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18-03-2004, 11:26
Sky plays Celts, I'm Iros, game is on emperor, C3C 1.15.
Current turn is 34 and Aggie made a fine map for us.

I had a river start and there is quite a potential to have food and commerce-rich cities. So I decided to go for writing/philo.
However, Barbs annoyed me big time. Originally, I wanted to build a sequence of warrior (exploring), settler, warrior, granary in my capital. I got a bit unlucky and popped Barbs nearby (shouldn't have entered that hut [wallbash][sayan]) who wiped out the warrior, of course...
The Barbs were a big threat then and I had to delay the settler and finally did not plop the second city in the desired, optimal spot (wanted to expand towards a second lux resource to feature my philo run). Oh well, at least I got CB from a second hut when founding that city.

I guess Sky made a warrior/settler first-build approach as well, because he took over point lead around the time the first settler would have been done. I also think that he got already access to a second lux (assuming starting positions are somewhat similar).

Here's a shot from 22nd turn:

Meanwhile, I sent out 2 new exploring warriors, which got killed by Barbs as well (there's a fucking Barb camp now!!).:(
The worst thing is that I did not meet anyone by now due to losing my exploring warriors too early. That's a major problem, because I hoped to trade for wheel ASAP to see the horse spots.
At least the granary is ready and now starts to pump settlers. I hope I will recover from that drawback.
3rd city will probably be on gold hills at the coast to get more commerce and to be able to send out a curragh, since I really need contacts (also, likely, I would not need an escort to get the settler there).
I'm not very confident anymore to get to philo first, but I'll go down to the republic route anyways.

09-04-2004, 16:24
turn47: philo is finally in, picked CoL for free :)

09-04-2004, 16:30
Excellent result Grille [thumbsup] You made good use of your commercial trait here!

20-04-2004, 00:45
About the commercial trait (;)):
Note that I did not have any 'cities', but maybe I got one or another beaker that would have been lost to corruption otherwise.

In turn 54, I noticed that one of those nasty barb camps vanished 'by magic', so another civ must have done the job. Weird, because it was in the FOW all the time. I think I never had something like that before and I *know* that e.g. huts could appear to be 'visible' under the FOW although they might have been popped for ages. Also, the other way round, really existing camps are not necessarily seen (unless you trade for a map or visit the place directly).
Conclusion: known (existing) Barb camps under the FOW that get destroyed by another civ are removed from your map, no matter what.

So I moved a warrior onto a mountain to get an overview and indeed, I met the Arabs.

One turn later, an exploring curragh met the Greeks.
My first contacts. In turn54/55...[eek] Seems like my Iros invented the 'smoking telephone' rather late![lol]
I opened an embassy in Mecca and -of course- the Greeks already knew the Arabs.
Anyways, I traded philo and CoL to Arabia.
I then traded away writing plus CoL/philo/maths (the latter was just received from Arabia) to the Greeks.
In total, I got some gold, masonry, BW, WC, Wheel, maths.
I can now see horsies and I already have an unconnected source in my territory.:)
The Arabs (btw, they're the score leaders atm) have HBR, but I'd like to delay trading for it.
Compared to Arabia and Greece, I'm ahead by 1 in city count (I have 7 in total IIRC). Comparison of F8, F11 and score suggests that Sky is #1 civ in most important areas, but I could e.g. reach #1 in MFG if I mm'ed some working tiles.

15-05-2004, 09:44
Alas, the game died.