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03-04-2004, 00:07
I've been playing this for a while, I'm kind of embarrassed I havn't posted this yet. [blush]

I let Irigy choose my civ, so I am the Zulu...


01: Irigy got to choose my civ, so I am the Zulu. Irigy has chosen the Romans for himself.

I found on the spot after setting science to Ceremonial Burial, and get Bronze Working from the hut. Alphabet would have been better.

Next I turn science off, I will trade for Alphabet before researchign Writing.

04: I meet Carthage warriors to the south, and sell them Pottery and Bronze Working for Alphabet and 10 gold.

06: Meet the Greeks. Fuck, the only 2 AI with a defense 3 UU in the Ancient Era!!!! [cry]

I sell them Pottery for 10 gold, mainly to boot their attitude from annoyed to cautious.

10: Meet the Inca in Jungle to the south. I sell them Alphabet and Bronze Working for Ceremonial Burial, Masonry and 10 gold.

11: Pop a hut and get 25 gold. Kinda lame.

14: Greece has 2 workers for sale, which I buy for Warrior Code.

27: I buy Iron Working from Greece for 128 gold and 6 gpt.

29: Buy The Wheel from Carthage for Ceremonial Burial.
Buy Iron Working from Greece for Masonry, Ceremonial Burial, The Wheel and 132 gold.

43: Inca demand 22 gold, I give it.

45: Greece demand 21, I give it.

55: Research Writing. All I can do is use it in part-payment for a worker. Oh well...

56: Found Mpondo, my 7th city.

62: Research Philosophy and amazingly I am first, I choose Code of Laws as my free tech.

Sell Code of Laws and Philosophy to the Inca for Map Making and 107 gold.
Sell Code of Laws to Greece for worker and 93 gold.
Sell Code of Laws to Carthage for Mysticism and 9 gold.



03-04-2004, 01:23
Whats the level, map settings, etc... please [love]

03-04-2004, 01:46
Demi or Emperor IIRC. Can't remember anything other than Continents (or at least that is what I am on...)