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jack merchant
29-05-2003, 02:12
ERIKK kindly provided a map for us, and here is my start:

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/jack merchant/2003529181145_CBvsJM_start.jpg

Cartouche Bee
30-05-2003, 03:10
Here is my start.

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Cartouche Bee/20035303100_CBvJM-start-b.JPG

30-05-2003, 05:07
Nice silks there!

30-05-2003, 09:21
Jack definitely got favoured by his friend Erikk here, 2 food bonuses vs 0 !

30-05-2003, 09:49
bla bla bla

"the world aint what it seems" and "you should look further than the tip of your nose"!!! [:p]

jack merchant
30-05-2003, 12:14
The wines aren't a food bonus in despotism, Sky.....

30-05-2003, 12:44
They are if you irrigate.. ;)

jack merchant
30-05-2003, 13:05
Not if they are on plains, anarres you noob !

30-05-2003, 13:08
[lol] OK, I didn't look at the pic...

FWIW your statement that you don't get the food bonus is incorrect, since plains give 1 food, or 2 with wines. That is why I assumed it was on grassland. ;)

30-05-2003, 13:24

Cartouche Bee
30-05-2003, 20:35
And I have a bit more forest to improve my toothpick production at some point.:D

But we really got hosed on the huts, for a couple expansionists, or the AI got them. [aargh]

Cartouche Bee
01-06-2003, 07:05
We have played to turn 60 already and both have established contact with all the civs.

I'm currently at war with the Persians, sound familar? :) I've already profited from the war and this war will likely set the stage for my next war. ;)

Cartouche Bee
02-06-2003, 18:03
The Aztec got me into their war with Persia and then they bailed. They will pay, "give me all your bases!".

jack merchant
02-06-2003, 19:03
In the meantime, I am paying a visit to the Persians - have autorazed their iron town and think I might be able to conquer them entirely !

Cartouche Bee
02-06-2003, 19:06
warmongers 'R' Us

Cartouche Bee
10-06-2003, 02:57
Well, mind is poor but I don't ever remeber getting an offer of 1 gold per turn just to talk.

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Cartouche Bee/200361025720_cbvjack310ad_iqoffer.JPG

10-06-2003, 10:23
DUDE !?!?!
Hope you made the insult of not even accepting it ! [lol]

jack merchant
11-06-2003, 15:10
A highly gratifying piece of news after recent experiences:

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/jack merchant/200361115101_CBvsJM_Persiadead.jpg

11-06-2003, 16:43
I wonder when CBs gonna hit you though ? Cavs ?
Be ready for it dude, get into infra mode now.

jack merchant
14-06-2003, 16:50
Another one bites the dust:

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/jack merchant/2003614164956_CBvsJM_Chinadead.jpg

14-06-2003, 17:36
Screenie !

Cartouche Bee
15-06-2003, 16:02
hehe, we are playing deity and the leading edge tech is Education, and that is at 540AD.

jack merchant
14-07-2003, 01:08
After a brief war, Cartouche Bee and I concluded a peace treaty which basically splits our continent in two. As part of the deal, I surrendered three cities (two newly captured from the Americans and one of my own) to CB and receive spices to replace those I had lost from giving away a city. The deal will last for twenty turns.

The next turn, I built Smith's Trading Company. I am in my Golden Age, CB is still waiting for his.

Cartouche Bee
23-07-2003, 16:47
My GA is now over and we are back at war.

I have infantry and Jakob has not yet finished researching Electricity, so I will hold this advantage for some time to come.