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23-07-2004, 21:40
This is a 3 human player/5 AI C3C 1.15 PBEM on a great map made by Skyfish with some special requests. Each human player started on an 'own' continent with at least one but no more than two AI rivals. Ivory should be available on all these continents. The map size is large and difficulty is set to monarch. I forgot about the barb setting, but they are present and thus automatically annoying me.[mad]

The game has been updated to 1.22 some time ago.

My friends insisted to pick France and China, I'm Sumeria.:D

Because of the large map size and the fairly easy difficulty level, I decided to follow a not-so-dense build pattern. I hope I can grab one or another sweet middle-ages wonder with more working tiles per city than usual.

I haven't had a classic settler factory, but I've built three early grannies to secure a rapid expansion.
With their alphabet, the nearby Greeks featured a succesful philo gambit.:) I took CoL and researched republic afterwards. I switched ASAP.
The other civ on my continent is Rome (on the other end) and they are totally backwards, although no war took place here. The Romans have ivory but maths is a mystery to them - and ZoS has not been built yet anywhere! Alas, they ignored to build a trade network.:(

We are now 131 turns into the game and tech pace is slowww in this part of the world. The Greeks were a good tech trading partner, though (e.g. free tech exchanged).
They just build too much culture and messed up the available settling space. Plus, the Athens area looks like a good place for my FP.
So my chariot/horsemen->knight upgrade costs will be put on their bill (start on chivalry in 1 turn). The city of Erech will switch to Knights Templar from a pre-build. Sumer is preparing for Leo's.

Here's a shot of Sumeria, turn128:


I don't know much about the rest of the world. My few curraghs committed suicide or sucked vs barbs. New galleys underway.
I'm 200+ points ahead[eek], so I guess Sprotte and Froggy were (are?) involved into wars (Egypt's score sucks). Sprotte built TGL - in his capital Paris! Maybe it was a SGL rush, but who would build it w/o a number of contacts?[hmm] Or he has only one neighbour/contact?[hmm]

Anyways, F11 is on my side :):


We're probably meeting for a hotseat session soon, so I hope I can present detailed plans for the attack vs Greece then.:)

23-07-2004, 22:02
Looking good Grille. Somehow I'd have expected Froggy to play the french ;)

23-07-2004, 22:24
Never tried that stuff, not sure if it's [puke] or not

Hmm, I hope I'm going to taste frogs legs during the game...

25-09-2004, 01:35
Game moved slowly, but we finally met for a power session. Turn count is now 160. Tech status: Astronomy is just in, gunpwoder is unknown yet.

An actual albatross impression:
255.79 KB

Re-thinking, shaking and fine-tuning the attack concept vs Greece had resulted in a complete new plan: no attack vs Greece happened at all!
And won't happen too soonish.

Greece is able to pay some gpt. Not much, but better than nothing and Sumeria is still a young nation desperately needing that dough. Greece continued working on every wonder they could build and I did't want to disturb them... until the harvest is fat enough. Athen just completed Sun Tzu's (and as shown below, in reach of Knights[groucho]). Chances are they also win the race to Sistine's in another nearby (seemingly productive) city. MoM and Colossus are also owned by Greece.

Here's the demograph:
158.16 KB

Seriously paving the ocean grounds with my galleys helped one of Froggy's Chinese ships to get through...[lol]
He met one of my galleys with his in Roman territory a few turns ago.

34.99 KB

I established an embassy; it looks like my suicide ships just didn't make it before. Anyways, now the crossing is safe. Here's the route:
112.26 KB

Meanwhile, the Chinese tourists have explored the northern coast and are currently admiring hot Sumerian chicks at the beach:
38.02 KB

Intensive chat and Froggy's lament about the actual situation convinced me of a very bizarre deal: Within 2 turns, I gave away mono, engineering, feudalism, invention and chivalry![eek] In return, I got a load of intel/map info, some gold, drawed a lux option and I will get gunpowder and chemistry in 10/20 turns.
Froggy's only neighbour is the Maya empire! Btw, Maya have Pyramids and ToA, which explains their rather fine score. Consequently, Sprotte's neighbours are Egypt and Carthage.

I was really deciding between either this 'pet-zoo' diplo approach or an instant war declaration... i.e. attack Chinese galley before it could meet the Greeks who are ahead in techs compared to China. But preventing that contact would have been too much of gamble (galley vs galley), not succeeding here (or just not doing tech trading at all) would have possibly lead to muchos gpt-payments to Greece for those techs mentioned - while I'm planning to bankrupt them; I pay 30gpt and give 2 luxs to them for two more turns and will grab all their surplus gpt in 1 turn.:D

other stuff:
Egypt eventually completed SoZ
[Thereafter[/i], the puny Romans hooked up ivroy (got it by trade)
I completed the Templar (4 knights in white satin:) around up to now):
42.94 KB

Some factors indicate that Sprotte is at war (e.g. Paris doesn't get bigger than 7 or 8, maybe ww probs). Note that his suspected neighbours own SoZ (Egypt) and Great Wall (Carthage)!

Corinth flipped, I could rush some slaves there:
38.69 KB

further plans:
-Leo's *should* be completed in 4 turns
-Researching banking now (6), then music theory (10), navigation (16 or less)
-Bach-pre-build has 20 turns to go.
-the two galleys near Beijing will surround the Chinese continent; let's see where more luxs sit around!
-declare war on Greeks/ get GA

24-07-2005, 21:46
How you wannem cooked? Red, medium or well done? lol

19-03-2008, 21:03
Grille used to be very active here and we met him at Killers in Stuttgart. Any news about him?

19-03-2008, 21:49
When someone dissapears like that, it always remind me of the episode of Six Feet Under where they host the funeral of a woman and absolutely no one comes. Then the Mother of the guy who runs the funeral home ask him to go to the house and find if he can anybody related to the woman to attend a second funeral. He opens the lady's computer and finds 20 pop up from MSN asking "where have you been". At the end there is a small crow of internet friends that go to the funeral.

Anyhow, probably has nothing to do with it.