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05-02-2005, 00:01
Last turn plenty of War Elephants appeared in Sardinia next to a city that could not be reinforced. The troops from the city were loaded into a galley on the east side of the island and the city abandoned.

However with war elephants in the north we had an opportunity that we could not pass. An army, catapults and several Legions(III) made the journey to outside of Carthage onto the hill. The Great Library being very useful in this situation.

Hopefully next turn we will be victorious although I still need to watch out for about 10 War Elephants which could reload and move east potentially to attack Rome. We will partially reinforce Sicily and try to keep Rome protected by more than the 3 units at present. Perhaps I should try doing something clever with galleys rather than this strategy of using the biggest hammer to hit the largest target.

08-02-2005, 16:51
Carthage fell after 3 units were defeated for no casualties. We will rest a couple of turns and see where Matrix's stack of War Elephants goes.

08-02-2005, 17:05
Dude. That really hurts him.

We want screenshots. Well, I do. Please?

08-02-2005, 17:17
If anyone is wondering the first post is meant to say that the great Lighthouse was very useful rather than library since it gave me the extra ship movement point to reach the hill tile outside of Carthage.

Btw Matrix lost two War Elephants and a heavy cavalry unit attacking my army on his turn so the hill was very valuable considering that the army only lost 3 hit points.


28-02-2005, 20:57
The stack is on the move again going west to attack in 3 turns. Pretty much the same as that stack but the army will move on the next turn rather than this one.

The fleet of ships in the above diagram moved north. On the last turn I blocked every possible landing square whilst making sure that I would build two new ships in the north. His fleet of 3 ships moved next to Rome where I was able to sink 2 out of the 3 ships on my next turn. Potentially he can land 4 units near my cities but I should be able to destroy any landing party unless I have some pretty bad luck.

Oddly a Heavy Cavalry revealed 4 elephants next to the Celt city on the map so I've got a few troops on the border and will check each turn as to whether he has more units there. Will try to add another screenshot next turn but this was a good turn as I may have sunk 8 units with those two galleys.

05-03-2005, 17:20

Matrix suprised me as I didn't realise that units could land on a square occupied by a catapult. Fortunately I had lots of units around and pushed him back into the sea. I keep on watching him build up an attack force in the north and will respond by doing the same. In two turns we will see whether Matrix can stop my attack force or whether he will start raising his cities.

25-03-2005, 17:36
Second attack successful with that city falling. Settled a new city inbetween that city and Carthage on the coast.

This turn we took the city directly to the south with one HC against a Spearmen.

We will probably continue to push west although at some point we will need to take Thenae.

28-03-2005, 01:34
Another city fell this turn to my army.

29-03-2005, 17:24
Nearly attacked this turn but decided to wait another turn for my army to fully heal and about 4 more legions to be ready to move. Don't want to be caught out now when victory is close.

04-04-2005, 16:15
This time the stack moved to attack Icosium. Basically I waited an exra turn so that I would have several extra elite Legions.

Apparently Matrix lost 3 units attacking a legion that was on a hill and attacking my army which had healed by the time the turn got to me. The only combat was taking a worker on a mountain in the east and disbanding it since if the road was completed he could have sent lots of HCs over the top. I now have some warning if this occurs.

05-04-2005, 15:51


On the plus side we took the city however slightly over half his units retreated on their attacks and he took out my army. [cry]

I guess I will have to play defensive on that front now although Utica is vulnerable to attack. That will be the city that I will begin to reinforce for the time being as I can counter attack his units that retreat from that city.

03-09-2005, 14:57
Oops again. Matrix sent a large force into northern Italy whilst mine was in North Africa so last turn he captured Genoa and destroyed the city east of it. Next turn my regrouped Italian army will begin the march to retake Genoa whilst in the south we will hopefully take another city and will begin preperations to attack the eastern portion of the north African empire. As soon as Genoa is retaken we will go into revolt and change government.

09-09-2005, 19:42
His attack in the north has partially backfired. He failed to take another city in the north and he had a small force try and retake Carthage. That has given me the confidence to go on the offensive and 3 North African cities have been captured. Two south of Carthage and one in the west. Next turn I will hopefully take another and recapture Genoa.

09-09-2005, 20:09
How is the eastern front developing?

09-09-2005, 20:24
Rcoutme is being pushed back slowly but he says he is rush building units with 450 cash per turn so he should be able to hold back Stapel for a while. Its a bit worrying that Stapel has several Egyption cities.

13-09-2005, 01:31
Genoa has been recaptured and 3 heavy cavalry units are racing after the fleeing Carthage forces, killing 3 war elephants and will hopefully have the chance to kill more.

In North Africa the Carthagians lost their capital city and we may take two interior cities next in the next couple of turns. If all goes to plan we will revolt next turn.

25-02-2006, 13:52
Well surprisingly this PBEM has actually started progressing again.

Tingis rebelled but was retaken and Rusidar was captured in the East which will be my last movement in the eaast as I am not in any rush to take those last three cities on the border with Persia.

The main invasion of Iberia has begun with a smaller stack of about 10 units coming from the north which has already taken one city. Basically I was using that stack as a diversion to see if Matrix attacks. Worryingly Macedon may not last much longer and I could soon have a land border with Persia. Pretty much all those Austrian cities have two garrison units in them and are starting to produce the legions and heavy cavalry.

The problem will be that once Macedon falls I will still have my main stacks in the west capturing the last Carthagian cities whilst Stapel's armies will already be on the border and will have a range of attack options. Thus I will need to fight a defensive war in the east and just try and delay city captures whilst I build up sufficient troops for a counter attack. Legions might just be enough to win this assuming we don't have a score victory.


26-02-2006, 19:36
that's a wicked stack if I ever saw one.

did it hurt (him)?

26-02-2006, 20:48
No idea it will probably be another couple of months before the turn comes around again. :)

Landing on the hill next to Malacca would have been nice but I wanted to strike this turn as I don't plan on sending many more units against Carthage. If he destroys the stack then I can still win the punic wars but there is no way that I will beat Stapel.