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19-05-2003, 23:34
001 - My best start location in quite a while:


007 - Meet the Vikings, give Masonry for Warrior Code and 10 gold.

011 - Get a settler from a hut! [dance]

012 - Get Bronze Wroking from a hut. :D

014 - Get Wheel form a hut.

016 - After 2 empty huts I get Horseback Riding! [dance]

025 - Build Granary in Washington.

026 - Pop a deserted hut

027 - Meet India, miles from home. I get Alphabet for Masonry and Pottery.

20-05-2003, 09:42
Quite a good start IMHO!

20-05-2003, 12:10
Yeah, this game is looking tasty.

The only downside is having the Zulu and Celts as neighbours. [rolleyes]

One of these days I will get India as my only close neighbour, I'm obviously not paying the map makers enough.

The granary was completed very quickly since I build a second worker and have chopped 2 forests. There are 2 irrigated wheat next to the capital, so expansion should now be very rapid. [coool]

20-06-2003, 15:48
41 - Get a worker from Scandanavia for Alphabet.

44 - Give HBR and 112 gold to India for Writing. Give Writing and 3 gold to Scandanavia for Iron Working.

I have a settler founding battle with the Zulu and manage to scare them far enough away from the only nearby supply of horses:


57 - The Vikings demand 33 gold, I give in. The Zulu have been moving south in numbers. At first I thought they were after me and I rushed soem spears, but they have carried on south towards the Vikings instead. :D

60 - (AI) Zulu declare war on the Vikings. :D

62 - Double rush a temple in Chicago to get some horses:


I don't seem to have a problem with growth in my cities, in fact I am having trouble producing enough units to put in them. I have resisted the temptation of building loads of warriors, instead I am buyilding barracks and spears only.

I am out of space pretty much now, I am building in jungle locations. The war between the Vikings and Zulu will hopefully last for ages, I may join in on one side or another if it seems appropriate and I have enough horse units, possibly against the Vikings since their territory is better for my expansion.

08-07-2003, 00:50
circa 70? - Buy Code of Laws from Ghandi for 319 gold. Get Maths for it from the Vikings.

92 - Buy Currency from India for 534 gold, I am 5 turns away at 90% science.

Buy Construction from Scandanavia for Currency and 13 gpt.

Sell Currency for Mysticism, Philosophy and 93 gold form the Zulu.

Set Scince to Republic - 22 turns @ 90%. I may have to turn that down soon to account for the shrinking reserves.

99 - Declare war on the Vikings. I take 2 cities first turn losing only 2 horses. They in the middle ages but no pikes yet. :D

AI - Lose another 2 horses on the counter attack.

Kemal contacts me with information that he has met all the AI and me on my continent. HE manages to extort 30 gold for me not to decalre war on me immediately. The obvious thing to do would be to buy the Zulu in agaist me.

100 - Take another 2 Viking cities losing 4 horsemen. :(

I sent the rest of my troops north to defend against the Zulu, I expect Kemal to declare war next turn and buy them in. He wants 150 glod for 5 turns not ot declare war, but I can defend against both the Vikings and Zulu I think.

Buy Literature from the Zulu for 14 gpt. This way if they declare war I get a free tech.

104 - Kemal has tried to make me pay for him not to get MA's agianst me but I refused. Now I am at war with the Zulu and India as well as the Vikings. I think I can hold them though.

Move a stack of 6 spearmen and 10 Horses on to my only Horse resource, to defend it from the Zulu and counter attack them.

Move 2 stacks of 5 horses in place to take another 2 Viking cities next turn.

AI: A Zulu horse and Archer die against my defending stack, and 1 spear is killed by a Zulu horse.

105 - Kill a stack of 6 Zulu Archers/Horses and get a Leader.

Take 1 of 2 Viking cities I had lined up. I sent 5 Horses against 2 spears and failed. :(

106 - Finally get the Viking city I wanted. I now make peac with them and get 2 workers and a city for it.

Take and auto-raze Ngome, the Zulu city near my horses.

107 - Move stacks of Spears and Horses on to high ground to counter attack the Zulu as they invade.


08-07-2003, 00:51
Since it's been so log here are my maps:



09-08-2003, 00:07
108 - Finally Research Republic. I need huge unit upkeep and I am in the middle of a huge war, so I will not change yet.

I have really piss poor RNG against the Zulu, and endign the turn I see Indian troops appear. [scared]

110 - Found Baltimore and rush the FP there with my leader. At last my elites can try for another. :)

111 - Build the FP in Baltimore.

114 - Go to anarchy, Republic in 4 turns. I should have enough now to hold off the Zulu.

117 - Get my second leader. Since there are no wonders I build make an army.

119 - Get my third leader! [eek] [dance]

Pay India 3 gpt for peace. Pay India Furs, Spices and 2 gpt for an alliance against the Zulu.

The Vikings are moving large numbers of troops past my undefended cities in the south. I guess they are going for either the Zulu or India, but just to make sure I give them an RoP, Furs and Spices for an alliance against the Zulu.

123 - Kemal has paid the Vikings and Indians for war with me again. [sad]

I can save all but 1 city (the Vikings have too big a stack next to it). Fortunately it is only size 2 and has no improvements, since it is recently founded. There is a small chance of keeping it, it has a horse and sword to defend against 2 archers a sword and 2 spears.

I do however have contact with the Babylonians. I buy contact with Carthage for 8 gpt.

From Carthage I buy contact with the Koreans for contact with the Zulu and 19 gold. Then sell contact with the Vikings for TM and 9 gold.

From Korea I get Feudalism, TM and 1 gold for contact with the Vikings. Cool, at least I know everyone now.

Now I make peace witht he Zulu and offer an MA against both the Vikings and Zulu, and contact with Korea and 20 gpt for Monotheism.

Set science to 0% so I can get some cash for rushing units and upgrades.


The Vikings attacked my fortified regular (rushed) sword in my vunrable city and lost 2 archers for no loss and a promotion to veteran for me, quickly followed by a sword promoting it to elite! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

124 - I have cash now so I buy an Embassy with the Babs. Since Kemal sold them contact with me I know he is not currently at war with them. They are also on the opposite side of Kemal to the Koreans and Cathaginians, so he may have that border relatively undefended.

With the Babs I get an MA against Kemal and Chivalry for 68 gpt and RoP. Since Kemal has Chivalry already I sell it to the Koreans for the WM and 8 gold.

[lol] I was really worried when Kemal bought in the Vikings in but the last 2 turns have been bliss with the RNG. I just got my 3rd leader in 7 turns!!!!

125 - Complete Sun Szu's, rushed at my FP city (Baltimore). Make 60 gold from selling by existing barracks.

126 - Sell my only connected Iron and soem Furs to the Zulu for Engineering and Dyes. I really should have found I could do this at the start of my turn, I have wasted lots of movement. The best bit is that I connect another lux and iron in a couple of turns. :D

131 - Take Trondheim. :D

133 - Get another leader! It's been really easy to fight defensive battles and have been able to pick of hordes of warriors and archers, but I can't believe that I've had so many...

Pillage Viking Iron. The Vikings have neither Horses or Iron now, and India has no Iron also. The Zulu only have the Iron I am loaning them. If only India didn't have War Elephants my life would be perfect. :)

135 - Take Odense, the new Vikign capital. Umm, I think I am going to get someone to check my battles because I just got another Leader. [???] [crazyeye] [coool]

Weird, in most my games I am getting very few leaders, but even with my excessive elite fights I seem to be getting a very good rate here. Admittedly it's 1/12 now, but this is just 3 elite wins after the last leader when I rushed Herioc Epic.

AI - Hmm, to balance it I just lost several fortified Pikes anad Knights to War Elepahnts, 5 of mine lost I think, no War Elephants killed.

138 - Take Molde.

139 - Take Reykjavik.

AI - The Zulu and India make peace, this auto-declares the Zulu against me and I lose a lux from them.

140 - Only 1 riot, I make peace with India and set up an MA against the Zulu with them, I make 79 gold from the MA Part of the deal.

Establish an embassy with Korea and pay them 15 gpt for an MA agianst the Russians (Kemal).

141 - I am now at war with India, Kemal has paid them.

I take Herald, the new Viking Capital. At last the capital jumps to the island to the east.

143 - Make peace with the Zulu and get Invention and 32 gold for 39 gpt.

Get the Zulu in an MA against the Indians, also giving Iron and getting 31gpt. This way they lose their Iron if they break the MA. Also give them 3 lux's for 20gpt.

145 - My MA with the Babs aginst Kemal runs out. The Babs were getting 68gpt, now he they are paying me 7gpt. :D


17-08-2003, 02:37
149 - Capture Ibabanago from the Indians. Take the last mainland Viking city and make peace, gaining 2 useless cities off on the smaller island.

Pay 34 gpt for Dyes from the Zulu.

Decide I need to start researching, set to Gunpowder (7 turns).

150 - Capture Pune form the Indians. They lack Iron, so as long as their War Elephants are attacking their cities are only defended by spearmen. My 3 knight armies certainly help though. :D

Korea gives me Theology and 125 gold for 42 got and MA aginst Kemal. :D

Sell Theology to Carthage for Monarchy and WM.

151 - Take another Indian city. A possible 2 next turn.

154 - 1 turn from reserching Gunpowder and I find Korea has it. :(

Still, I buy it for 150 gold and swap it for Education from the Babs.

155 - After 20 Elite battles after my last leader (and I build Herioc Epic) I get another. Take another Indian cities.

156 - Buy Music Theory for Ivory and 36 gpt from the Zulu. Rush Bachs.

157 - New Madras flips, with 2 non-resisting citizens and no tiles owned by them. :(

158 - Take Deli at last, with Hanging Gardens and the Great Wall - there were 8 Spears defending. I lost no Knights at all. :D

162 - Take another Indian city, there are only 3 or 4 half decent ones left.

I try pretty much my first tech steal ever (from the Koreans). I am paying lots of gpt, so war is not so bad. I only had enough money for 'Careful', and I get it! Wow, this really is my first turn. I thought I hit a bug when I chose the tech to steal! [lol]

I am amazed you get a choice and not a random one. This is powerful!

I choose Astronomy and sell it to the Zulu (with 14gpt) for Banking.

163 - Take Madras with the Great Lighthouse. I am please to report India now has neither horses or iron. Building those war elephants will be expensive in those tundra cities!

I also get another leader - it is about time (20+ elite wins since last, with HE)

Argh! [mad] The Zulu are getting 39gpt from me as part of our peace deal (I got a tech with it). The downside is that now I have to renegotiate peace or carry on giving 39gpt. When I do this the peace is for 20 turns! I will have to goad him in too war now.

Maps soon...