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08-04-2003, 00:30
will post map when I can be bothered. :)

13-04-2003, 06:38
1 - Settle on Dyes. Amazing amount of bonus grassland, but only 1 resource (game).

11 - Damn, I pop a hut with my cultural borders and get barbs! Luckly I have a fortifed warrior in my city.

AI - They move around (3 of them), but don't attack. This is annoying since I have a worker here, I'd rather they doe on my fortified warrior.

12 - Hanging on there, another warrior next turn.

AI - AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! The fuckers attack, and a conscript warrior kills my fortified regular warrior and kills 1 pop.

15 - The second barb dies attacking my city. There is a third somewhere, but it has dissapeared.

17 (AI) - A German archer appears to the north.

18 - Get Bronze Working and The Wheel for Alphabet, Ceremonial Burial and 2 gold. Change Dheli to spearman. There is a horse a couple away from my border to the SW, and another about 10 tiles NW.

30 - Build barracks. Strange I know, but I gforgot pottery [rolleyes] and I can't get more than 2 food per turn extra until I cut down the forrest and irrigate the game.

36 - Research Warrior Code. Build Settler and send north with a spear to grab some good land before the Germans.

37 - Pop a deserted hut.

38 - Meet DaveMcW at last. :) I get Pottery and Masonry in return for Alphabet and The Wheel. I have all first level techs now, and am about 3 0from Horseback Riding at min research.

39 - Found Bombay 3 tiles N from the acpital.

44: I meet the Chinese to the NW near Dave, they have all my techs and Iron Working.

The Germans now have writing, I buy it for a whopping Pottery, contacts with the Ottomans and Chinese, 45 gold and 5 gpt.
Sell writing to the Chinese for Iron Working and 29 gold.
Sell Iron working to Germany for 139 gold.

I end up 2 techs and 23 gold better off. [dance]

I can now see iron about 5 tiles W from my capital. :D

48 - Build an embassy with Germany for 38 gold. They are the only nearby neighbours I've got and I want to know if Dave gets and trades/deals with them.

50 - Pop a hut, deserted again. :(

Here are my maps:



13-04-2003, 11:37
Please email me the save so that I can retire and update the public spoiler thread (in my forum, to see the AI expansion on beyond deity))!

16-04-2003, 21:07
51 - Build granary in capital.

54 - German Archer is 3 tiles from my capital, so I change to spear.

AI - Germany demands 26 gold, I give in.

61 - Made 72 gold on WM trades with China, Greece and Germany.

I am a little concerned at the massive (and biggest civ) Germany being my nearest neighbour. There are many more civs around but once I take Germany I will be free to expand for some time.

17-04-2003, 01:24
Here is the minimap from turn 65:


And I found the missing Koreans!


18-04-2003, 20:45
75 - Found my fourth city Bangalore. I am almost totally trapped by Germany now. :(

76 - Discover Horseback Riding (from 40-turn research).

Pay China 203 gold for Maths.

Sell Maths to the Celts for Philosophy and 3 gold.

Switch production to currency (40 turns).

AI - Persia and Gemany sign MA against the Ottomans (Dave).

77 (AI) - Korea and Germany sign MA against the Ottomans.

80 - Sell WM to Korea for Code of Laws and 6 gold.

From WM buying and selling I spend 138 gold and gain Mysticism and Map Making, and of course gain the full WM. :)


Switched science to 40-turn Republic.

18-04-2003, 22:11
Dave is doing real good! You seem to have some problems... Those Germans are real big :(

18-04-2003, 22:16
quote:Originally posted by ERIKK

Dave is doing real good! You seem to have some problems... Those Germans are real big :(

Yup Dave scares me. How can one keep up with the AI in super Deity [eek]

18-04-2003, 23:06
I think dave didn't build a granary in his capital, if so I should see the rewards of my labour soon.

Indeed I have build another city in the last turn, and have a settler every 4 turns if I want it. It may be a little late however since Germany has very quickly surrounded me.

One other thing, I had only 1 bonus resource, and a game at that, 2 tiles form a river and on a forest. [sad]

I have also only got 1 lux, no 2nd lux in sight, apart from one well withing German territory. [cry]

On the up side I have iron and horses when I connect them. I have been making defenses in case Germany attacks, and soon it will be time to build horses and go on a rampage. I am more than a little worried at dave's far superior position in the game now.

20-04-2003, 18:08
83 (AI) - Persia completes Great Library, this is unlucky since Germany was building it first. I could have taken it from Germany and gotten a whole heap of techs.

SHIT! The Germans have built the Great Wall now instead! [mad3]

86 - Build Calcutta.

89 - Germany demand 33 gold, I give it to them.

93 - Found Lahore and Karachi.

Buy Currency for 360 gold from Korea.

Sell Currency to the Celts for Literature, 137 gold and WM.

Sell Currency to the Chinese for Polytheism, 38 gold and WM.

100 - Buy Construction from Korea for 358 gold, I waited until everyone had it.

101 - Found Kolhapur.

Germany is still #1 in the rankings, for the last 30 turns or so they have had a steady stream of offensive units passing through my territory. At the moment I wee another 3 or 4 units join the caravan. :rolleyes:

I am only just building horses in the last few turns, since I have been building spearmen to defend my cities.


04-05-2003, 08:30
What happened to this? This looked very interesting ;)

I heard that Dave had little access to PTW because of college stuff...is that true?

04-05-2003, 16:01
All my games stopped for a week for LK39, I can start them all again now.

23-05-2003, 12:28
Please some news !

this game is a thriller :)

23-05-2003, 12:45
Indeed, this game has slipped. I will PM DaveMcW today and see if we can get it moving again.

23-06-2003, 18:09
Any chance of this game continuing?? Would be great!