View Full Version : Hey Tubby....article about your "problem"

23-02-2007, 19:18

Let me know if you start feeling demented.

Tubby Rower
23-02-2007, 19:28
I heard about that. I was pretty demented beforehand. so I guess I'm with the weird group

Tubby Rower
23-02-2007, 19:31
quote:it may be because the surgery allows sperm to leak into the blood. Antibodies produced by the immune system in response to the sperm might trigger damage that causes dementia, she said.So anti-bodies against my sperm will attack my brain... quick quick cut all blood supply to my brain!!!!


23-02-2007, 19:48
bwahaaaaa haaaa

I sent this article to my wife...with the subject...
" You must be crazy to get this surgery...research proves it"