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01-10-2006, 17:40
Season 2 is starting now, it will be a short season before the new game engine is implemented. I'd like to use those few weeks to better understand some features of the game that I have ignored so far. I've read the rules, but some points are still blurry to me.


I'm not sure what to do there, and what does what. We have the choice to train riders on a specific trait or on a specific order. Still, nowhere can I see the difference in values for both training programs, so I don't know what to choose. It seems it's not necessary to hire a coach for training, but I'm not sure at all. I currently don't have a coach, so all my riders should receive some training (I'm training Time, and I think it's stupid), but I don't know if they do, and I chose domestique for all of them, by default. The progression in skills is difficult to track, not sure what those red and green arrows really mean (decimal or integer increase/decrease ?).

Scouting and Youth Transfer

Ignored that feature so far. Not sure how it really works. Is a young rider easier to train or not ? I saw some recent discussion about YT going on here recently, so what about it ?

Riders' specs

What do Height (should replace Length ;) ) and Weight do ? How does age influence results ? How is salary computed ? Does nationality influence anything at all ? Do those arrows work well (I have never seen an arrow, green or red, after weeks of domestique training on Time for all riders) ? Can specs go down as others go up, when training ?


I think what is basically missing in the game right now is a good source of information on how the game works. My mind is even more blurried by the fact that features are implemented at a rather fast rate (or not), making it difficult to know if said feature is already in or not...

In any case, a big thank you to whoever can answer some of my questions, and of course a big thumbs up to the dev team (PP and co) for the game. [thumbsup]

04-11-2006, 17:57

Season 2 is nearing the end, and I still bypass some areas of the game. Anyone willing to clarify some points ? Or maybe we're just waiting for PP and co. to come back with their new engine ?

04-11-2006, 18:32
The current game is crap, and hopefully there's a race engine that makes sense in season 3. It sounds crude, but the current race engine is really nothing to spend your energy on. Consequently, training and such are not really interesting.
Regarding youth transfers: you can get filthy rich if your scout level is high enough.