karakorum and I got my 2nd Great General (1st was got from killing archers which tried to deny me from connecting horses)

13-10-2009, 23:58
Final screenshot from 260 AD.

As you can see, I was lucky with my central position (although barbu's capital had a nice amount of food) and getting the horses was maybe the decisive thing in this game.