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02-11-2004, 18:40
The revenge for the game below. We are actually playing for some weeks now. Just starting the spoiler thread, after it had developed a bit. It does not look like an ultrafast victory this time - at least I found no seabrdge yet :)

Settings: small map, 2 humans and 4 AI, continents 70%, barbs roaming, monarch level. I took Greece and he took Egypt this time.

My start:

1275BC - Turn 70:

No settler factory this time - or in fact Sparta could have been one, but given the low level and the small landmass I do not think it would have payed out to irrigate all the way down there. I got a good portion of the land, though I missed the iron by two turns. My settling phase has pretty much ended and I will switch to war mode soon.

Tech was pottery - writing - philosophy - map making (for free) - code of laws. Map making was a stupid choice, I should have taken CoL instead. I am now researching The Republic and will switch after a short war. I traded for the basic techs plus iron working and mysticism - the AI is no help on this level unless on a pangea. I plan to skip swords and get my isle with horses and then upgrade to knight later. But this is only a vague plan yet. Getting the iron is my next goal.

13-11-2004, 14:20
It is 630BC now an I just became a Republic. Cash is flowing in nicely. I will research literature in 4 to expand borders in 2 towns with libraries. I can already buy horseback from the AI and upgrade my charriots to horses then to get the Chinese iron (they did not connect it yet).

The best: I got a galley through and it could be possible to jump to the other isle from where it is!


24-12-2004, 01:21
Ok...game is over for some time...really forgot about the spoiler, but I guess not many people read that after all. I killed China and Dutch on my homeland then raced to knights and caravels. I landed a decent stack in his lands and immediately took 2 cities. He gave up again. There will probably not be another rematch.



24-12-2004, 01:44

24-12-2004, 02:58
Congrats grs! And spoilers are some of the greatest assets we have here, don't hesitate to post them. :)

24-12-2004, 10:52
You took only two cities and that's it? What was wrong? He didn't have any military at all? Why not fight back and try to recover, it could be only a minor blow..

24-12-2004, 11:59
Well I guess he realised how far back he was tech and military wise. He just had discovered feudalism, while I have the upper path to astronomy and the lower to chemistry (though he could only guess the latter), but I agree he gave up quite fast.

24-12-2004, 13:09
Congrats! That sure is a quick victory!!