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28-09-2004, 13:01
Big game, so big screenshot
This is spoiler

28-09-2004, 13:05
Here is the situation in Macedonia. Things are going rather well i must admit.

I have a good science rate, and made many exchanges, so i'm in a good position;

I've had a small war with Scyths, which cost me a badly defended town, but nothing dramatic; in the other shot you'll see the first scythian riders arriving in Persia (north east)


28-09-2004, 13:22
i've managed to build in my capital the Colossus and the Heroic Epic; Thebes has specialized in galleys production; A forbiddend Palace is under construction in Maronea (to maximize heart of country production and for futute development in this area)

I've build the Mauseleum in Sparta, which makes this town rather interesting for future develoment (it's always we love the king there :-) )

i've secured Silks at Pharsalos, will build next turn a town on scythian borders for taking furs, i have gems in Miletus and i'm building harbor / road in Mycenae for dyes. I expect later to catch Incense In Egypt.

I'll soon finish researching Construction.

On the Persian front, thins are rather tricky ... The recent battle around Melitene cost me a lot : 4 catapults, 2 heavy cav; 2 elite hoplites and one vet hoplites. I was expecting having losses, but not being eradicated. i'm not sure to understand why the result was so harsh. Hills should have helped my defense ...
Persia attack me with his army, and some other immortals. Well, i can't win every time.

For those last thirty turns, i've already made him what i consider being serious damages, the last one being the sack of Beirut, a nice 5 pop town with good barracks and marketplace. This one hasn't cost me a lot (2 or 3 vet hoplites - i've killed him at least 2 heavy cav and a worker) as i was able to load my troops on boat to flee (Persia was sending at least 9 immortals).
i hope that i have also caused him some trouble with his dyes ressources (potential trade agreement), even if i know that he'll soon build a new town here (anyway, if he uses his settlers here, that suits me ...)

i'm preparing another suprise for Persia but i won't tell you for now as it's not before something like 10 turns.


28-09-2004, 13:24
last one


28-09-2004, 18:56
Wow. Looks like Matrix is in trouble down at the toe of Italy. Any plans to stab him on his eastern flank? If Persia has enough resources (units) I think Egypt is screwed. Havent played this scenario in SP yet, so I dont really know how productive they are.

How are thinks in terms of score etc?

29-09-2004, 21:10
Massilia (roman town in south of France) has falled to Carthage and Confinium (roman town north east of Rome) has fallen to the Goths (another roman town was razed in this area, sometimes ago)

As a last point, Memphis, the egyptian capital, has falled to Persia. On my persian front, i'm obliged to reorganized; my adversary only use big stack of units, and always stays in defense; it's very hard to pass through the wall of hills / forests without him chasing me (thx to his roads).

I just managed to get hands on furs, at the Scyth doors.

here's a shot of the current current score


05-10-2004, 11:58
Here is the situation in Egypt; i've sent a force to slow down the expansio of Persia in this area. For now one immortal has died.


05-10-2004, 12:00
Various demographics info ...


05-10-2004, 12:01


05-10-2004, 12:02


05-10-2004, 12:03


05-10-2004, 12:04


05-10-2004, 20:12
[crazyeye] [lol]

06-10-2004, 01:54

09-10-2004, 11:18
At sea : one scouting galley was sunk in the Gaza area. Another galley has been promoted to Elite as a consequence of a naval battle in Antioch Area.

Persia is using (my ?) catapults to bombard my navy roaming his coast (for fish area sometimes). I've now 12 galleys, and even if i have to build more, i expect to be able to stop future naval attack on Macedonia.

On the economic side : Carthages agrees to send me spices, in exchange of Gold. i'll try to build Bacchanalia (in Maronea, which has A Forbidden palace now), which Persia has already begun. If i don't "win" this one, i'll switch to another wonder.
Athens and Sparte are finishing Aqueduc. Population shall grow there soon

Soon i shall have Mycaene Dyes (west of Beirut ruins). I still have to rebuild a town at Scyth borders for furs ... it works once, just my reinforcments arrive at the time the city was razed. Next time, i'll secure the area with more planning ...

On the persian front : hoplites, heavy cav & catapults are heading to Zela, but the persian don't come. i'm also roading the area, for faster movements. i'm preparing another surprize to Sons of Bhaal. A bit risky, but i have no choice; Persia is very well defended, thanx to Hills and forest ...

On the egyptian front : Elephantine has been captured by Persia. I was considering landing troops near Pelusium, but change my mind (3 hoplites and 2 heavy cav, seems a bit light). Another plans have been launch ... :-)

On the scythian front : the war has taken an unexpected course. Trapezus was captured, and the next turn, recaptured by Alexander. A very difficult battle. For the good news, i've now a second leader (thx to Heroic epic i hope), which will allow a heavy cav army (reinforcements are heading to Zela).

On other fronts : Since a few turns Celts and Goths have declared war on me (alliance with Scyths it seems); that's a bit embarrassing, but still no one in sight ...

On the roman side : Rome seems in a desesperate situation. I've heard of an attack by elephants on the capital ... Matrix think he is dead ... He ask me to not attack him, which i've promised

Well, that's a really interesting game.

09-10-2004, 11:38
i never thought i saw this ...


09-10-2004, 11:44
this one is less surprizing

it's easy to conquer Egypt, and i can't fight seriously on all fronts. At least i've trade worker for horses with Egypt.


17-10-2004, 20:55

17-10-2004, 20:57
north east of persia

17-10-2004, 21:00
it's army time [swordman]


on the shores of egypt

17-10-2004, 21:14
Is it [hammer] time too?

Cant touch this....


cool screenshots man
Matrix looks fucked

19-10-2004, 00:26
another one


north west of Persia

it's still a bit early to attack. Persia has a good defense, and i'm in the center of the map ...

In the last turn, persians nearly killed my Heavy cav Army [medic]. At least, they had serious losses and Scyhts are helping keepingthe pressure [charge].

i'm still stronger than Persia

20-10-2004, 16:40
Scyths are doing more than expected ! :D


02-11-2004, 19:20
Nice view from a scouting cavalry.

Things are quiet. Rome is dead now. Persia ask for a truce, to switch to imperialism. Carthage has already switch, and has a vast empire now. We have agreed to continue peaceful relations, for at least 40 turns. I have a doubt on Carthage project; perhaps will they attack me. I still have a stronger army, but can't be everywhere. We'll see.

I've send Goths and Celts in war against Persia. Scyths are still roaming on the persian borders but has lost Dariush Kebir.


02-11-2004, 19:26
So Matrix is dead now. Any thoughts on an alliance with Carthago?

03-11-2004, 13:28
Persia just launch a raid on Marathon. I've lost 3 galleys when he just lost one, but i've killed every persian foot units and captured 2 catapults (3 hoplites for 5 immortals and 1 numid). All in all, it's not that bad.

As for Carthage, we've agree to a peaceful relations and no particular alliances.


08-11-2004, 11:08
[blink] To my great surprise, Marathon has resisted the persian offensive. All Hoplites are dead and this is a swordsman who saves the town.


08-11-2004, 11:10
And Persia now have another problem :

A rush on Arbela ! [charge]


As a sidenote, a stupid mistake make me looses 3 workers because of a forgottent scythian swordsman ... [aargh]

08-11-2004, 11:17
My army has cut the north road and damaged the defensive units in Arbela. After that, it has been defeated by persian reinforcements while inflicting serious loss (on the tile with cattle where there is a heavy cavalry)

One of my Heavy Cav has also distracted the immortals reinforcments by taking control of the mountain just west (where a badly damaged immortals now wait)


08-11-2004, 11:35

Arbela is now a ruin. All but 2 of my HC are dead. [medic]

My (defensive) move on Marathon cost me Alexander (& +/- 5 Hoplites, but the persian HC Army has died there (and i've captured back 2 catapults). [duelist]

My move on Arbela cost me my HC army ( +/- 6 HC, and there is still and immortals persian army somewhere.

The end result of this 2nd part of my offensive is rather medium; but a 10 pop town was worthing it, in my opinion (also, i've not many other interesting possibilities). Look at the New Beirut villages; it takes more time to build a good town than a bunch of units ... Perhaps shall i have send some hoplites, but i was not expecting keeping this city anyway,

Also, there has been many small naval battles, all near the shores of Marathon. Nothing special.

I'm currently switching to imperialism; still 3 turns to wait. Persia is still under Oligarchy, pursuing the Bacchanals achievement.
Also, i've just finished building Adrian's wall; always an interesting improvement.

Finally, expect the third and last part of this offensive to began soon [devil]

11-11-2004, 12:36
Persia as at last decided to launch a naval assault on Mycena. One worker evacuated the area while one hoplites just arrives in time to strenghten the town.
4 HC agaisnt 3 fortified hoplites; we'll see.

During this time, Marathon is reinforcing.


11-11-2004, 12:43
Scyths is beginning to be a real problem. Well, i shall take some times to finish them. If at least those petty wars were gaving birth to prestigious units (or even a leader), that would be useful. But it's not the case.

well, now that i'm under Imperialism, i've hurried the construction of a harbor, thus allowing (captured) furs imports.


11-11-2004, 13:08
Here is the third part of my offensive; freedom for Egypt. [egypt]

I've managed to send 2 groups of Hoplites (with some HC to support them) through the desert (and that was a long walk ...).

Recently, i've made a new alliance with Cleopatra ( [love] ), and because of this, Persia send some Cav (probably to eradicate Egypt), killing me 2 hoplites (near the damaged egyptian archer). Well, i've killed his (elite) HC and hope he had some damages.

The attack on Mycena arrive at the good moment. This way, some of these potential reinforcements that were patrolling (?) the persian sea borders are now off immediate come back. Of course, that implies i can loose Mycena. But this is not so important, as i never expect to keep this place for so long, and i estimate Egypt being a more imortant goal.

We'll see if Persia has numerous units in Egypt or just a few defending forces. I guess (and hope - and what else can i do) that as we've been seriously battling in the north, he just have some units here and there ...

We'll see.


15-11-2004, 18:10
Next moves in Egypt.

Just after that, Persia manage to take back Khmun while not counter attacking on Elephantine. So i'll strenghten my position there. I shall have waited a bit more for the Khmun attack, even considering that it's Persia who finds me first.

We'll see later if all this was worthing the cost.

Carthage is eradicating Celts, fighting against Goths and is near Domination Victory. Well, as there is no more Romans since a serious time, unless i made alliance with Persia (which this scenario is not suited for imho) i don't see what to do.

I'm fighting (and killing) some Persian HC around Zela), prepare some counter attack on Scyths, have just discovered new ways to bombard my adversaries and continue rushing various improvments.


20-11-2004, 12:38
Carthage is near terminating the Goths. the game shall be over in a few turns. That is really sad, because it's an interesting one.
Perhaps i should have attack Carthage when Rome was still playable.

I'll be building a town north of Egypt, to reinforce units there, and i'm sending another wave of reinforcements.

An new peace and military alliance have been made with the Scyths.


20-11-2004, 13:06
Glad to hear that man.
Too bad about Carthage, but with no human to focus on, his path to victory was set and no obstacles were in it. I am surprised that either you or Romeo have tried to ally with Carthage against the other, as that would make for a much more bloody endgame [evil]

28-11-2004, 23:39
quote:Originally posted by Arghis

Perhaps i should have attack Carthage when Rome was still playable.
Too late, lad. [tongue]

Could I see a screenshot of the minimap of the military advisor screen?

10-12-2004, 14:18
Here is the situation at turn 75. I must admit that i'm not paying serious attention to this game, that's why i haven't updated this thread.

Carthage is at 20 / 48 on the domination objectives (20 / 50), so we shall soon reach the end.

All in all it was an interesting match.

I had not ally with Rome because i was fearing unbalancing the game (considering that Rome is a very potent Civ here), and also, i was not wanting Carthage messing in my war with Persia. When i realized the situation for the roman empire, it was too late.


11-12-2004, 17:48
Thanks for the update.

Akots expanded quite fast!!

13-12-2004, 23:42
In the end, Carthaginian military was average to Macedon and stronger than Persian with 4 Elephant armies.

It was very risky for Macedon to attack Carthage abour turn 40 or so imo. Instead of landing near Rome, Elephants could have landed near Sparta or Athens. Besides, we had some fine trading of luxuries and techs.

14-12-2004, 02:15
i was also considering that as a very risky move.

Anyway, i do not think that this scenario was made with the scope of Macedonia attacking Carthage (or Rome) even if technically it's not forbidden.

Perhaps it'd be fun, but i'm not sure of this. And i have prefered playing it this way.

You were "lucky" with your armies. I've build Heroic Epic very soon, and it seems it was an unuseful improvement.

For my conquest of Persia, i don't know what went wrong. I think that Romeo is at least as good as me (if not better), probably more experienced in Civ / Pbem.
I was not wanting using big Stack of Death (as some says), so that's why i attack here and there, trying to strike where not expected.

Also, persian territory is well defended (hills / forest which stops cavalry)

I've made some mistake of using cavalry as scouts, when i could have used fortified outposts.

I've tried playing with the IA to disctract persians, but really, it is too stupid ...

All in all, it is a good scenario, but which could be ameliorate a bit i think (even considering the limits of the game mechanics). Let's hope that civ4 will be more efficient for this kind of wargame scenario.