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09-04-2003, 18:40
We're having some difficulties, for some reason, I send the save, but it doesnt go to his turn [crazyeye]

16-04-2003, 23:07
Me like....I hope aggie got a bad start ;)

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/WildFire444/200341622653_wf vs aggie.JPG

25-04-2003, 00:23
We did a power session today and it went well. Than he had to go to bed [crazyeye]

Basically, I settled another city and met the Iriqouis and explored a lot.

EDIT: looking for picture

25-04-2003, 01:08
This looks the same as Heihojin's game. [confused]

25-04-2003, 01:37
Yeah, I noticed that! [lol]

The second pic is wrong...

25-04-2003, 13:39
Moderator Action I was in a rush. Shut up ;)

25-04-2003, 21:34
Better? ;) Unlike all of you guys, I like renaming my cities for PBEM's. :D


13-05-2003, 21:42
Aggie isnt caught up much ;) Not that it matters too much right now since we can not attack eachother because of the 'alliance'.


13-05-2003, 22:36
Cant ?? ;)

14-05-2003, 14:26
I guess some people are more trustworthy than others

14-05-2003, 15:08
hmmm am i missing somthing[confused]

14-05-2003, 15:41
digger, col has been known to be "ruthless" on occasion. ;) [yeah]

14-05-2003, 16:01
quote:Originally posted by anarres

digger, col has been known to be "ruthless" on occasion. ;) [yeah]


14-05-2003, 16:31
quote:Originally posted by anarres

digger, col has been known to be "ruthless" on occasion. ;) [yeah]

Yeah he has a tendency to try and win games regardless of what agreements he has made...

What a strange man ...



PS. And the debate kicks off again...

14-05-2003, 19:37
Not with much success it should be said

15-05-2003, 01:31

Aggie has traded and caught up in techs. I have met everyone, I believe.

22-06-2003, 18:52
Have researched construction and traded it around. 2 civs already had it, aggie not being one of them. The next turn, he still didn't have it... Researching the Republic.

The Germans as well as the Iroqouis are pissin me off. Plus all this forest is hampering the growth of my cities.

Still haven't found aggie yet.

03-07-2003, 16:01
I hate barbs. I entered the new age first and I get three barbarian horde pieces of shit.

21-07-2003, 22:55
Aggie came back, and sent the game. And I got this. Turn 148.

If I can bet him back in time, what da you think I should make? Rush Leo's or make a Sipahi Army (but that means I have to keep him around for quite awhile). I'm thinkin leo's.

22-07-2003, 01:33
You can get cheap upgrades to Knights and then Sipahi so it would definitely be my choice.

22-07-2003, 04:30
Definately Leo's. I'm not a big army fan anyway: they can attack only once, compared to the 3 or 4 times the seperate units can attack, and should you leave it near your human opponent, it's going to be destroyed just as fast.
Contrary to what you said though, you don't have to hang around with your leader to make a sipahi army ofcourse. You could make the army and just sit around with that untill Sipahi come around ;). At least you would free up a chance to get another leader.

22-07-2003, 14:23
Tau, armies have blitz ability, so Sipahi can attack up to 3 times.

But I agree, Leo's is best, but definitely an army later if you can...

22-07-2003, 18:09
Ok thanks, if he doesn't die on his way back ;) I will rush Leo's. I already have some knights though anarres. Thanks for the input :)

23-07-2003, 19:55
Hmm, i just bought Theology from the dying Zulu (go aggie go [:p] ) and found out that I could rush the SC instead. The content people would be great.

25-07-2003, 22:41


26-07-2003, 09:57

Aggie already has Cav's! Shit!

Ehecatl Atzin
26-07-2003, 20:34
hello, not to bump into your game or anything [tongue] but our map is ready...[tank]

11-08-2003, 19:14
Wow, you really do need an update...

11-08-2003, 19:21
Well I just got back [:p]

Military Tradition in 3 turns. :D

More to come.

13-08-2003, 03:18
ok, that was turn 174. I just got Military Tradition the same turn and have about 9 sipahi's (GO LEO'S!!)


Now, as I believe the war will draw near (1000 AD) what should I do with the leader their? Make a sipahi army? Also, I should be able to get my Golden Age next turn. Or I could rush the FP somewhere.

jack merchant
13-08-2003, 10:16
Absolutely rush the FP if you have a good spot for it - it'll make your GA all the more effective.

13-08-2003, 23:27
Alright, where do you think I should build it?



13-08-2003, 23:48
Umm, we need a zoomed out pic so we can tell the shape of you empire, maybe a minimap too. ;)

14-08-2003, 21:24
That's a difficult choice!

Your palace is fairly centrally located, building the FP now will not give you massive gains, although you could get a reasonable gain.

This may sound weird, but I would say build it in Birka or Narjan, or maybe even Heidelburg. They are essentially as far away as possible, you will get better corruption than if they were 1 city closer, Aydin or Sinop for example.

I'm not sure of your agreement, but you may want to consider some agressive settling on the borders. You can build a city 2 tiles from his, then disband a unit and rush a library. If you do this on 2 or 3 sides at once you can get more than 10 tiles of his. Your relative total cultures is also fairly important if flips are to have any likelyhood of happening. Maybe this would only be useful if you have decent culture and cash to spend, so it's unlikely to be of great use...

15-08-2003, 20:30
Thanks for your input!

I think I will make the FP in Konya (I have taken colonge) because its a better city than Heidelburg and it would do more for the surrounding cities.

As for your aggressive settling idea, we only have an agreement for 1000AD peace ;) I never really liked making settlers while in a GA though.

21-08-2003, 09:18
What the fuck is with this city on my border? I am doing the same thing to him, but then again, why would he have 7 workers workin on one hill?


21-08-2003, 09:41
Here is what aggie said to me saying: wtf is with that city on my borders?

aggie: IIRC you do the same near me! ;) I have all the right to settle in neutral terrain. :)

21-08-2003, 10:58
If you haven't done so already, you may want to rush a library in Medina - I guess he has rushed a temple in Zamua?

21-08-2003, 11:02
Hmm..., was are aggie's plans behind this? Does he realy need iron????

21-08-2003, 15:07
We can see that Medina is 1 turn away from a Library, that's good thinking WF ! [thumbsup]

21-08-2003, 15:19
[:I] OK, so I'm blind...

21-08-2003, 16:06
Blind ...but smart :D

21-08-2003, 17:02
I wonder if Aggie is getting freaked out at the number of replies in WF's forum! [satan]

21-08-2003, 23:32
lol anarres.

I'm gonna keep rushin culture up there. I have enough money (still in a GA).

I was talkin to puwen last night, and he suggested that maybe there is a rescource their that I can't see yet, meaning coal. But with all his fuckin land, its kinda hard to believe he doesnt have coal. But if he doesn't... that would explain the city and 7 workers. Also, it could have iron works.

22-08-2003, 21:13
This is the offer Aggie sent me:

WF, I want to offer you two techs for peace until 1500 AD.
As soon as you are Industrial, I'd like to give you:

- Steam Power or Nationalism (depends on your free tech)
- Industrialization

Should you not accept, then I will prepare for total war at 1000AD :)

Of course I said no ;)

Turns out where all those workers were, their is coal :( Its his ONLY one! I entered the industrial age and got steam for free (woohoo). I have like 3 coal. In one city I can make iron works but the city isnt very good ;) (will take like 198 turns to complete.

08-09-2003, 06:35
With the date at 970AD and war 3 turns away, I stole repleacable parts from aggie :D

Since i have leo's i upgraded most of my muskets to infantry, it cost only 960 some odd gold. I have 2 rubber, one way to the north that I am sure I am going to lose in the fighting but the other one is also on our border so I must make sure I can keep it. As anarres pointed out though, Aggie will probably bombard that heavily.

15-09-2003, 23:15
this game is over isn't it? what happened?

16-09-2003, 21:27
You could've checked the CFC thread or his thread but...

I got about 70% war weariness the first turn of the war. This really hurt my ability to make stuff. Drafting would've only made it worse. Than aggie brought in like all his guys and built forts so it would've been suicide for me to attack. So I ended up resigning cause he would've gone straight for my capital. He also disconnected my rubber.

20-09-2003, 03:27
Die Ottomans [headstab]!!!