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21-02-2006, 22:42
Hello :D

Anyways, well i have thought, lets try to get a raid together for ZG.

I seriously wanne start arranging a run tthere. Was thinking of maybe Thursday night.
So ill be online later tonight, and start to ask ppl. If you guys have any ideas, or know where i can read up on strategies on ZG it would be welcome. Then i can try and do some research on it, and try to do this.

In the guild, ppl i was thinkiing of asking to come is
Myself, Einea - Hunter
Egladil - Druid
Miomha - Druid
Mel - Priest
Excaliber - Warrior
Zoe - Depending on group, either as Hunter or Warrior
Ash - Once again, depending on group, Mage or Priest, but would op for priest.
Cab - Rogue, im sure hell come with if i ask him.
Mehrad - Warlock, he will try to come surely
Mersad - Warrior, Get mehrad to MAKE him come . . .
Thad, if hes 60, we can inv him then
Peripatetic - Palladin, Mel, if you can have a chat with him, would be great.
So thats 10ppl, have the group needed.
I have a few friends that i can send inv to that i have played with in groups
Donno all the names, but roughly here goes
Kirax - Hunter
Dwarfrot - Palladin
Fanu - Palladin
Another Pally
they have warrior friend
Mage friend X 2
Another warrior friend

So if we can get all to come, we will almost have a full squad of 20 ppl. If you have any friendss that you know, please, post here their names, and class. and we can try to get a group set up before thursday.

Im very hopefull, and I guess very optimistic about this . . . . Hope to get the support to pull it off.

And if we cant pull this off, we get Mehrad and go do his lock q, Otherwise We got to do a DireMaul North run.

22-02-2006, 01:27
would be most excellent. I'm sure we can get enough people to come as everybody probably has a group of friends they can call on, if you know long enough in advance.

22-02-2006, 12:17
Yeah I know another few warriors I could call on, plus a few mages, maybe Radarblind would like to join in? He's a cool priest but a little picky...


22-02-2006, 20:13
It will be hard to convince people to join. Generally people wipe at least 5 times trying a boss they've never done before. If you want to try it, you should try to get someone like radarblind or dwarfhero to lead the raid for you. They have pretty good experience of each of the bosses and would be able to help a lot. Also, teamspeak/ventrillo is a must, so you need to work on getting that set up.

22-02-2006, 23:48
Ok so it looks to be a bit harder than i thought. But thank you for the advice. I will have a chat with them, and see. And during the day see how things go, on whether well attempt it or no. If we dont go, anyone up for a Dire Maul North run then??
Let me know.
See you all later
PS : Can any of you give me some advice on how to set up my team speak??

23-02-2006, 15:45
Thanx for counting me in Einea! :'(

24-02-2006, 19:54
Hey mate, its just for the past few weeks i havent seen you online much :(( well we didnt go in the end, so . . . . . .

Didnt help anyways, i was on early the day, and it was only me and zoe online and none of my friends was on really . . . .

Im hopeing for the new patch to come out now, so i can get my new items from the new sets thats available, and then ill be around a little more, and possibly then move elsewhere.

01-03-2006, 08:36
I've been playing an alt char on neptulon that's why I havn't been playing Kardy lately.
But hopefully we'll get things going in here soon and I'll be with ye!