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31-08-2006, 15:03
This is a spoiler for my first hosted epic PBEM, which i started at CFC on July 10, 2005. Here are the settings for the game:

Regent Difficulty
70% water Continents
Wet Climate
4 billion year world
Temperate Temp.
Sedentery Barbs.
4 players on standard size map

And here are the players:

greekguy- Romans
classical_hero- Persians
Calis- Celts
bathsheba666- Vikings

We are currently on turn 123.

i'll post updates in the coming posts. please feel free to offer advice, give suggestions, or yell at me for doing something stupid. your posts will greatly valued by me, so please post! :)

31-08-2006, 15:04
ok, here is the update for turn 123:

I didn't do much, except move a few workers around, but i'll be building a new city next turn. I'm currently in 3rd in land area, so i plan to do a settler explosion in the next 30 turns or so, and build 10 cities on my southern border. Here's a screenshot of my empire:


You might notice that I'm in last place in score and have 2 gold in my treasury and at -1 gpt. this is for a few reasons. in the early game, i focused on getting Iron Working, as I hoped to hook up Iron quickly and take out my continent with Legionaries. Unfortunately, I don't have any iron near me, so I've had to rethink strategy. I also focused very little on building in my early game, so it took me more time to expand than it did classical_hero or Calis. Thus i have a much lower score than those 2. Now, about my gold issue. A few turns ago bathsheba approached me by e-mail with a very intriguing offer: He'd gift me into the Middle Ages (i needed 6 techs to reach the MA, and everyone else was already there) and i'd give him 40 gpt in exchange. At first, I wanted to just buy off a few techs, but he then lowered the offer to 30 gpt. I decided to accept, hoping that this deal will prevent the tech. dominance of my opponents. However, i'm basically bankrupt now, as my economy couldn't support the deal. I'm now frantically working on harbors, markets, and even the Colossus to try to remedy my gold issue.

Here's a screenshot of my border with bathsheba:


He's my main ally in the game, and many turns ago we agreed to make the mountains our permanant border. However, this leaves my best ally with little land, so i'm slightly concerned he might break the agreement and sneak attack me, so i've left a few units to guard my border with him.

Here's a screenshot of my border with Calis, my main opponent in the game:


He's the only AGR civ in the game, so he's had a big advantage in growth from the start, thus the huge amount of cities he has. He also had the only iron source on our entire continent, shared by myself, himself, and bathsheba. Many turns ago bathsheba and I agreed to help each other, in case one was attacked by Calis, seeing he can produce his UU, while we can't. I also have archers stationed at hills and mountains throughout the south, to detect movement of Calis' troops and tell me if starts an invasion, giving myself and bathsheba ample time to prepare defenses.

One more thing. Although my position right now is kind of weak, I do have one thing going for me. I have the strongest military in the game. I'm strong compared to classical and bathseba, and average compared to Calis (even though he has Gallic Swords!). so, if someone tries to invade, they're in for a rough time. :)

Tubby Rower
31-08-2006, 15:08
quote:reserved...[lol] You know that you can lock topics?

31-08-2006, 15:19
quote:Originally posted by Tubby Rower

quote:reserved...[lol] You know that you can lock topics?

yeah, well this was easier then locking and then unlocking a thread. i'm lazy like that. [tongue]

btw, why aren't my pictures showing up?

Tubby Rower
31-08-2006, 15:27
you have spaces in your image link... You need to use underscores or no spaces reload

31-08-2006, 15:39
ok, i guess i'm doing something wrong, because it's still not working.

here's the name of the first file: greekguy's Empire. i then edited the post to say greekguy's_Empire. it still didn't work. what do i do??

31-08-2006, 15:41
load it up on imageshack and post a link

that way everyone except tubby can see :)

31-08-2006, 15:49
thanks BCLG, imageshack worked great. now taht the pictures are up, does anyone have any advice or suggestions for my game?

31-08-2006, 15:55
and now you just need to make it so we can actually see the pictures in larger detail :D

Tubby Rower
31-08-2006, 16:01
woo hoo... These are the first imageshack pics that I've seen in about a month... I hate my IT dept. I can probably get to ebay and hattrick now too. They keep playing with my head. [headstab]

31-08-2006, 16:13
ok, screenshots are up as links. i don't get why you can't create thumbnails that you click on, or get the full size picture here, but whatever, you can see the pictures now.

edit: finally got a picture to be posted here full size. i'm too tired to do the rest though, but the all other pictures will be full size screenshots as opposed to links in the future.

31-08-2006, 16:26
just lookin at that first pic i would say you needed a closer build

01-09-2006, 08:05
Calis must like the Celts; he's them in our PBEM game.

If you post a picture with the grid on, I'll suggest a dot map.

Right now, is it safe to say you and bath are buds?

Is classical on his own island? If so, has he shown any signs of a massive immortal landing?

Sorry for all of the questions... [blush]

01-09-2006, 15:13
quote:Originally posted by RegentMan

Calis must like the Celts; he's them in our PBEM game.

If you post a picture with the grid on, I'll suggest a dot map.

Right now, is it safe to say you and bath are buds?

Is classical on his own island? If so, has he shown any signs of a massive immortal landing?

Sorry for all of the questions... [blush]

yeah, bathsheba and myself are good allies, just like i said, i'm worried his limited space for land might cause him to attack me down the line. also, classical does have his own island, and i'm pretty sure he has more than 10 cities (he posted it somewhere in the game thread at CFC). lastly, i already have made a dotmap for my planned settler explosion, i'll put it up here in a few minutes.

edit: here it is.


the red dot is a city i have already founded, the gray dot is a maybe, and the black dots are defintely going to be new cities.

01-09-2006, 18:07
Nice dotmap! [goodjob]

17-09-2006, 21:29
Here is the update for Turn 132:

I've built my new city a number of turns ago, and named it Currency (as in my lack of atm). I'm still building markets, harbors, and temples, but once this phase is done, I'll do a mass production of settlers and try to settle as far south as I can, as Calis is continuing to expand outside of his subcontinent. I'm 10 turns away from building the Colossus, and F7 says that know one else is working on it, so I should finish it soon without any complications. Here's a picture of my new city Currency:


As you can see from the pic, I'll have wines hooked up in the near future, after I connect them with roads and build a temple in Currency. I'm hoping Calis will be willing to trade some spare Iron to me for Wines.

Lastly, here's a collage of the minimap and the scoreboard for whoever is interesting in how those are looking:


06-11-2006, 17:29
Here's the update for Turn 146:

Well, there have been some big developments since i last updated this thread. Calis' intentions of dominating our continent has been made clear, with his completion of The Pyramids and more importantly, The Knights Templar. However, I finally did complete the Colossus, and I will finish research on The Republic in 6 turns. I have a small, steady stream of income coming in and things are going decently. I'm currently engaged in diplomacy with bathsheba. He doesn't have much of an army, but is more technologically advanced, so we're trying to trade with each other to stay at par with Calis. He lacks horses, so I'm hoping I can get a tech for the resource. Lastly, I've built 2 new cities on my southern border, with a 3rd city to be founded next turn. Here's a shot of my southern border, with the new cities in view:


If you guys have any questions or comments, please feel free to post, as any help is welcome. :)

06-11-2006, 19:10
Your UU can be menacing. Any thoughts given to doing a mass upgrade from warriors to legions?
Your spacing seems a bit wide for my tastes especially in this type of game. I've learned that being able to move a foot soldiers move is very useful (3 spaces) and worker tasks are easier to manage.

06-11-2006, 21:29
i would have a ton of Legionaries right now, however, i don't have any iron. in fact, the only iron deposits on my big continent are firmly under Calis' grasp, and i don't see him trading it away anytime soon. ;)