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Justus II
19-10-2004, 19:33
Although I've been playing Civ for a while, I'm pretty new to PBEM. I've recently started playing in two Conquest-based PBEM's at Civfanatics, one based on Rise of Rome, and one on Age of Discovery. Akots recently invited me to play a 1v1, [duelist] so we'll be starting that shortly! Anyway, this thread will just contain links to games I'm currently involved in.

"Zama" - Rise of Rome Conquest (Rome)
Currently at 250BC (Turn 20), I've just destroyed Hannibal's army and am marching on Carthage.

"Cortez" - Age of Discovery Conquest (Spain)
Currently at 1496AD (Turn 7), still in the early exploration/colonization phase.