View Full Version : *SPOILER* Tunerica Vs Killer Take 2

22-05-2004, 05:00
Well given how much I got beaten by in the first game against Killer we thought it best that we give it another go, hoping that this time I won't make so many mistakes and get off to a really crap start.

For this game we are playing Conquests 1.22 on Emperor, 6AI and all the other stuff pretty standard. I am playing as the Mayan (my new favourite) and Killer is the Dutch (which he thinks are uber good). So I think we are both quite happy the way we stand.

Heres a screen of the start location:

http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/tunerica/200452235440_start tk2.JPG

Fairly decent I think. Will definitely be a settler factory. At the moment since I am Maya I am thinking of building Barracks in all other cities and going on the early offensive, try to make good use of the Javelin Throwers and get an early Golden Age. With this in mind I am researching Warrior Code first up, probably to be followed by The Wheel, then if horses are nearby HBR. Will also be employing the rather popular close city builds for the first time in this game, see whether its as good as everyone makes it up to be. Other than that I will wait and see what pops up.