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23-04-2006, 22:30
1on1, no AI, locked war, pangea, tiny, temperate, medium, ancient, normal, natural.
akots: Qin Shi Huang
grs: Mansa Musa

Wow, what an awesome starting location. I move the warrior first and since the east had nothing to offer but more plains I moved the settler west.


Tubby Rower
23-04-2006, 23:04
Just to let you know, I have changed very little from the initial pangea roll. Good luck!!

22-05-2006, 22:16
The situation in 2040BC.



I found akots very fast and explored around Bejing. He then did a really wild move and attacked my warrior on a hill with one of his while only having a 40% chance to win. He won :(

I have built a barracks and my first skirmisher is trying to secure the hill next to my warrior. While akots now has a warrior with 2 woodland promotions, he did not dare to cross, so he does not know my lands yet. My first settler will be ready soon, hoping to claim the hill spot. That will be vital!

23-05-2006, 00:04
This is 1on1, no AI?

Good luck. Bold move by Akots [insert sometimes it is better to be lucky than good quote here]

23-05-2006, 00:11
quote:Originally posted by Paalikles

This is 1on1, no AI? Yes. I added the details above.

26-05-2006, 00:01
I claimed the spot, but I somehow have the feeling this is going slowly down the drain. Akots already has an axe and has beaten me to Buddhism, so I need to take the longer route to Hinduism. I am also missing iron and have my copper outside my 21-tiles, so I need to connect it just to get it with no ressource gain. Also I am not that sure claiming this hill was such a good idea, since the city is not in a very good spot, while akots probably has a quite productive 2nd town.

02-06-2006, 03:15
No i think it was a pretty good plan, you only have to really defend the one city, leave a couple of units behind to deal with barbs but other than that its good, you still have the cows and can chop one of the forests for no loss of health bonus. Build a couple of skirmishers and some walls and is as good as having any axes/swords in there.

What are you building in the capital now? could maybe do with 3/4 skirmishers 2 to go to the other city, 1 to guard a worker building a road to the city and the other for oddjobs around the capital.

30-06-2006, 21:45
how come you resigned grs?

01-07-2006, 09:14
Sorry for so few spoilers lately. I resigned because I will lose one on my 4 towns soon and have no way to stop akots. I invested too much into my skirmisher/axemen rush, which was not really bad, but not good enough either.