View Full Version : ***SPOILER***Beating down Whomp in Civ4

Tubby Rower
22-11-2005, 00:24
Ok whomp-a-matic... don't look at this thread.... you have your own forum.

Landmass - Wheel
Size - Standard
5 other AI civs to kick around
Noble diff.

22-11-2005, 05:04
Need to find horses asap and once you have the worker techs b-line to HBR for erm...Keshik I think?

If I've got the right civ those things are awesome. Build 6 or so and start picking on your neighbors

22-11-2005, 11:05
[cheerl] Hurray the first Civ4 PBEM Spoiler on CDZ

22-11-2005, 11:13
Do tell more about the map, how big is the spoke of the wheel, etc...

And war elephants kick ass.

Interesting that you plan to make a worker at size 2.
I most of the time start mine at 3, but these last few games I ve played have sucked. Though not because of worker builds at size 3, more about hesitation before going to war, and wrong tech choices, etc.

BTW, isnt keshik a knight replacement?

Tubby Rower
22-11-2005, 14:04
Keshik is a horse archer replacement in civ4. only differences are 1st strike and ignore terrain movement costs. same amount of hammers and strength.

I don't know too much about the map. I just know that it is shaped like a bicycle wheel with a hub and spokes emminating from the center. All of the civs are on the round outside part of the wheel. I selected the 2 plots per civ. & it's on a standard map.

As far as my strategy, I plan on not going for a religion. My plan is to go for Alpha and trade everything around. After that, I'll fly by the seat of my pants. I'm not that aggressive in spreading them normally so I'll wait for one to come to me. I might even go without getting my UU. I haven't used the UU in civ4 yet. Do you get a GA from the first win?

22-11-2005, 15:57
No GA's from UU's

It would be a shame missing out on making and using the Keshik. The ignore terrain movement cost is awesome. If you b-line to it and pump out some units you can mop up on a close neighbor. upgrade his strength and you can still use them against units like knights.

22-11-2005, 16:38
Did this today. Took 3 of 4 cities from the Japanese before they got Spears. [hammer]

Mighty good fun.

And to think I always go for catapult supported fighting...

I had some kick ass units before I saved. Excluding barracks promotion, I had at least 3 promotions on some units. Still in tbe BC.

Nuff about me. Go bonk heads.

Tubby Rower
26-11-2005, 20:34
We had to restart this because the patch screwed us up. I'm still the Mongols but the other leader. I am now what civ3 players used to call Ugly. I am Ghengis Khan, the "Great Ruler", formerly known as Temujin. I shall stomp on Bernie with fierce vengence. :) We are still playing the wheel map but 3 plots worth of spoke length and 3 plots wide

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/20051126192959_Civ4ScreenShot0004.JPG

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/20051126193026_Civ4ScreenShot0005.JPG

26-11-2005, 21:02
Wow. When Akots sees this, he is gonna be sooo jealous. Stone and grass start.

And on a river too (unless you moved there)

Looks like a potentially strong start there, IMHO.

Kick some ass d00d

Tubby Rower
26-11-2005, 21:08
no I didn't move. I just hope Whomp has a good start too.

26-11-2005, 23:41
Well, a good start indeed, could not get that kind of start yesterday. But you still have one unworkable desert tile. Cottages for flood plains and river grasslands sounds good. Even some shields from stone tile. Can be enough to support 10-12 cities here.

Tubby Rower
27-11-2005, 00:39
No 10-12 cities on a wheel map with 7 other civs. Not unless I have this game well in hand [charge]

Tubby Rower
29-11-2005, 05:07
I just found Catherine's borders to the SW by the wheat. I'm thinking that I'm on the right side of the wheel. It looks like I have a good mix of resources. I've already researched Mining & Farming. I just started into Animal Marriages.

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/20051129458_Civ4ScreenShot0007.JPG

Tubby Rower
01-12-2005, 03:58
Whomp's now a hindu. I met Cathy jest west of the wheat and was blocked by her borders. I met Monty as his scout came strolling by my northern border. My worker is out growing corn and I just finished the warrior. I'll prolly build something else until size 3 then get a settler out.

Tubby Rower
04-12-2005, 05:17
All 3 early religions have been founded. I pulled my first settler out right after my warrior finished. I just got a chariot out and am thinking I can start chopping forests with a couple more workers to get me up to speed.

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/200512441559_Civ4ScreenShot0002.JPG

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/200512441614_Civ4ScreenShot0003.JPG

Tubby Rower
07-12-2005, 03:57
At the request of Romeo... an update

My scouting warrior in the north of the fog trail busted a hut for IW [charge]. There's a lion beside him and if he dies from the lion then he had a good run... especially getting IW for me. One thing that I noticed is that Monty is now Cautious towards Bernie and Annoyed with me. A few turns ago it was the opposite. I'm wondering if me jumping up to almost the lead in score has anything to do with it. The scout parked outside my borders is omminous. I've heard that Fraxis got Monty down pat. Appartently he is psycho and will attack anything that moves. That quote that he has when he meets you "Let the peace between us last until there is no more room to expand" is true for his part so I'm building a decent defense. Iron ore just north of my borders is going to help, but he has iron too :(
http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/200512724427_Homeland.JPG

This screenie show what I think is the "hub of the wheel". Bernie tried to attack me... the fool.... but he claims that it wouldn't let him declare. bah... I sent him a message saying that "soon my numberless scout will destroy you" [lol]
http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/200512724349_hub.JPG

Tubby Rower
07-12-2005, 04:48
it looks like the warrior that figured out the art of shaping iron has run out of luck [lol]

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/200512734740_bad_luck.jpg

Tubby Rower
07-12-2005, 17:54
I met Roosevelt and he's a Buddhist. So it looks like all of the religions are on the other side of the wheel which sucks for me. I might go for Confusion.

Tubby Rower
08-12-2005, 13:53
Here is my guesses on where everyone is located. The circles are where they have cities. The squares are where I met them. Monty in the upper right is confirmed as is Cathy in the south. And I'm in the east. I haven't seen any other borders. Bernie know's everyone except Cathy. Actually Cathy doesn't know anyone. Monty only knows me and Bernie which might suggest that Mao and Bernie are switched positions. It's confirmed that no one is currently in the SE. The SW is probably the 7th civ. The reason for 7 was that was what was already in the setup so I figured (incorrectly) that the game knew that you need a power of 2 number of civs on this map.

I'm currently in the lead for score and I believe also techs. I offered Bernie a chance at survival past the Ancient Ages if he gives me his second city of Orleans. He said no. I'm concerned about Monty to the north of me. He'll eventually attack me I know, so I'm going to plant my cities in that direction and hopefully I can take his too. Then fill in toward the hub and to the south.

Image Insert:
http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/Tubby Rower/200512812460_map.gif

Tubby Rower
11-12-2005, 20:53
I think that the map above is wrong. I think, but can't yet confirm that there is a spoke for each civ (no extra ones). I'm the first to Alpha and am trading techs around.

Bernie decided to declare on me and was beside my second city. I squashed his warrior flawlessly with one of my 3 Keshiks. I'm glad he did that because I was about to go after Monty to the North. But after this and me not knowing where his homeland is, I decided to trade a tech (I think Poly) for Monty going after Bernie.

So now Bernie has two maybe 3 civs (maybe China will join in since they are pretty chummy with the Aztecs) after his blood.

I think that I might be able to convince Cathy to go after him too if he ever meets her. Right now I know all of the civs and Bernie is just lacking knowledge of the fine Cathy of Russia. She slapped me over a trade proposal and it never felt better ;)

02-11-2006, 01:43
so what happened to this game?

Tubby Rower
02-11-2006, 01:50
umm.. dead I presume