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25-04-2003, 00:25
This is with 4 other people, Napoleon Hitler, Sashaddin and digger. I took over for essex and inherited crappy land. Jungle... And he settled on iron with the capital so I cant build the cheap warriors anymore :(

Oh well, here is pic.


27-04-2003, 21:10
Uh, spoiler for the NH1 PBEM


I got crap land, plus my capital is settled on iron so I cant even build warriors anymore. Also I took over Essex. I am persia, so the iron is a good thing.

09-05-2003, 15:07
Nothing much, but next turn (today) I will update it because I will be settling in the next two turns. One on that hill near the incense and the other in the jungle...Digger offered to trade :D I have yet to answer but horsemen would be nice to use (against Napoleon). I am Lit this turn so I could give him that but i dont want to ;)

09-05-2003, 23:02
This is how my land looks. Settled one place, settling in jungle (yippee) next turn.


11-05-2003, 17:16
Ended up buying Horseback riding for 80 gold. He got ripped off ;)

30-05-2003, 23:10
I finally decided to stop being cheap and bought an embassy with Spain, since me and digger might go to war. 2 spearmen.

But, I checked F4 and they are already at war. This will be interesting, cause that means he probably has swords (i cant trade him iron) but he has no horse's. Maybe I will help him.

02-06-2003, 05:50
I am sure you already know that Carthage has attacked me, and it looks like you have some plans of your own. Well, I thought you might like to know that Carthage has my only source of iron in our region (and therefore has at least 3 swordsmen to my zero, since I can't even build them), and though my score is very high, it is all cultural. If there is any threat to you on this land mass, it is Carthage. Carthage is poised to take Barcelona this turn.

I suppose you and Carthage could crush me together, but he would gain much more than you. If I were you, I would rethink things and maybe send some Immortals towards the brown guy...

~Laser (Napoleon Hitler)


02-06-2003, 13:40
That was an email sent from Napoleon to me about a possible military alliance. Of course, I said I was neutral not wanting to alarm him that i want to attack him.

04-06-2003, 15:04
Napoleon is pissing me off. He said he will give me philosphy if I take one of diggers cities. I said no, because we are supposed to make a 2 tech trades for those. Plus, I dont want to attack numidians.

04-06-2003, 15:10
And you want to attack Napoleon :)

04-06-2003, 15:15
Just checking in to let you know you're being watched. :)

04-06-2003, 21:23
I felt lucky. [band]


04-06-2003, 21:50
Just like I said, hehe :)

05-06-2003, 23:36
Now for the decision. Should I stay at war with Spain? Or try to get a bigger military and take on Carthage, because I believe, that if I take down Carthage, then Spain will fall easily. Its just those damn mercenaries. 4 vs 3 is still good but not enough. Maybe I could land some guys with galleys and surprise digger.

I am also not sure if I want to trade techs anymore. I like techs, the faster they come the better, but I dont want digger to trade them to Napoleon and reap the profits and I get nothing extra. All a mind game here. I will play the turn later, and see how our wars are going. Hopefully, he'll keep attacking from the south and me from the north.

And since digger basically told me he had his military, 3 swords (?) i think get killed, I dont have to worry about him for a few. But those three wheat scare me. Great production and lots of gold. My start isnt bad, but it is a little better than his. I just dont want both of them attacking :(

*I think this has been my longest post on this site... imagine what'll happen in the modern age ;)*

And its a really good thing to be industrious, fuckin jungle and all ;)

08-06-2003, 03:35
Napoleon and Digger got peace! What a little fucker (digger)! I could've sworn he said alliance against Spain. Guess those sword losses hurt. While we were allies, I made the mistake of agreeing to go after techs I wouldnt of because we were going to trade to eachother. I probably still will, but I'll make sure I can offer it to Napoleon first, when we get peace.

Than, I'll put together a galley/immortal attack and land against carthage. Or I'll just take over Spain. Either one ;)

10-06-2003, 03:01
Got peace w/ Spain. Digger said his military is gone. I might pay him a visit ;)

22-09-2003, 23:50
At war with Spain again and I am marching towards his Capital. I have already taken Seville awhile back and I am going to assault his capital soon. He has vet spears though but I don't fear them![guns]

Digger hasn't really hinted that he wants an alliance but I am glad he has stayed neutral. If he makes a half dozen swords he can probably do some minor damage and make me end my war with Spain prematurely. If that happens (that means he and col got together [hmm]) I will pillage the cattle and bonus in Spains territory and just try to play hit and run vs digger.

Sashaddin (aka Japan) hasn't done much but is building a kickass civ since he is by himself. I plan on getting his help. Everyone is in despotism except digger (monarchy). I could switch also but I don't want to waste my GA as I have only a few turns of it left.

23-09-2003, 01:06
Can we get a map please? :)

24-09-2003, 03:16
Email time!

Me- so... we gonna be alligned are am I going to war against you too?
Digger- that sounds like blackmail to me

Me- I dont like mercenaries gettin comfertable around me (he had a NM on my gems in my territory)

Digger- they are just having a look

Me- ok, Thanks! Was hoping that, just making sure
Digger- you changed your tune quick enough. 2 emails ago i had the choice of alliance or war...now i get to wonder freely....sheesh talk about giving somebody the wrong idea ([:p] to all you)

Me- well... i was scared that he was a guy that was leading a bunch more. Sorry for being a little mean ;) So your neutral throughout our war?
Digger- well i am getting nervous that you will go to far. I can't let you get to powerful. How far do you plan to go?

Me- maybe take the capital and go west. Don't worry, all that land is your's down south for the time being. IF we stay allies that is. Sorry for "blackmail" but I can assure you that I won't attack you for at LEAST 20 turns (probably more but I dont feel like thinkin that hard)
Digger- hmmm i think this is to far...as soon as you've recovered from taking nh you can just move onto me...nh has no iron, he will do anything to stay in the game, but he needs to be nig enough to have an affect. I was hoping wew could sort things out and go after sashaddin...give him something to play for..he's had it to easy for too long..i'm sure he's looking for action
I played the turn 10 BC and it turns out Spain has iron. DIGGER GAVE IT TO HIM.

24-09-2003, 03:18
Ok this is my attempt for getting the nobel peace

What are the chance's of getting you to to declare
peace. I cannot sit on the fence for much longer, over
the past few weeks i keep changing my mind on my
course of action, i have mislead or been undesive with
you both at certain times so i have decided to openly
declare support for one player or another.

As it stands i would have to favour NH for any
military support. But i would like for a more peaceful

So wildfire will you be prepared to declare peace, or
face both nh and myself?

nh are you prepared to accept peace and accept the
loss of Seville?

And the possible outcomes
Wildfire or NH does'nt want peace:
then we are at war. Spain and Carthage vs Persia. This
will weaken the whole continent to the extent that
Sashaddin could take an uncatchable lead.

NH and wildfire accept peace.
now this will take some resolving, i will have to
leave you guys to fill this part...as in what you will
accept for peace. But at least we can keep up with
Sash this way.


Basically the next emails say "I want seville back, WF can keep Murcia."

Me saying "Take it back, I ain't giving it up."


05-11-2003, 23:14
In 230AD something unexpected and unwanted happened.


06-11-2003, 10:50
If that's not a case for war I don't know what is!!

He should have refused! [:o]

07-11-2003, 03:45
Yeah, but if I break the treaty (8 turns left) I think digger and napoleon are both gonna declare war, instead of just spain (nap).

23-11-2003, 22:51
I am getting ready for another war (possibly)