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30-06-2004, 10:33

here's my first turn for this demi god level game (my first one unless a test i tried once)

If i consider population and producation as the key of civ mechanics, i can say that by moving my worker on the hill, to make a road for the incense, i've probably made my first mistake. hmmm [confused].
For science, as Persian, i choose to go for Iron Tech. Not sure if this is the best choice, but i want to prevent IA to launch a quick attack, and perhaps attack myself soon. [soldier]
Also, i expect to use this tech for trading; this will compensate for the research time.

well, we'll see


30-06-2004, 13:57
Hey. It would be nice if you told us about the game's settings, at least who is akots !

I'm not used to Demi-God, but I bet the 2nd citizen starts to be unhappy, like on Deity. So roading the incense hill may not be that bad, all the more as you're industrious. But don't wait too long before mining those bonus grasslands...

As for science, so you went for Iron Working, but we still can't know your real strategy : researching at maximum or minimum speed can make a big difference. With all those river tiles, it could be worth going at maximum science, if you want to be the 1st on this tech. The only problem is the lack of food bonus, which will prevent you from using many river tiles before many turns.

30-07-2004, 13:53

i was right on the IA launching quick atack on me. 10 warriors are coming to my capital. Seeing them coming, i've build walls, and i'm rushing a 2nd spearman.
The first attack wave was a disaster for the Inca; 5 deads warriors, and my spearmen is Elite. [tvs]

I'm very disapointed by the number of units that the IA have ! [aargh]

For the food ressources, i've catle areas north and east. There is also spices north (near barbarians)

Akots play the Chinese

And for the strategy, well, to build a strategy, you need to know the pro and cons of your situation. I lack enough info for now, so my only strategy, at this game level difficulty (which i'm not used to), is Survival (=> iron). Of course, as a persian, i will stay close to Science Race.

31-07-2004, 23:01
well, in the 2 last turn i have gained :
1/ a leader thx to my elite spearmen fortified behind the walls i just build a few turns ago
2/ peace with the incas, who offered me a tech in the bargain [party]

i really don't understand IA sometimes. at the end, i'm rather happy because this attack will have strenghten me.

i think i've killed nearly ten warriors (in fact they die at the foot of my walls). 3 are still roaming on my territory.

the only thing i loose was 1 pop point, because for safety i rushed a 2nd spearmen. So i'm a bit late for my 2nd settler.

As far as i know, Akots has also been attacked by one IA.

For some strange reason, my leader seems unable to create an army or rush anything (the button does not appear) [hmm]

31-07-2004, 23:53
Good fun early in the game Arghis! About that leader, you need 4 cities for each army, be patient for a while.

07-08-2004, 12:47
thx beam, i forgot this point.

i'm confused [hmm]

why is akots taking such an advance. every turn i see it deepening the distance.
in the situation i am, i don't see what i can do.

here's an image (80ko)

What has happened. i've been attacked by my direct neighbor as already said. Since this little war, i'finished researching & founding & roading Iron. i've also build a 2nd town, which will be my settler factory (2 cattle helps - Next turn it will produce my 2nd settler).
i've tried to trade with Inca, but he has everything he wants, and so is not interested by what i can offer.
Considering the pression inca is putting on me (towns everywhere around me), i choose to build a barracks in my capital. it will be finished in 2 turns. From this moment, i will produce Immortals and prepare an attack agaisnt Inca. I can let it go to the 2nd iron sources (north of the mountain, where he already have a town near)

My science level is 90 %. i'm not sure it is a good choice.

Having roaded iron make me loose some time to mine some lands. also, i've been building many roads during the last war. As a matter of fact, my worker has to flee, so i'll use it to prepare terrain for the second city.

all that being said, i don't see what i can do to lessen akots advances (for instance). he said to me that he was also attacked.

Perhaps should i explore much ? but i keep all my troops near my country, in case of Incas 2 nd attack.

i'll had the ooportunity to rush the barrack with my leader, but i refuse, prefering to keep it for making an army. Is an army such an advantage against IA ? i think yes (i heard that units in an army had a small attack bonus, and know that the see farther)

So what do you think i can do while waiting ?


07-08-2004, 14:08
You'll need 60 gold to upgrade yeach warrior, so I guess first thing is to set science to 0% until you have enough.

The Incans will crumble against Immortals - they wlll likely have very little defense.

Build your army and put your immortals in it, as the extra move alone is worth it. I wouldn't do that until you have a couple of immortals spare though.

10-08-2004, 23:12
i've builded my 3rd city north of my capital in the hills, near the cattle area.

The inca has launch his 2nd war agaisnt me. He already loosed one Horseman. Now i have 2 immortals (one upgrade, and one just produced), and my first kill offer me a Golden Age. In 3 turn, i'll have another settler. In five turns, anothe veteran immortal. My army is still far from being build, but thanks to this Golden age, things could go a bit faster than expected.

Also, i've located horses. One is in the incan town south of my capital, the second is near the sea, nort east. My worker will prepare the road to this place. It is a safe area to work, while Immortals defend the land.

Akots is taking more and more advance.

15-08-2004, 11:25
at least i've my fourth city


one of my veteran immortal was killed while waiting (not fortified) on a hill, kill just by an incan regular scout. [aargh] Anyway, soon, i'll have an army, and another of my immortal has become elit.

30-08-2004, 13:18
Well, things are going well. At least the war is going well. My golden Age is finished. It'll helped me a bit, of course, but i would have prefered having it a bit later. Early civ UU is a problem for this. A golden age when you have 4 cities ... well, better than nothing.

I've had a second leader, which help me hurrying Heroic Epic; My army has destroyed the first incan city (pop 1)

i've secured a 2nd iron sources, and i'm going for the spices (north). Essentially, i'm building settlers and military units. I'm the last on score points. I think it'll oblige me to many wars in the future.

Incan still have no iron it seems, and is at war with someone else i think.

Maya has settled near me.

All in all, this makes a very interesting game.


30-08-2004, 14:16
your score might be low..but that army will allow you to do some serious damage...looks interesting so far.

08-09-2004, 11:07
things are getting more and more tricky.

Barbarians (still 7 horseman) are roaming at my north frontier). I've managed to secure the spice area, and i've blocked the access to one iron source for Incan (but he has found another one, a few turns ago as he began sending swordsmen).

I just finished my 2nd war with Incan. I've gain 2 tech (Philo & Code of Laws), and captured one worker. I've just lost 2 immortals.

I should have destroyed Machu Pichu (Horses ressouces for mayan), but i can't be everywhere.
I'm still building essentially military units, Walls & settler.

I don't know what i can do. AI has a very serious lead. I've heard from Akots that at least one was already in Middle Ages. [talk]

i'll prepare a third war with Incans, hoping to grab things here and there. i'm far behind in tech, and if it continue, it means death ... i can't trade anything

Also, Maya has come to my lands.

i'm confused with this level of difficulty.


08-09-2004, 11:13
As you can see, things are not very positive for me ...


08-09-2004, 15:41
quote:Originally posted by Arghis

I don't know what i can do.
Arghis, you need to build workers to improve your land. [eek] I see almost no mine, which means your cities can't produce a lot. Since you're by no way a thalassocracy (a civ based on sea trade (it's my new civ love !), production is essential to your survival. My 1st post in this topic was to tell you to mine the bonus grasslands around your capital, so I'm just repeating myself here.

You also have too few cities, and the ones you have are a little too far from one another IMO. My advice : stop thinking of wars ! Build up your empire, and once you are in a nice position, attack again.

Note : I'm by no way an "excellent player", just a fair one. I've lost all my PBEMs here so far, but I can beat Deity, so at least I know how to deal with AIs.

08-09-2004, 19:10
it's difficult mining lands when you have Incans Horseman runing everywhere ...

but you're right, i shall improve my lands

16-09-2004, 09:58
So i decided to go for another war with Incans.

I finished some turns ago to clean my territory of barbarian horsemen .

I just trade some silks with mayans (in exchange of gpt and a small lump sum), and after having build some worker to reinforce my territory, i see no other options than to go capturing towns & workers to my neighbor (i've captured 3 now).
Inca is beginning producing more swordsmen. I need to use / create more elite troops, in hope of getting another leader (i have Heroic epic). I must stop him progressing before it is too late


19-09-2004, 00:16
Still at war with the Incans. All in all, even if i'm the last in this game, it's interesting.

I've just had my third leader (the second allowed the construction of Heroic epic). With 9 towns (i captured Vilcahamba recently - and i'm building the 10th next turn, south of Pasagardae), it will allow me to have a 2nd army. With that, i must be able to seriously stop the incan pressure, and catch back part of my delay in this game.

The 3 captured workers (and 2 recently produced), and the fact that no one is roaming inside my frontiers, makes the development of the countryside more positive. Spice will soon be flooding my towns, as a 2nd incense ressources.

i've managed to build a temple in my capital (which now appear in the top five of cities - not sure of what this means, perhaps a consequence of culture and because i'm first in approval rating), but i'm still obliged to build essentially military / settler.

For science, i'm about to discover Maths, and i'm 6 techs behind Maya (who's first for now).

19-09-2004, 01:25
Well, it seems that i need more town than said in the cyclopedia ... 9 does not suffice; i hope it's 10, because i can't find a precise info on this anywhere (Cf. War academy)

19-09-2004, 01:46
shit, it's not 10 towns that is needed ... well, i'll have to wait a few more turns unless i consider bulding a FP, in the north town where spice is located (considering my territory and the possible peaceful palces to expand, this seems the only interesting spot at this moment)

in +/- 28 turns i'll be able to switch to Republic.

19-09-2004, 03:04
Arghis, if you want to improve and REALLY know more about this game (I'd call that an investment), I'll advise you to gather info on CFC : read the succession games, read the great players' spoilers, read the strategic forum, read the war academy, and don't be afraid to ask questions to anyone by PMs or MSN or mail or... I myself discover or re-update little stuff everyday. :D

As for your game, it seems you're going a heavy militaristic way. Just remember that the military route can't give you all peace-related stuff, like rushed wonders (this is C3C), so you should carry on the fight to grab good locations and beat some AIs. But keep in mind that akots is your ultimate opponent (I'm slowly getting that too !), and that you will suffer in later stages of the game if your development isn't quick enough.

For your questions :
- Every army needs FOUR cities, not five (unless I'm mistaken ?).
- The top 5 cities screen displays the first five cities with the most culture, nothing else.
- The FP needs TEN cities on a standard map, but there was a bug related to world-size which was recently discovered, so it may be screwed up.

19-09-2004, 04:50
for the army, yes, it's just a stupid mistake of mine

i read things here and there; i'l just not used to demi-god level.

in this game, i was obliged to go for a very militaristic strategy as i've been attacked very very early. so i was not able to improve lands as i wish, for instance. We'll see if i can catch my late.

and be sure that i don't forget who is my true adversary :-) (n.b. : as you can see in post 10, and from wht he says me, he is also severly beaten by AI ...)

28-09-2004, 12:52
Some news about this really hard game

i'm 4 turns to switch to Republic; Inca is swarming me with regular swordsemn; i've managed to destroy what i think was their only iron spot (see the destroyed town, in the hills, west). It also allows me to capture 4 worker, that i expect to use for population in some towns;

The battle around Atico is furious; my army is doing a great job here, just there are too many adversaries. Anyway, sooner or later, this town will be mine (it's just at my spices spot doorstep ...)

I've a settler waiting in Julia for things to calm down a bit;

A swordman has unship on my east flank; my regular defending units should take care of it, let's hope ... (more units moves made after screenshot

Well, i think that the starting position for the Incan is a bit too near mine.

Lastly, Akots told me of his battles with Ancient Cav and Knights ...


28-09-2004, 12:59
[lol] I think that Mr. Kots really enjoys talking about what happens in his part of the world. Besides that, he hasn't taken the habit to write a spoiler, maybe you should consider write it for him ? :D

Arghis, hurry up ! Destroy the Incans and get their techs.

28-09-2004, 13:39
i've just made peace with Incans, and got 2 techs this way; this and the 4 workers i captured recently keep me confident in making another war with Inca soon :-)

Maya has just settled on the incan iron spot ...

29-09-2004, 10:44
Asking Inca to leave my territory makes him declaring war again ... My defenses have resist and kill his raiding swordsman (at Pasagardae).
it seems that maya is trading with Inca; i hope this is not an iron trade ... i shall have 2 more tows in 2 turns (Attico and a new settlement just south).

Byzantines is at Astronomy level; i'm barely finishing The first era tech; Republic is for next turn, i hope it'll boost me a bit, and that it won't be too late.

03-10-2004, 13:00
At last i've a military stronger than the incan one; Soon i'll have to spices and i'll be able to conquer the incan dyes ressources near Vilcabamba (i'm currently importing dyes from Maya). i've also secured a 2nd iron ressources (Gordium).

i've met the portuguese, but can't trade anything with AI for now.


03-10-2004, 13:02
Breaking news : Byzantines and Portugal have signed a Military alliance against Zululand. Akots must be happy, because i think Zulu put him under pressure.

03-10-2004, 17:33
You seem to be doing well. What is your relative position to akots?

04-10-2004, 22:49
@ annaress : still rather same ratio as in post 22

At last i've reach teh second Era. Thx to my friend the Inca which made peace with me which cost him 2 tech. By the way, as a scientific country, i've gained one tech (the religious one, with cathedral ...). A few peaceful turn and i go to war again with Inca (what other choice do i have to catch my late). I shall take him either his horses or his dyes.

I'm also rising my trade rate, selling spices and incense now..

Akots announced me that he was wanting to pay Maya to attack me (but he has not enough cash). I was proposing him to traed something for trade (soon). Well, if he wants to play like this ...

05-10-2004, 03:11
akots in my gave vs him bought our common neighbour in on me. When I made peace 6 turns later I was at war again the next turn, which I guess cost him lots of cash.

Now though I have held off the Greek attack with a defensive war and I have bought one of his neighbours in on him instead. I guess it can work both ways...

07-10-2004, 09:39
The incans have no more Iron. I guess Maya has choosen to trade with someone else.

The trade boost in my economy allows me to rush more easily various things like Libraries. As a first consequence, Antioch is now fishing whales. That's amazing what you can do with books :-)


07-10-2004, 09:40
My curragh is still exploring the vast world ...


07-10-2004, 09:59
More about culture ...


07-10-2004, 10:00
and power ...


07-10-2004, 10:03
You'll perhaps understand better why at the very beginning of this game i was in a bad situation ...

09-10-2004, 10:49
Machu Pichu, the incans Horses spot, is now captured (Hard battle - first army is seriously beaten). I've also settled another town in the hills around (after having loosed a settler some turns ago, because of an automatic moves i forgot). As a last point, i've captured 2 more workers.

I've lost 2 immortals and a catapult which were trying to support my 2nd army stationned in the moutains just above incans dyes ressources (roads have been pillaged, of course). Inca still has many many units, mainly regular archer and horsemen.

09-10-2004, 14:43
just lost the town north of Machu. Even immortals on a hills can't stand forever against a swarm of regular horseman. The worst is that in his last efforts, an elite immortals produced a leader, who dies a few seconds later. Anyway, i still have 2 armies wreaking havoc in Incans lands ...

10-10-2004, 10:21


10-10-2004, 10:30
Recently, Portugal threatens me, asking for a small gold amount and territory map. i choose to accept, cannot affording the risk of a portuguese invasion ...

It seems that on my continent there is only myself, Inca, Maya and Byzance.

Akots seem victorious in his war against Zulus. Let's hope that i can soon finish Inca; that's easier to say than to do. I just repel an incans small invasion, and Inca continue to send numerous units. So advancing is a time consuming task.


10-10-2004, 10:38
Anyway, as i'm Militarly stronger than Inca, i've focused my economy on building libraries or harbors. Also, incans slave allows me to road the moutain range between my capital and the west part of my kingdom.
i've now 2 iron, 2 horses, 2 incenses and 2 spices. Silks will have to wait a bit.

Surprizingly, Inca is using my captured catapult against me in his offensive on Machu Pichu. Perhaps because he has nothing better to help, so he send everything. I suspect that there is a 2nd Incan horse spot, or some tarde agreement/ i shall investigate this point later.

23-10-2004, 08:46
trade with mayans has stopped but i've conquered the necessary incan town to have silk ressource.

My borders have began expanding. better later than never :-)

Chinese, Akots, has decalred war on me, with no reason. This is ... well ... it's choice.


23-10-2004, 08:48
Chinese is the blue spot, far away ...


28-10-2004, 11:20
Some news about this game.

Zulu has been eradicated by Portuguese ,after having suffered serious defeats from Chinese (i think).

One of my army has captured Cuzco, incan capital, just to discover Chinese riders on the shores. The army had been killed, Cuzco captured and send back to Inca;

Battle log:
vRider dies to army in Cuzco
vRider 2/4 kills eSpear
vRider 3/4 kills Immortal
vRider 1/4 kills army and Cuzco captured

2 Riders dies to army (8/13) near Cuzco

Cuzco returned back to where it belongs (Inca)

the next turn, my second army take back Cuzco and killed one rider.

I now have an alliances with (crusading) Byzantines against Chinese and Incans. The loss of my first army is painful. Taking Cuzco was risky, but i was not expecting Chinese Riders to be there.


11-11-2004, 03:17
Thanks for a great spoiler! It is really a fascinating and very dramatic reading!

I was indeed lucky to capture the Great Library from the Zulu. But Shaka was the first and only one for a long time to learn Literature from the Great China. So, may be not so lucky.

The endgame has been really swift indeed, but it was a very interesting game! Many thanks for that one! And it has been moving at a great speed - 190 turns in about 4 months only!

In general, I think, you were doing Ok for Demi-God and would be able eventually to overcome the evil Inca.

11-11-2004, 14:01
Yes, i think i was not far from eradicating Inca (with Byzance helps). But that would have not change things. I had taken too much delay.

Demi-god is interesting, i shall try again :-)