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14-10-2004, 02:29
This is my first PBEM game. I thought it would be harder to get one going. This was just started by him seeking an oponent at cfc, me sending a PM and him sending the save. This is a random map (as far as I know).

Settings: small map, 2 humans and 4 AI, continents 70%, barbs roaming, monarch level.

I got an awesome start location. I can't recall any game where I have a settler factory running while working 2 gold hills (see below). I did warrior - granany (with barracks prebuild) - warrior - settler - warrior. Then in 2590BC the 4-turn settler factory was online. Till now I pretty much did nothing but settle, road and build some garrisons at least. I have Cleo on my isle, but she plays a hopelessly 5cc. I traded some techs with her though and will kill her later. I have 2 horses and 2 iron sources (none connected) and stopped reseach for now. After filling the isle I will get some warriors for legion upgrades. With Lit. and Map Making I am quite confident I can trade for most of the required AA techs and will start research when I know what Tesjui is up to. I have some galleys seaching for the others and will contact Sumeria soon.



17-10-2004, 23:10
Game already ended after my 690BC turn with him giving up. I landed a lone exploring warrior on his isle and he did me the favour of killing it. I signed up the Sumerians (on his isle) against him and he signed Cleo against me later. Which gave me a good chance to take gems from her - triggering my GA.

After upgrading my warriors I landed 8 legions on a hill near one of his coastal cities. I razed that and 3 turns later I took another, leaving him without horses and any sizable force to strike back. I must admit that the rng favored me, but I have 4 galleys of reinforcements in the pic below that would have landed next turn.


17-10-2004, 23:52
Wow. Quick. Is this a record?

18-10-2004, 00:41
Well, it's a personal record at least since this was my first civ3 PBEM :)
I offered a rematch, but I miss a reply yet.

18-10-2004, 09:53
You know, I have a feeling he underestimated you - even supplying a save himself, which isnt exactly THE way to assure that the starts are fair for both players. So my guess is that he wont take u up on a rematch because he thought he'd beat you in the first attempt, and you scared him...

18-10-2004, 12:46
apart from the game I played against KR where a rampant deity AI fucked me over in turn 20, this is the fastest game I've seen on CDZ. Both in game and RL time :D

18-10-2004, 13:18
PP - isnt it time for making awards and posting this on the main page ;)

18-10-2004, 14:03
hmm will have to check my spoiler thread against PrettyVacant..i think i was beat in 660BC

Edit: checked old thread..I retired in 610BC, with 2 cites left, almost zero units and masses of Japanese swords outside the city gates.