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24-07-2004, 06:49
This is an emperor game w/o SGL on a standart size continental map.
All (other) settings, such as civ choice, were generated by the Banzai RNG.
I drawed the Mongols, Killer got Arabia.

This is my starting location, it's looking like a fertile landscape.:)


We both moved the settler in the first turn.

Killer said he hut-popped a town in turn 4! [wallbash] He was not kidding, as the score shows.
I got a conscript warrior from a hut.

24-07-2004, 09:07
Nice lands!

Not that I want to discourage you, but if Killer has about the same kind of land as you have, one wonders how the advanced tribe killer popped could ever be on an ill location, as he claims in the open thread, since any of your tiles able to sustain a city would result in a good location, I'd say...[sad]

Hopefully future huts will result in other units than warriors joining your empire. :)

24-07-2004, 15:54
Thanks for the 'condolences' and wishes.
I think I should ignore really anything but expansion now. Having said that, I don't know if there's a time trigger for the appearance of the first barb camps. Obviously, I must plop a town at the river next to those cattles ASAP. No fun to meet barbs on that spot, since, at the most, I would only have the conscript for escorting duty.

08-08-2004, 23:56
After getting a boring conscript "SoD" (3 warriors in total),
hut-popping revealed a settler!
Consequently, Mongols name their new town after a famous
eastern pop group.

CB and BW were found in other huts.

I met France in turn 13 (traded masonry, alphabet, 10g for CB, WC
and pottery). They seem to live somewhere in the north.

Actual map:
103.82 KB

I met a Mayan warrior in the east. No new techs available.

16-08-2004, 13:09
In turn 22, a Mayan warrior entered my territory.
Of course, I was scared, but could not do anything against it.

One turn later, that cunt razed Ta-tu![aargh]

Looks like max aggression is one of the surprises Banzai promised.
Now I am really scared, because I noticed at least 3 French warriors
to the north who are heading south. They are actually about 7 turns
away from my closest city (cow city north of my capital, upload did
not work). I'm very sure they're coming for me. There goes my expansion plan.:(

16-08-2004, 13:31
Wow! Serious shit...

16-08-2004, 14:01
Wow! Serious shit indeed!
btw.. I did not change the aggression setting..

Good luck.


17-08-2004, 22:59
'Actually, the situation is hopeless, but not serious...'


Strangely, Maya only had 2 towns (me 3) so I wasn't exactly an
underdog as far as power was concerned. Now Maya have
seemingly 3 towns, France 2. The advisor says that Maya have
Jav-throwers, but my scout lurking in their territory has not
seen one yet.

Paparazzi chasing Ta-tu compressed the moment of most infamous
annoyance in this photograph:
95.54 KB

The French lot underway... to whom???
104.05 KB

Not sure what they're heading for. Barb camps? Me? I changed prod
from worker to warrior in cow-town. One conscript already there,
another one returns to my capital and should arrive before Mayan
warrior approaches.
After pressing end-turn, the southern French warrior kept on
marching S [scared], the nothern one W [hmm] and the remaining
one climbed the gold hill NW [confused].

Currently no MA possible (no writing plus no contacts
between France-Maya) to let France defend my... erm 'core'.

22-08-2004, 13:38
IBT 28:
The first French warrior could have entered my territory near Kazan,
but he didn't (now 2 tiles NE of Kazan). Apparently, I was just too
Trouble is that I used the whip like mad.
Anyways, at least one granny is in place now (Karakorum).

09-10-2004, 14:38
quick update (48 turns played):
Around turn 35, I could talk to Maya. They wanted the city of Kazan in exchange for peace... after lots of cursing, I've ordered more units for defense and calmed down with a vision of dancing on their graves at some future point.
My scout managed to go out of their territory, but ran into a fortified Mayan warrior south of Karakorum.
No Mayan units ever entered my lands whatsoever.
I finally made it to writing in turn 46. I hesitated to buy in France, but they're obviously too far away. No effect of war happiness present (could possibly just have figured it wrong due to razing of Ta-tu and the whipping I did). So I started a trading round: peace with Maya; in the process, they got writing and 7g, I receive poly.
I exchange poly and writing for wheel, IW and some gold with France (tech parity among us 3). Embassy established in Paris.

A scout formerly lurking in French territory tried to talk to barbs in a camp. All scouts gone now.:(

Meanwhile, I have 2 grannies online. Killer's score bursts at the seams and I really have to catch up now. Btw, he sent a note that he's about to finish philo, eager to know if either me or he got there first... funny joke, just look at my info box below.[rolleyes]
Goliath really knows how to rub it in! Inflates David's foe image and there will be judgement![nya] And if it's the unlucky RNG slaps Killer one more time!
Now that the obligatory ranting;) is done, here's a recent shot of Mongolia:


15-10-2004, 16:16
6 turns of peace and Maya demand 20g (= whole treasury) tribute! Grrr. I don't risk anything and pay. Good thing at least there was no deficit spending then.
To my surprise, Mongols are #1 in pop and MFG while land coverage sucks. Strange, but things don't seem as shitty as I thought.
Colossus completed by Dutch.
Further mm-ing/F11 MFG investigation shows that *someone* produces 20spt.
1 settler arrived at the northern likewise bottleneck (see pic post#4); I will settle the gold hill next turn and could fully block possible French trespassing in ~10 turns (additional units needed).

Pity I will likely not succeed reaching/blocking the southern bottleneck in time (area near former Ta-tu).

Meanwhile I hope some wandering French and Mayan warriors take out some barb camps thretening Mongolia.

Killer's city of Medina is in the top5; so some portion of the ~80(!)-points score gap between us may be explained by border expansions.

24-10-2004, 00:49
The Mayans keep marching through my lands, maybe barb hunting.
One warrior fortified near Kazan, though. Really annoying.
151.52 KB

The demograph. (#2 in MFG is also at 24spt)
138.99 KB

I forgot:

I looked what I could get for philo during the last turns.
Maya had ~100 gold and France ~50g to offer (turn61), no techs.
Now (62) Maya have map making and just about 80g in their bank.
Unless they gave tribute to France, this smells like contact to
another civ...

in 63, France knows map making as well; trade philo to France for mm and 48g, cautious Maya first get a gift of 50g (turning polite) and I then sell them philo for 125g

28-11-2004, 23:03
75: contact to Killer!

Lots of waving whale fins allured my exploring galley; and yes,
an Arabic galley was spotted!
63.81 KB

Moved on and met the Japanese.
62.72 KB
Embassies established in Japan and Arabia.
The Japanese are (probably) leading in territory and they have around 11 cities which is not too bad. I gave them lit for HBR and 4g (Killer knows both anyways).

And here's Killer's capital:
122.77 KB
Killer is ahead in techs, he doesn't lack a tech I have. I would have expected this (maybe except for lit), but he offered a tech exchange (he also stated his galley went down; if that's true he would possibly have never seen my galley). [edit: my galley survived!]
I'm actually researching CoL and the prize didn't drop, so he shouldn't know it.
What's puzzling is that I'm #1 in GNP for a while.[hmm]

At least he isn't a republic:
[edit: in turn 76, the advisor said strong]
65.9 KB

Mongol empire in turn 75:
168.35 KB

The Mayans are trespassing to the north with quite a number of units. Almost too much troops for barb hunting, so they're hopefully taking care of France.:) Although, they may have just gone mad. (Mongol scientist claim Mayan madness is proven.)

If the borders of Yax-shitload won't expand, I'll replop a city on the ruins of Ta-tu.(Mayan weirdos have a city next to the volcano :D, that's why an expansion would be bad now).

08-01-2005, 03:14
After a short break during december, the game continued (79 turns played).
Just four more turns, but the situation is really getting better. Gotta love early grannies, even w/o a classic 4-turns-settler-factory (well one is present). There's 14 towns (+1 next turn) around now on my fertile lands.
I could indeed plop a town on the ruins of Ta-tu. This location may be used as a springboard and a border stronghold for a later invasion against the Mayans.
These have continued marching to the north (France), although the leading stack did not directly head for the nearest French town.

Here's an overview, a second native lux (ivory) will be online in the near future.
186 KB

Some stats:
35.17 KB

21.53 KB

Apart from the rather huge score gap at this point (110 points), I wouldn't possibly guess Killer got an early hut-town. Mongolia recovered :).
Still needing a lot more workers, though.

Invented CoL this turn, various activity on the tech bazar started:
Maya get CoL and HBR for poly plus 40g.
(btw, Killer lacks poly, but possibly has currency)
France gets CoL for maths.
Japan nothing to give than 9g and they're tech-wise really backwards, although obviously quite well expanded. Thus I guess they are on an own island and/or desparatly lack contacts.

Next plans are to fill unsettled land (hopefully before uprisings take place), plus getting some libs.

10-01-2005, 00:02
Don't disturb!
Sweet-Smoke and Joannie-Honey exchange caress.

33.51 KB

21-01-2005, 23:16
Rep is just in. Killer apparently finished research a few turns earlier and is already running that gov while actually fighting Persia (as he told me - I don't know Persia yet).
I get 8 turns anarchy.:(
But I sold rep for an excellent 43gpt and 212g to the Mayans, good thing they're in monarchy and have their GA.:) France buys rep for construction and 7g.

21-01-2005, 23:53
8 turns? Ouch! Thats bad :(
I hope you can benefit from the Maya-French war!

22-01-2005, 00:29
Well, at least I'm benefitting from Maya's GA.
Just played 102, sold 'em construction for furs, 3gpt and 40g. I have native ivory and incense, so republic can start with 3 luxs online.

The war now takes mainly place in my territory as the Mayans weren't too successful during their initial attack with the raiding stacks they brought to France. Much slaughtering to look at in the IBTs.:)
Pity the Mayans disband every slave worker they get from their Javs. Btw, they have ToA and SoZ now.
France completed TGL some turns ago.

Killer is now in the next era, I'm still lacking currency.
edit: 104, bought currency from France for 210g.:)

24-01-2005, 00:50
Japan asks for tribute (mono), they declare. Good for me, there's no safe sea route and I put the lux slider down to 10%.