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04-06-2004, 00:02
Thread for info gathering between the alliance of Sweden, Prussia, Russia, France and the Ottomans as we take on the might of Britain and Spain (and Austria).

04-06-2004, 00:29
Here's Lucky's army 2 turns ago.
I'll update this later.
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04-06-2004, 00:31
4 armys :(
10 Man O wars :(

04-06-2004, 22:22
So Pggar has a spy inside Britain? That's awesome. If you need some extra funds to conduct further espionage, then ask me and I'll see what I can give you.

Btw, how is everyone's researching going? I'll have finished Sanitation in three turns.

04-06-2004, 22:55
I think I'm reaching Code Civil in about 12-13 turns. Going to borrow Prussia's idea of putting units on every coastal tile so that Lucky cannot invade too easily, by at least covering the mountains on the western coast.

05-06-2004, 01:25
I still a long way from finishing sea power (more than 20 turns.) I'll push my research rate back up and give you an update after my next turn.

What's the next step? Shouldn't Turkey finish off Austria before we proceed?

05-06-2004, 10:04
I'm not sure if he will be allowed as Lucky could already have placed troops next to the city... Still not sure what to do with my task force on the mainland...

12-06-2004, 04:19
I found two armies while scouting with two Cossacks.

Amsterdam - Veteran (15/15) Army (7.7.2)
Brussels - Regular (15/15) 2nd Cavalry (7.4.2)

12-06-2004, 14:24
Not a good idea to attack those cities then...

19-06-2004, 13:52
So what are the future plans now that France has been destroyed?

19-06-2004, 16:03
I've just destroyed Austria.
That way they won't have more productive cities.
However, Lucky is closing in, and he has a lot of armies.
I'll upload some scary pics.
If you guys don't help me fast, I'll be gone as well. :D

I finished Artillery Tatics and I'll be passing it along.
I'm going for military Logistics now.

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19-06-2004, 16:17
And here's Venice.
I imagine that Lucky will use boats to make things worst.
Is it me or is this scenario completely unbalanced?


19-06-2004, 18:09
It does seem to be unbalanced and there is only so much that can be blamed on the early setbacks that the French suffered as it was basically France v England and Spain yet that was enough for England to destroy them in a short period of time. I have a small stack on the mainland but I really need to know when Russia and Prussia are going to move as well since then there is more chance of a successful attack. My navy is gradually being built up but unless I am allowed to raise cities I'm not sure how helpful a raid on Scotland would be... At least with Austria gone the captured cities will be more productive now.

20-06-2004, 17:38
Nice little chat. ;)
Thinks we should remember:
- War Time when we don't have any more structure to build ;)
- Draft only when you really need
- Kill Lucky and Anarchy

quote:Lucky: hey
Pggar: hello
Lucky: did you send the NapEurope save yet?
Pggar: nope, I was going to, but I remember that santo was gone
Pggar: so I was going to check to whom I should send the game
Pggar: but I ended up forgetting ;)
Lucky: lol
Lucky: should be kane if Iīm not mistaken
Lucky: kane77077_AT_yahoo.com
Pggar: funny how two civs are destroyed at the same turn
Lucky: oh, so you made that your priority
Lucky: well, thanks for Zagreb then :D
Pggar: before you raze me, I thought I should do something :p
Lucky: frankly, Iīll probably leave you for anarchy ;)
Pggar: hehehehe
Pggar: you are very merceful :p
Lucky: well, my ambush was pretty successful :D
Lucky: but itīs appropriate for you to fight anarchy
Pggar: kind of
Lucky: after all, you wanted to in teh beginning
Lucky: anarchywrksbest wrote:


You're on my list now.
It's too bad you're far from me.
Who wants to gang up and destroy nrk first?
Come on, I know you all want to do it.

Lucky: thatīs what you said on page 1 ;)
Pggar: ye
Pggar: I meant that your ambush was kind of sucessfull ;)
Lucky: yeah, but thanks for just putting 4 defenders to protect your main army group ;)
Pggar: if austria didn't go now you would have more productive cities ;)
Pggar: that would be quite bad
Lucky: yeah, too bad :(
Lucky: but the Zagreb terrain was rather favorable for you and not for me to properly defend the city from any attacks
Pggar: tell me something
Pggar: did santo played that bad, or is this scenario really unbalanced?
Lucky: hmm, IMO itīs pretty balanced, especially when the situation is like it is now
Lucky: Santoīs main error was staying in Republic
Lucky: that had cost him cities from my initial invasion
Pggar: hahaha, I can assure you that it isn't balanced in this situation
Pggar: because I'm weak from the beggining to the present time
Lucky: and the second error probably was not rushing southwards in Italy to take my cities there
Lucky: he probably could have done that
Pggar: uk and france have units that are too powerfull
Pggar: and they seem to start things really well
Pggar: because as I said I'm weak from the beggining to now
Lucky: hmm, actually, you are my second strongest enemy, France was ahead of you until anarchy and I took the cities, and now Russia is ahead of you due to GA and being in republic
Lucky: and with your GA, despite destroying the bulk of your army just now, you are still dangerous ;)
Pggar: hehehe, are you sure of that? :p
Lucky: well, I played this scenario as Austria against he AI on Deity in the BETAtesting (at that time no Sid level yet)
Pggar: well, AI can't really ally
Lucky: and I fought Italy, Ottomans and Russia at more or less the same time and prevailed and eventually crushed them until I reached the victory points limit
Lucky: those 3 and Britain were allied though and Denmark as well of course
Lucky: I was only allied with France and Prussia
Lucky: Spain was with Britain as well IIRC
Lucky: so it was really tough, one of the most difficult but most fun SP games I played :D
Lucky: and youīd have to agree that the Austrian units are even weaker than yours
Pggar: I guess the game is not that unballanced if france can stand for a few turns :p
Lucky: yeah
Pggar: my cavalry unit is the worst of all
Pggar: strange
Lucky: and believe me, a few more turns waiting and a few more turns of their elite infantry, and weīd probably still be running against Parisī doors
Pggar: because in the epic game it is quite nice
Lucky: well, the units are rather accurate in terms of historic accuracy
Lucky: and donīt forget the unit costs!!
Lucky: my cavalry costs 130!!
Lucky: while yours is 80 or 90
Pggar: the problem is the waste
Pggar: let's say it's 90
Pggar: and that my city produce 44
Pggar: shields
Lucky: wow
Pggar: We need the same 3 turns
Pggar: to finish the unit
Pggar: it's all hipotetical :p
Pggar: I'm not with the game opened ;)
Lucky: yeah, well, one of my early priorities was to bring my core cities up to speed to save a turn or two for producing a unit
Lucky: oh
Lucky: and something I forgot
Lucky: I donīt think Santo ever went into War-Time production
Lucky: neither did Jayne
Lucky: nor Prussia or Sweden
Lucky: and maybe not even you
Pggar: well I alert everybody then :D
Lucky: Anarchy did that very early
Lucky: I followed after finishing a few city improvements, like 10 turns later or so
Lucky: and I got my GA right at the start thanks to Man oī Wars
Lucky: but Santo did that as well
Pggar: well, unfortunetly I'm still building my empire ;)
Lucky: yeah, as does especially Russia
Lucky: but IMO, that might be a mistake
Pggar: yep, I think so
Pggar: but I didn't think France could fall that easily ;)
Lucky: artillery my friend, artillery over everything
Pggar: hahahahah
Lucky: both anarchy and I have big and even huge stacks of cannons
Lucky: as you should be able to see as well now ;)
Pggar: no I'm blind :p
Lucky: and approximately 50% always hit, usually more
Lucky: thatīs 5-10 HP off the defenders
Lucky: so usually only 3HP or less units are left after bombardment
Lucky: so less chance for my attackers to get an "unlucky" streak of RNG
Lucky: you know, the type when you attack a conscript with an elite and lose :S
Pggar: hehehehe
Pggar: well that's another problem ;)
Lucky: oh, mentioning conscripts
Pggar: a few turns ago I didn't have the time to play the whole turn and have to close the game
Pggar: when I come back, surprise surprise
Lucky: Santo drafted a lot, Prussia and Sweden as well
Pggar: someone forgot to set the RNG
Lucky: yeah, ulalume forgot that
Pggar: I was quite unhappy
Pggar: because I lost a leader because of that ;)
Lucky: lol
Lucky: thatīs bad
Lucky: concerning the drafting
Pggar: what about?
Lucky: it is all good and well, however, with a lot of drafting you need ot be extra careful with unhappiness
Lucky: and drafting together with staying in Republic is what broke Franceīs neck if you will
Lucky: after my first turn bombing and attacking a major city of France
Lucky: the next turn it was usually in revolt
Pggar: yep, it was one of jayne's mistake
Lucky: so no more drafting and less defense bonus
Pggar: I have a city of hers that won't be happy ever again
Lucky: and no production of course
Lucky: lol
Lucky: I have that too, Paris
Lucky: and others
Lucky: thatīs why I had to starve it down to 1
Pggar: I hate to use draft
Pggar: but look at your military advissor
Lucky: I donīt like it either, only used it twice I think, and once by mistake
Pggar: and that bug stack of yours
Pggar: *big
Lucky: big stack of what ;)
Lucky: I have many big stacks ;)
Pggar: you big stack of units
Pggar: the one I can see :p
Pggar: since I destroyed austria ;)
Lucky: combined arms, very important tactic
Pggar: I know, but what I'm saying is: you might give us no option but to use draft
Pggar: I guess that's what santo thought ;)
Lucky: yeah, of course, thatīs my intent as well
Lucky: draft units can be a pain in the ass
Lucky: however in the end you usually gain more when/IF you defeat them
Pggar: yep
Lucky: of course, you have to defeat them before your battle group is too wounded
Lucky: but nothing is lost for your barbarian alliance yet
Lucky: ;)
Pggar: hahaha, I'm going to crush anarchy
Pggar: then you :p
Lucky: actually, Iīm pretty scared at the thought of a combined Sweden, Russia, Prussia attack that is bound to happen soon
Lucky: Iīm not so scared about the Ottoman threat though anymore ;:p
Pggar: be afraid, very afraid :p
Pggar: now you hurt my feelings :D
Pggar: you're gonna pay Mwahahahahah
Pggar: see, I'm crazy already

21-06-2004, 01:17
That's one scary stack. Pggar, do you think you could get any production out of my southernmost cities? They are pretty useless to me and I'm basically just using them to build workers. I'll try to send some guards and cannons as well.

I'm ready to attack Amsterdam or Brussels whenever Kane and Dell is. I have around 25 Cossacks waiting in Prussia and the supporting guards and cannons are not far behind.

22-06-2004, 15:28
I think I could move my stack on the next turn into a square where they could attack Amsterdam on the turn after. I should move my stack first as I move after Lucky but I will wait for confirmation before moving.

26-06-2004, 19:41
Well thats the end of Swedish involvement on the mainland... Anyone want Warsaw as there is no way I can realistically keep the city?

29-06-2004, 04:51
Um...sure - you should give it to Prussia or Russia. Russia may be better, so hell have a city closer to the front...

My attack on Nancy was a total defeat. I think I may have destroyed Lucky's 2nd Infantry Army, but I'm not sure (I looked away at the last minute, and I couldn't remember how many units I had left...) I did hit an elite Redcoat enough times to promote him ,though, so his army has probably already been replaced...How's the intel look Pggar?

29-06-2004, 04:52
Oh yeah - I was able to capture and destroy two of the cannons you lost to Lucky. Small consolation, I know, but at least the won't be used against us.

29-06-2004, 11:21
Is Nancy on a hill?

29-06-2004, 14:27

Yes it is...I hadn't noticed that!

04-07-2004, 15:50
We need to bring Anarchy over to our side!!! He'll have no chance against Lucky when we're all gone, but he's likely one of the strongest of the remaining 5 nations. Who can convince him that he'll be better off against with us?

15-07-2004, 22:26
I will try when I see him online but it doesn't sound like he will want to change sides...

17-07-2004, 03:46
I'm taking over for kane. I'm thinking of mounting an invasion of the former Austria. Do we have any more intel?

17-07-2004, 13:37
Thats likely where most of the British invasion force is... I might be able to launch an invasion in the north in another 10 turns...

17-07-2004, 20:20
At this point it's absolutely critical that we coordinate our actions. The only thing that's going to make any bit of difference is a simultaneous attack by you, me, and talar.

18-07-2004, 11:45
Well since my attack is going to be probably against a Scottish city I'm not sure how coordinated my attack can be although if someone else wants to send ships as part of a possible diversion or to add extra units then that would be appreciated since I will hopefully have around 10 frigates guarding the transports but if Lucky is lucky then that might not be enough.

18-07-2004, 13:56
[shameless lurking]
This sounds like a cool game. So it is Lucky against the rest of the world? And he keeps pushing you around. Wow. I definitely gotta try that scenario sometime.

Any possibility for a cool screenshot or two [groucho] Need my civ-fix, see

18-07-2004, 14:04
And Anarchy as well with Spain. I think we didn't get the best start as Lucky seemed to ally pretty quickly with Spain and Austria whilst only me and Prussia seemed to have any other sort of agreement for some time so it was always Britain and Spain against France whilst the rest of us eventually managed to destroy Austria. The problem now is that with France gone Britain is the only nation with super units which are very hard to kill...

18-07-2004, 14:38
Those British 7/7/1 and 7/7/2 units are tough to kill when fortified in a city behind walls! (Especially when the city is on a hill...)

23-07-2004, 19:14
Well, with the British invading Prussia, my new plan is to launch everything I have left into former Austria (Vienna, probably). Is there any chance that Russia or Ottoma could launch an attack in a similar area soon?

23-07-2004, 20:31
No idea haven't spoken to Russia or Turkey recently...

24-07-2004, 02:01
Well, I could try, but all those armies from Lucky and that bunch of cannons from anarchy won't help. ;)

29-07-2004, 23:31
Should be able to launch my ships in 2 turns but my units will be left at sea for three turns. Spain has two frigates on my coastline which are perhaps useful targets if someone with spare ships could sink them in advance. I currently have 8 escort frigates although hopefully I will be able to rush build one or two more. The rest of the fleet will consist of 7 full transports (24 units).

03-08-2004, 06:12

This is bad.
NRK is pretty weak, but with Lucky's 7 armies it's impossible to hold on.
I hope you have units. :D

03-08-2004, 19:47
Hmmm they have a lot of ships as well... Will make the crossing interesting...

03-08-2004, 20:45
My attack on Vienna comes next turn. 16 Jannisaries, a dozen or so cannons, and maybe 20 fussilers.

Also, there seems to be a combined British/Spanish blockade in place around the isles. Use caution in your crossing.

03-08-2004, 21:01
That is what worries me since if a lot of ships are in the north sea then it would be difficult to get through, hopefully my ships won't be spotted this turn so that on the next turn my two new frigates can join up with the current convoy and get as far as possible befor elUcky can react.

04-08-2004, 20:47
Change of plan my army will now be landing in Prussia since after sending a frigate west I encountered basically the entire British navy and at least 3 Spanish ships and he has ships in the north so there is little chance of sneeking past and I have lost a frigate from this turn...

17-08-2004, 15:55
I'm currently holding up the game as I PMed Prussia whether it was worthwhile me landing 28 troops in northern Prussia or whether its simply not enough units and I may as well wait to either amass a bigger army or wait for a time when Russia can make a joint attack. Should I wait or land now and probably see my stack decimated?

04-12-2004, 12:14
As the new Russian Tsar...I am going to go all out on trying to send the Russian troops to tear up the roads and infrastructure of the Brits.