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20-02-2005, 16:31
This is my random start. I will not work the wheat, but instead pump some scouts first and road the bg for an additional commerce and then will improve the cow. I will make a serious run for Philosophy despite the Dutch are in the game. Let's see if it pays off - I will start with writing at max (48 turns).


29-03-2005, 12:10
I met Grahamians Russians on turn 4(!). So much for chosing expansionist - both exp. civs are now on the same isle and it is a small one too.

We exchanged techs on turn 5. I sold Alphabet to him for Bronze Working, 10g and 1gpt. Some turns later I poped Warrior Code from a hut, while he got a city from his in a mediocre spot. I had thoughts about an archer rush for a very short time, but since I played so many SG with him and I know his skills I chose not to do it and proposed an alliance. After a very short and pleasant exchange of ideas he finalised it:

quote:ok, we have an agreement.
1. share techs and divy up researching priorities
2. no wars between us
3. no wonder races between us
4. gift excess luxes to each other.This is the isle we share.


It will be a difficult task to divide it I guess, although he already gave me access to the cows between us and even proposed to move his capital!

22-04-2005, 21:28
Deja vu?

Grahamian sent a proposal how to divide our island, but I am not that positive on posting other peoples mails in forums (and I won't agree on it anyways), but this is my reply:


[snip introduction]I have quite a different line on my mind and will try to explain it by naming the cities I would build closest to the border from north to south.

1. North of the inland lake between Oporto and Moscow (on the tobacco).
2. Oporto itself
3. on plains sw of a mountain, next to a river - the tile is s, se, se of Oporto
4. on plains at a river bench plains - s, s, s of 3
5. on plains next to a suger and a oasis - s, se, se of 4
6. in a desert at the coast se,se,se of 5

That would roughly give us the same ammount of land.


And this is the map of our island and the cities I talk about.
Download Attachment: icon_paperclip.gif smallermap.zip (http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/grs/2005422202456_smallermap.zip)
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I think this is still fair, though I may have the better land in quality terms. Still questionable though. Let's see what he will answer.

19-08-2005, 23:50
The game is going well. I met Stricktly Rockers. He seems to be alone on his isle and is way back in techs. I gave him Bronze Working for Masonry and now offered Warrior Code for The Wheel. Meanwhile I won the Philosophy race and took Map Making. I traded all 3 techs to grahamian.

Our isle.

Stricktly Rockers.

15-01-2006, 02:32
very sad...this could have been a good game, but never was continued...