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25-06-2004, 12:16
So, now it's 650 BC, and i have my first Ancient Cav.

i'm late compares to Moff. 250 / 298.

The reasons i see for this are :

building Statue of Zeus in my capital (so no settler for a good time)
building a granary in Lyons (idem)
sinking of my only galley in it's early exploration phase (i just found Inca, south of Dutch - so nearly no trading during a long time)
researching Litterature and Map Making instead of focusing on Republic (which is +/- 10 turns away now)

Strangely, i was at Gracious relation state with Dutch for a long time, and suddenly, it becomes just Polite. I still have a RoP and have done nothing special towards Dutch, so i believe the IA see as an embarrasment the fact that now i produce Swordsmen and Ancient Cav. Am i right ?

25-06-2004, 12:19

25-06-2004, 12:24
n.b. :

i've researched Lit and Map because i was fearing another player to build Statue of Zeus, as i've only one Ivory

now, i'm producing many settlers ...

the area you see here, i let it, for now, to the dutch. i still have plenty of space to the north, east and west, and i don't want the dutch disctracting my economy. He took me a horse ressource, but i have another one just above my capital.


25-06-2004, 12:32
well, i also have no roads towards dutch, but soon this will be corrected.

i'm expecting building FP near the dutch, to add some cultural pression on him.

after this screenshot, i built 1 town on the toundra NE of the horse ressources (as i do not wan't this town to be a nuisance for my capital future)

Another town will soon be built, NW of Paris, near the 3rd silk ressources

i have 2 barbs camp in the W, so i send my new troops in holidays there [fdevil]


25-06-2004, 12:41
so here it is

considering i'm not from the optimizer kind and that i expect this game to be a long game, i'm rather happy.

My match with Markus, who storms me, show me that this way of playing is risky (i've not choosen monarchy this time :-) )

i fear that i will soon be obliged to explain to dutch that we are not friend anymore, but i have before to strenghten a bit my army (addind some war chariot for instance). also, Republic Government should change things a lot.

Well you're comments are welcome

26-06-2004, 00:04
I suggest to build a barracks in Paris ASAP. Maybe pop-rush it after 1 turn of construction time or just the remaining 20 shields, so that your next ancient cav is a veteran unit. A 5-HP ancient cav is an awesome killer! You've got better chances to win a battle and it's only one promo needed to reach the elite status. The Dutch should be piece of cake once you've piled up some of these chaps.

And how about building new galleys to gain some contacts and map info?

26-06-2004, 11:09
For Paris, i'm actually building temple / library. But you're right, Veteran Cav would be an advantage.

Dutch has just switch to Monarchy, and inca is probably doing the same (anarchy currently). i'm still +/- 5 turns away from Republic.

I'm continuing my settler production (2 at the same time), and i've finally build a town near the 3rd incense to secure it. Dutch are still polite.

Now i'm facing 4 barbs camp attacking me (containing priori 1 warrior - 4 horses - 7 horses - 1 warrior & 2 horses).
The 4 horses stack is dead, and my ancient cav is now elit.
The RoP with Dutch makes him sending quickly some warriors to "protect" me. That is fun and useful.

Galleys, yes, i should, but i think i won't. I think we're on 2 continent, and that i've already discovered the essential on my continent.

29-06-2004, 01:53
2 bars camp are now ruins :-) one thx to the dutch, another thx to my proud elite war chariot. The only loss i had to suffer was from pillaging. a secondary road with irrigation was destroyed.
My ancient cavs are still eliminating some resisting horsemen.

I'm slowly regaining points from the dutch / inca monarchy. I've exchanged them Republic Tech against the last 4 tech i was missing for changing era.
Now i'm shifting to republic. (still 3 turns to wait). If i'm not wrong i shall have better possibilities of action either against my neighbors, or just for tech devellopment.
i still have plenty of space to build cities and have 2-3 town which can be commited to settler production.
Also, i will began building some fortress in case Moff would like to come directly to me.
Military advisor tells me that compares to my 2 neighbor, we're strong.
Considering that the dutch will soon have Swissmen, i might wait having some artillery before attacking them. Ancient cav are good, but to this point ... ? And i've only three for now ...
The inca seems too far away for an attack.
Still no news of the other continent, and Moff continue his progression. He build his great wonder just some turns ago.

Here is a demographics screenshot. That's a rather fun one i think. And one of the more equilibrate i've seen.


29-06-2004, 11:02
MFG looks a bit poor during anarchy.;)
Might repost the demograph once you're in republic.

I wouldn't rely on catapults at this point, since you'd need quite a number of them.

05-07-2004, 11:24
ji all

here is the situation now.

i've switched to Republic, attacked the dutch, build A FP (thx to a great leader) and stopped the Chinese ascencion (gaining more and more points every turn, comparing to me - he still have a good advance).

Chinese is under Monarchy, and at war with one of his neighbor. he acieve to send a galley to my continent


05-07-2004, 11:26
and some numbers ...


11-07-2004, 00:37
Looks good, you're leading in the important areas.:)
How's your tech level compared to China?

11-07-2004, 03:12
Now things have changed a bit. i took the costal dutch town (cf. last screen shot) and have made peace.

i'm advanced in tech, globally, equal in territory and 5 more points in population compares to Chinese. Also i still have the first town in top 5.

Soon i'll finish the dutch, which are trying to build Templar. After (but not immediatly and unless they agre to trade) i'll attack my last neighbor (Inca- Cuzco).

Chinese is exploring all my coast. i'm sending a galley to his continent, but still haven't find a road. every turn i take him 1 point back (if not 2). Difference is now something around (+) 82 for him. obviously he had a good start.

Monarch level is really too easy. I'm impatient to meet the Chinese (not at sea i mean).

11-08-2004, 01:40
Well, things have seriously changed (as planned :-) )

i'm nearly 60 points beyond Chinese, who is now 2nd (his error is to stay under Monarchy - i've told him to change, but i believe he waits for Democracy).

i'm establishing town (with Crusader) at the south of the chinese kingdom. we agreed to play peacefully. That's why i've build Knight Templar, in case he'd change his mind [fdevil].

For Science, we're at Mettalurgy range. IA do as usual, nothing special (it had build some GW and has here and there some advantage, but just here and there)

I had a good surprised when in a discussion with one neighbor i had the following results :

is this IA way of bluffing ? at least it's fun :D. i think that it will soon attack me.


30-08-2004, 13:03
Well the match is over now. I've won as Moff decided to stop. Anyway, i was already with more than 100 points ahead and i had 2 more GW (for a total of 4 in Paris).

All IA were attacking me, but i had a strong defense.

We were just discovering Nationalism (in +/-1220 AC). Moff never switch to Republic.

There was a good colonial war, at the chinese frontier, were i was badly hurt as the chinese cavalry butchered the peaceful defending Crusaders.

This games shows me, if needed, that playing at lower difficulty level is really annoying, as the IA was never a serious problem for any of us.

30-08-2004, 14:52
Congrats Arghis! How come Moff decided to stop?

30-08-2004, 17:03
he thought that this was leading nowhere and that in the long run i would have won by more points and tech lead. To be honest, i think it too.

31-08-2004, 00:46
Congrats Arghis!

judging from this info...
i'm late compares to Moff. 250 / 298.
Anyway, i was already with more than 100 points ahead

... you really did a good job turning the game around!