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jack merchant
29-04-2003, 14:55
This is to be a bloodbath game - small map, small pangaea. I chose the Iroquis because Stapel chose Persia - I considered Egypt but I wanted a UU that could reliably kill immortals. No barbs means no tech from huts, but I'm hopeful the early contacts and map info will make up for it.

29-04-2003, 15:01
You could have picked Rome for such an exercition but horses seem to be more common than iron. OTOH horseback is further up the tech tree than iron working (especially for the persians [eek])

jack merchant
29-04-2003, 15:47
[smokin] That would have been a much better idea, of course. I'll just have to beeline to HBR then.

jack merchant
30-04-2003, 22:52
now we just need a map to start [help]

30-04-2003, 23:12
quote:Originally posted by jack merchant

now we just need a map to start [help]

There's a seperate forum for that.

jack merchant
01-05-2003, 10:53
Indeed [yeah] ;)