View Full Version : Beam vs Dell19 spoilers **Spoiler**

11-04-2004, 14:13
I'll post a picture when I get the next turn. Playing on Monarch, as the Japanese against Beam as the Indians.

11-04-2004, 21:47
The map


Obviously the square next to the river would have been the better starting square but now I can road towards the horse so it may not all be bad. Looks like some good city locations to the east.

17-04-2004, 20:24
Met the Greeks (closest NW, just over the mountains) the English to the West (quite close) and the Zulu (Only seen a unit). Traded BW(1 turn) and Warrior Code for a tech and gold. Built a second city on the hill NE from the horse. Finally it seems that I am at the edge of the continent and the land to the east curves round.

18-04-2004, 22:57
Got unlucky with a hut and it cost me a warrior, but then got lucky when I killed a barb on a hill that would either move into my second city or kill my worker. Built an early barracks so that my second city with wheat can build veteran spearmen between settlers.

26-06-2004, 19:46
Expansion has continued nicely, Beam leads easily on score and I expect that considering that this is my first 1v1 PBEM that he will continue to have the advantage. Managed to get Monarchy first which has allowed me to catch up in techs, went into anarchy on this turn since I had some things to complete last turn. 2 turns of anarchy to go through. Not sure whether to attack the weak Greeks or to go after the stronger English, I feel that the English might be the better target.

27-06-2004, 10:56
Could you show us an overview of your empire?

28-06-2004, 12:40
Will do next turn, just sent the save off...

29-06-2004, 11:34
The map:
(I have a stack of barb horsemen to the north :()

28-07-2004, 22:06
War has begun. The Greeks had built Zeus and so I felt it would be valuable to strike now since they have a small nation and a city in my territory so I would rather they were weakened now before they get ACs... A turn later than planned war was declared and a force of 4 swordsmen and a MI and 2 spearmen moved in on Athens whilst 3 MIs moved towards the city inside my empire. On the next turn I found that both my spearmen had been injured, I assume oth from ACs but the attack succeeded after two hoplites and an AC were killed (I would have waited for more troops but the hoplites were regulars). The other city has now been destroyed and I plan to settle my own city there in the next turn. I now have two wonders but am beind on research and Beam has a large gap on scores...

31-07-2004, 18:49
Sparta fell since the city only had one defender... A longbowman from another city was killed by my first AC, the city should fall on the next turn leaving the Greeks with two cities left. The military build up will probably continue as I may consider attacking the English next although I will have to wait 20 turns forour ROP to expire.

20-09-2004, 22:27
That was a nice catch-up with Monarchy Dell, pity you couldn't keep the pace in the early Med Age. Guess you had some good fighting with the Greek and the English [groucho]