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22-05-2020, 08:52
Check the news. Not free as pirate it, but pretty much free. Or it feels more like the free dose to get more money out of you later on!

22-05-2020, 17:31
There seems to be an entire year's worth of additional DLCs coming up, so yeah, they have other plans for your money :rolleyes:

If you don't have Civ6 at all, it's amazing.

It's free on EPIC for the vanilla game, then all expansions and DLC are at full price. Steam has the entire bundle 72% off, up to gathering storm, excluding the new stuff. I might get the 15$ gathering storm but 55$ for a year long wait to get a few civs and game modes? Thanks, no thanks.

25-05-2020, 18:02
I don't understand why'd pay for the civs, but paying for more big expansions isn't that bad... if they're worth it. Thus far I think I've only played one game with Gathering Storm, it just can't keep me interested anymore. After CK2 every strategy game seems so... dull.

If you haven't got civ6 this deal is very much worth it though. Civ6 isn't a bad game. Simple, yes. Aimed at multiplayer, yes.

28-05-2020, 07:50
I'm someone who has never played Civ 5 or 6, but has read upon them, and concluded that 5 was terrible and 6 is fine, and 4 is the best iteration of the series. Would you say that?

Just curious, what is great about CK2?

28-05-2020, 10:50
Just curious, what is great about CK2?

CK2 is strategy game with heavy rpg elements. The vanilla version is also free to play since Paradox announced CK3.

It's also a game unlike any other. There's a layer that seems as if the game is just a medieval version of Europa Universalis (and if you don't know EU either, well, that's a completely different discussion, just imagine a tbs 4x game set in this timeframe) but it is in fact a marriage simulator: you're a ruler of a country, and you need to make sure your offspring gets a good inheritance, and then you'll die and continue playing as your heir... You have the opportunity to shape the traits of your children, through nature and nurture. And that means that you'll have to search for a suitable mate first. There are rpg-style event chains where your choices affect the outcome. This means you'll have a connection with your character, both the current and the one you;ll play in a few hours.

I've played many Paradox games over the years. They all look similar because they all use the same engine, but CK2 is a lot more immersive than the other games. If you have an interest in history, Paradox games are great. Unless you actually like to win, because it doesn't really have victory conditions. It's a sandbox, basically.

I made a small walkthrough a few years back, I think it's a fun read: http://www.civduelzone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5403

If CK2 is too soft for your taste, try Europa Universalis. The timeframe is more limited than Civ and maps aren't random, but as a strategy game the game is simply better. Paradox games work with triggers and event trees, and you can just read up on these and figure out what works and why.

About which version of Civ is better, 4 is simply a great game. Personally I like 3 better, or at least I remember civ3 more fondly. I wouldn't consider playing civ3 or civ4 again though. I did play about 200 hours (peanuts, I know) of civ5, which is simply an enjoyable game that is way too easy to break. I only played civ6 for half that time, but I haven't bought the last big DLC and played only a single game with the second DLC. Without DLC the game seemed empty compared to 5 and 4 plus DLC. My feeling is that these games (5 and 6) aren't aimed for the solo player but are 100% aimed at multiplayer. I don't have the time and the patience for that, so I am not that player (anymore).

What would I suggest you play? Well, civ6 is free, civ5 is too easy, and civ4 is old. If you have civ4 you could just reinstall it. Trying civ6 for free won't hurt. If you're looking for a new hobby, try a Paradox game like EU4 or CK2. I was under the impression that you weren't gaming anymore, so better stay away from CK2 then ;)

The game I'm playing the last few years is Stellaris. It's a Paradox game in space. I found that the thing about 4x I enjoy most is exploring, and that's something Stellaris and EU4 have. I mostly play shooters now though.

01-06-2020, 12:20
Civ III was really great
Civ IV even a little better as they had good ideas where to improve and reduce the micro managing. Maybe the best one indeed. It had respectable AI as well (at least with the expansions)

I started Civ V only after all expansions were out.
It has flaws in single player (never played MP), it is fun if you play not to win but to beat the game (like: set goals to win fast or overcome some situations)
It is not so well balanced regarding conditions: Some games on higher levels are 'quite' easy, while some feel unfair. Civ IV was better at that.
Also you kind of have to chose to stay with big, but few cities or many, many cities but have to limit them pretty much.
Civ IV felt much more 'natural' there.

I bought Civ VI (Platinum, including the expansions) in a steam sale in march or so.
But didn't have much time to play.
It seems to have other flaws than CivV... although there seem to be some good ideas there (districts, workers)

So: Conclusion: Civ 5 is, at least with all expansions, fine. But well, if you skipped it, fine. At least there are a lot of strategies (with religion and the civics) to try out.

Not sure about Civ 6 yet.

01-06-2020, 18:27
I found Civ6 to be a laterla move. Different from 5, interesting enough, but also with its failings regarding AI movement and ways of breaking the game in one's favor. In both, with a select few strategies, deity is a disappointing breeze, but civ6 felt less of a slog in the endgame. Haven't played either in multiplayer seriously though.

19-06-2020, 15:25
i still enjoy playing Civ V every now and then specially with a random civ and a random map type. But I must admit there is room for improvement in the end-game. Civ VI on the other hand never caught me despite a number of attempts.

The upcoming but postponed (Corona thingy) Humandkind by Amplitude Studios lookes very promising! Anyone got experience with their Endless... series?

22-06-2020, 20:38
i still enjoy playing Civ V every now and then specially Anyone got experience with their Endless... series?

Yes. I played the alpha of Endless Space. Enjoyable game, but like a lot of space-based games quite sterile. There's a thread about it on the forum: http://www.civduelzone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5353

Apparently the newer games are better. I think that if Amplitude is making a new game that is a signal it's worth checking it out. I'm saving my money and my time for CK3 though.

18-07-2020, 16:23
Okay, over the last few weeks I played a game of civ6. I had a poor spot as Gilgamesh on the tundra (that turned out okay after I built the Kremlin to give tundra tiles a bonus), but my war cart (alternate warrior or something) was good enough to let me capture the two English cities that did have a good spot. After that it was easy.

By the time I got into the renaissance I noticed my progress was slowing (or the AI was catching up), and I recalled that civics are unlocked by culture. Other useful bits the annoying tutorial popups forgot to tell me is that religious units apparently heal next to your holy site. OK.

Figuring that stuff out was somewhat amusing, but I was incredibly annoyed by the poor strategic resource placement. I had to grab a poor tundra island to secure my third oil. I had to grab a poor desert spot on another continent to secure my first aluminium. I found a second one after razing a city (not the smartest of moves any way you look at it, but I did it to free tiles for my neighbouring city... that got all the good tiles but the alu). In civ6 there's this thing that strategic resources are used as upkeep, so my usual bomber endgame wasn't possible due to a lack of aluminium. Terrible.

But not as terrible as flood barriers. There's global warming that actually requires action, but it's not very polished. Carbon capture comes very late in the civic tree, by the time you're working on your victory. I didn't bother to check what it does. But I did get to build flood barriers early. As I was bored I had already build them in most of my cities, and in hindsight there had been a popup to notify me of the climate screen where you get to see how many turns until the sea level rises. But I didn't pay attention and was surprised by the first sea level rise... that flooded the oil on my tundra oil island. So I did what every good civ player does: save scumming. Actually, save scumming multiple times, because when I first reloaded to ten turns earlier, I was surprised to see after eight turns that the sea level rise accelerated (something we'll probably see in the coming decades, but hey). This was somewhat annoying. What was even more annoying is that you can't rush the barrier with gold, and that the cost of the barrier increases when the sea level rises. So if you start too late, you'll never be able to finish it. I've seen AI cities been submerged in this game, which is admittedly pretty cool and something I haven't seen in a civ game before. But if your opponent is settling near the sea, burning fossil fuels seems like a valid strategy.

Eventually I got a scientific victory after 40 hours. I think I could've finished sooner or with a stronger position, as the AI didn't prove as strong as I thought when they attacked a city state I was suzerain of (I mean, how dumb can you be?). I had nukes and strategic bombers, they had, well, my neighbour and longtime ally who somehow found it necessary to side with his other ally when I defended my vassal, he had modern armor. Having armor without anti-air units next to it is apparently a bad idea. As I was waiting for the spaceship to arrive I was mildly amused by it, but apparently my threat assessment is bad. On par for the AI.

19-07-2020, 18:27
But I did get to build flood barriers early.
As every patriotic Dutchman should do in the weekend. ;)

But if your opponent is settling near the sea, burning fossil fuels seems like a valid strategy.
A reflection of the real world?

20-07-2020, 20:00
A reflection of the real world?

That's a very depressing thought.

27-07-2020, 12:24
The new update allowes you to build vampires.

28-07-2020, 17:58
Real world update or Civ6 update? Just checking.

29-07-2020, 12:00
I could answer that but then I'd have to kill you. :D

The secret societies update is nice and very original, have not seen a layer like this in the series yet. Sure, it has it's flaws and exploits but the idea in general is very entertaining and adds more options.

31-07-2020, 18:34
The new update allowes you to build vampires.

"Red Death - Season 2, the newest iteration of the competitive PC multiplayer mode"


30-03-2023, 02:24
What level are you playing on Shabba?

Good to see some activity here again

31-03-2023, 10:43
I don't recall, it's been... two years at least. It wasn't deity, I know that much, probably the level below that. Emperor?

There's not much going on here, I did set up a Discord where there's a bit more traffic. Check here or talk to me on steam: http://www.civduelzone.com/forum/showpost.php?p=162462&postcount=14

31-03-2023, 11:18
I guess, it might be that it's been more than 2 years that I last played Civ...

But this weekend I will, but well, I will start at some lower level, I guess...

08-04-2023, 10:53
What level are you playing on Shabba?

Good to see some activity here again

Anybody want to play a multiplayer in civ 6

08-04-2023, 12:06
It’s time to play again