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03-03-2004, 21:10
I am Byzantines, KR is Carthage. Here is my empire at turn 13:


My first settler will head NW to make a 4 turn settler factory. I am going min on writing so I will have to find civs to buy Pottery from...

21: Build my first settler.

32: Finally a currach makes it to another island (I lost my first), and I meet the Dutch. Oh joy, what great neighbours. [rolleyes]

They have pottery but want 197 gold and 6gpt!

I also found my 3rd city this turn, I am expanding quite fast but am at risk from a barb camp 5 tiles away...

40: I've been having really bad luck - 2 out of curragh crossings have failed, and as seafaring that sucks. I still have only met the Dutch and I am don't have Pottery yet. :(

44: I finally meet my second civ: England.

Pay England 298 for Ceremonial Burial.
Sell the Dutch Ceremonial Burial for Pottery and 80 gold.

51: Research Writing.

Sell Writing to the Dutch for Iron Working, The Wheel and 11 gold.
Sell Writing to the English for Mysticism and 195 gold.
Sell Writing to the Sumerians for Masonry, Warrior Code and 72 gold.

55: Sumeria researches Maths. I sell them Iron Working and the Wheel for Maths and 12 gold.
Sell Maths to the English for 141 gold.

59: My empire:


11-03-2004, 23:17
63: Research Philosophy. Unusually I choose Map Making for my free tech.

65: Found Smyrna.

66: The Dutch demand Map Making, but since they can't reach me I refuse.

71: A brave Curragh has survived 4 turns in the ocean and made it to a far away landmass.

74: Found Heraclea.

Wow, the landmass I found was Kingreno's island! :D


Check the diplo!


Kingreno wants to trade - I get Literature and 50 gold form him for Map Making.

80: Found Trebizond.

80: Research Code of Laws.

87: The English demand CoL - I refuse and they declare war.

89: The Sumerians demand Lit - I refuse and they declare war.

92: Found Sardica.

99: [aargh] The Dutch land next to my new city - I will have to make peace this turn.

64.22 KB

Luckly I meet France this turn, and I buy Construction for Philosophy, Literature and 379 gold.

Now I make peace with the Dutch, giving Construction in return for HBR and 23 gold.

On inspection I see Kingreno doesn't need techs from me, and since he may know the English I make peace with them giving Construction for Polytheism and 41 gold. Shit, KR doesn't even need Poly...

My WH has dropped from +3 to +1 in all my size 4+ cities, but with some juggling I can get away with 10% lux.

104: I research Republic. I hit anarchy and draw an amazing 4 turns!

I can get Republic and Monarchy from either France or England, I go with Lizze and get both techs and 5gpt. I get Engineering as my free tech.

I make peace with Sumeria giving CoL, then gift 4 ancient techs to get them to the Middle Ages. They get Feudalism as their free tech, which I buy for Monarchy, Engineering and The Republic.

Hehe, I am now Republic, Feudalism and Engineering ahead of Kingreno. I doubt he will have Mono so it looks like I am doing well.

12-03-2004, 09:05
quote:104: I research Republic. I hit anarchy and draw an amazing 4 turns!

I can get Republic and Monarchy from either France or England

I dont understand that part : you self researched Republic but France and England already had it ? Did you have monopoly on Republic ?
Sorry [blush2]

12-03-2004, 09:55
...was thinking the same...

Lt. Killer M
12-03-2004, 10:29

12-03-2004, 10:30
Whoops. I meant I can get Monarchy and Currency! I needed one last Ancient tech...

12-03-2004, 10:52
On inspection I see Kingreno doesn't need techs from me, and since he may know the English I make peace with them giving Construction for Polytheism and 41 gold. Shit, KR doesn't even need Poly...

He doesn't need those techs because he already has them???
I know you guys are very good players, but that would be a very impressive catch-up as several turns ago he had nothing - according to the diplo screen you posted!

I think I have to practice a bit more before I challenge you guys!


edit: typo

12-03-2004, 11:07
Yes, he is that good!

Kingreno managed to find some civs in those turns, and he took full advantage of his broker status.

31-03-2004, 19:07
111: I finally meet Germany, I have just India left to meet now and I think I know where they are.

I gift Germany Currency, and they get Engineering as their free tech. Oh well, I was hoping they got Mono.

117: My FP is finished! The idea is to have a very loose build here on my island, and when I get astronomy to take the Dutch homeland as my second core with a Palace rush. Because I will be under the OCN the cities shouldn't be too corrupt.

122: Research Mono. England and the Netherlands already have it, they must have got it this turn. They also both have Invention, so I guess they both researched one each and swapped.

Kingreno has the Great Library, so I have to sell it to everyone straight away.
Sell Mono to France for 37 gpt and 35 gold.
Sell Mono to Germany for 34 gpt and 7 gold.

128: I meet the last civ - India. They don't even have Writing yet! [:o] I gift them techs up to Republic so they can start earning me money!

133: Research Theology.

The last thing I want to do is to let Kingreno capitalise on the Great Library any more than necessary, so I sell it around to the AI where I can.

Sell to the Dutch for Invention, 11 gpt and 46 gold.
Sell to Germany for 26 gpt and 12 gold.
Sell to France for 4 gpt and 60 gold.

I am at war with England, and I don't think Kingreno has met either India or Sumaria, so I won't gift it to them.

137: I notice that the Dutch have a long sea route to the England/Sumeria islands, when I have Education I will get them in an MA agianst the English to deplete their forces.

138: Pay Sumeria Monotheism for an MA against England.

142: Research Education.

Sell to the Dutch for Gunpowder, 11 gpt, 31 gold and an MA against England.
Sell Education to France for Chivalry and 12 gpt.
Now I gift techs to those missing them, so KR can't sell them on. India and Sumeria are both unknown to KR still, but he will get contact soon...

Finally I sink one of KR's galleys in my lands to trigger my GA, without it I am 10 from Astronomy, now I am 7.


148: I research Astronomy, 1 turn early from the Uni's I have been building. FUCK! I ended the turn, but forgot to sell it on for Chemistry. Oh well, as long as KR doesn't get it this turn and gift it to everyone I will be fine.

149: Sell Astronomy to France for Chemistry, 33gpt and 50 gold.

150: Sell Astronomy to Germany for 50 gold and 37 gpt.

France has Printing Press, I can't afford it. Instead I sell contact with England for 11 gold and 4 gpt.

151: ARRRRGGGHHH!!!! [aargh] I lost a pre-build with 350 shields! Since I have only OCN/2 cities the palace is worth shit, and all the wonders just got taken... [mad]

153: Research Navigation. I am going to try to get stuff without selling Nav, since I am keep to keep the WM trading to myself.

Sell Theology to Sumeria for WM.
Sell Feudalism to India for WM and 6 gold.
Sell WM to the Dutch for WM and 7 gpt.
Sell WM to the Germans for WM, Gems and 7 gpt.
I get Printing Press from France, but it costs me dear: Spices, Ivory (my only one!), Saltpeter, Iron, Contact with India, WM, RoP and 4 gpt.
Sell Printing Press and contact with the English to Germany and get Wine, 42 gpt and 3 gold.
Sell Printing Press to the Dutch for Dyes, Incense, 12 gpt and 9 gold.

Hmm, I can turn lux down to 0%! [coool]

Kingreno (Carthage) is lacking Printing Press and Astronomy, but could possibly have Metallurgy by now (unlikely though, given the cost of techs and the smallness of our empires).

My plan is unfolding very nicely, I have 5 lux's instead of 2, I have Unis almost everwhere, Cathedrals and now Markets being built or recently completed, and +77 gpt at 100% science. Since my GA started I have been #1 in GNP and Mfg goods, but the great news is that I am now #1 in Pop, Literacy and Life Expectancy too! [dance]


31-03-2004, 22:57
Very well played !
You guys are really stretching this to the limit. Any comments on the map ?

01-04-2004, 00:46
The map is great, but I fear I have left the invasion of Holland a little late.

KR just sent me the save and told me I am at war with everyone but India. [rolleyes]

I only hope it cost him dear, because the WW shoudl make up for the lost lux...

01-04-2004, 12:05
The human player islands look very similar [fdevil] It will be interesting to see how you both developed your landmass.

And thumbs up to DrA and Mel for their MapTweaker utility.

01-04-2004, 12:46
Yeah indeed they both need a good thump :D

03-05-2004, 12:53
154: Oh boy, Kingreno just bought EVERYONE in agianst me, apart from India (the most backwards civ). This kills all my lux deals but gives me MEGA War Happiness. As expected nothing riots.

The downside is that I lost a hell of a lot of GPT. :( Knowing this game, KR probably only had to pay a fraction of what I have lost to get the MA's. [rolleyes]

I turn my science down to 80% to compensate. [cry]

155: Thinking about KR's strategy: He still doesn't have Printing Press or Astronomy, so when I told him I had Navigation he probably thought I sold it around to the AI. If this is so he may be expecting the AI's of the world to come sailing over the ocean to me, when in fact only the Dutch can reach me. :D

157: Research Physics. England have Metallurgy, I am tempted to make peace and trade for it.

160: England have landed a unit on one of my island cities. I make peace and give them Physics for Metallurgy.

161: Kingreno has landed 2 Ancient Cavs on my lux island!!! [:o][:o][:o]

The weird thing is he told me in his email, so I was able to switch production from an Aqueduct to Longbowman. [groucho] I thought for some time as to whether this is allowed or not, and I decided it was.

I have just come out of my GA and my output has dropped sharply. For some reason England now has plenty of cash and they give me 58 gold, 102 gpt, WM and Incense for Navigation. :D

I can also chat to the other civs and I make peace with the Dutch, paying 11 gpt and 2 gold. Now I give Spices and Navigation for Dyes, 30 gpt 3 gold and WM.

To stop England being turned back on me (and losing my 102 gpt) I pay them 23 gpt and 9 gold for an MA against Kingreno.

A Veteran Horse from Naissus attacks an Ancient Cav and kills it, losing 1HP.
Anoher vet horse in Naissus attacks the last Ancient Cav and dies, taking the AC down from 4HP to 3HP.
The Elite horse attacks and kills the last AC, losing 2 HP.

Now, in my fear of Kingreno I decide to pay the Dutch 29 gpt and WM for an MA against KR. I was getting a lux and 30 gpt from them, and now the Dutch have Navigation they could also trade with KR, which was unacceptable.

163: A Dromon appears from the S and bombards the 3HP Galley to 1HP. A Vet Caravel appears and kills it for no loss.

164: Research Magnetism.

KR has got Navigation and Physics now, he is at least level in tech again. [:o]

I decide to make peace with Germany and France so I can sell Magnetism (they have lots of spare GPT). I will also need to get them in MA's against KR to protect my investment.

I pay Germany 11 gpt and 2 gold for Peace. Shit! I realise too late that I don't have an embassy and I only have 16 gold. [rolleyes] I pay Germany 6 gpt for 93 gold. I can now build an ambassey with 1 gold to spare. :D

F4 tells me Germany has a trade deal with Kingreno - I pay them 24 gold for and MA aginast KR, it costs 24 gpt. Germany then gives me 114gpt, Wines, Gems and WM.

France gets the same treatment:

Peace for 6 gpt.
Get MA against Kingreno (and 2 gpt and 10 gold) for Spices.
Get 117 gpt and WM for Magnetism.

170: Research Theory of Gravity. The Dutch give me 207 gpt for ToG! [dance]

Germany give me Banking and 25 gpt for ToG.

I get Steam Power as my free tech. Germany got Medicine, so I give them Steam Power for Medicine and 9 gpt.

I do some calculations: my one pre-build is too far on to hold for ToE, so I start a new pre-build for it. I can't decide whether I should go for Sanitation first, or if I should go Electricity -> Rep Parts, or Electricity -> Scientific Methods. In the end I go for Electricity, it is flexible and Sanitation may not be as good as Rep Parts first in the long run.

I hope to be able to out-research Kingreno for the rest of the game. KR is still 3 techs back from the Industrial Age. [coool]

174: KR is in the IA now and has Medicine. [hmm]

I sell Medicine to the Dutch for Music Theory, WM and 81 gold.
Buy Military Tradition from France for Theory of Gravity, Music Theory, Spices, WM and 52 gold.
Sell Medicine to France for Silks, WM and 76 gold.

175: Sell Mil Trad to the Dutch for 107 gpt. KR will get it and sell it to them otherwise, and this way I am totally taking their cash (334gpt total).

I am now at 712gpt from other civs. [dance]

177: FUCK!! Yet again Kingreno fucks me with wonders. 1 turn from Newtons KR build Sistine and England cascade and take Newtons from me. :(

My biggest problem at the moment is that I have many fewer cities than KR so I can only get 300 shields with my Palace Pre-build, whereas KR can probably get 500...

179: Found Bursa on an island with Gems and Furs. Sell Medicine to England for 38gpt and 4 gold. I now get 750gpt from other civs. :)

181: OMFG!!!!!!! I got my first EVER Scientific GL!!!! [dance] [coool]

Holy fuck, miracles DO happen!

Well, I got Electricity this turn, the same turn that I stop getting Incense and 102gpt from England. Germany also has loads of GPT to spare, so I go on a diplo session:

Sell Electricity to Germany for Democracy, 206 gpt, WM, a worker and some change.
Sell Democracy and Mil Trad to England for Incense, WM, 103 gpt and 4 gold.

I'm amazed myself, but I'm getting 957gpt from the AI. :D

Sumeria have appeared near my NE island so I make peace for free. I also make peace with India, giving Chemistry for it.

182: KR just got Steam Power, so I am free to see it around. England give 83gpt.

184: One of my deals just ended with France for 124gpt, so I sell them Steam Power for 124gpt and WM.

Another deal with Germany ends this turn (I was getting 100+gpt and 2 lux), so I re-buy Wines for 48gpt and 1 gold. Gems will come from my new lux island in a couple of turns.

187: Research Scientific Method, I have 10 turns to my pre-build being ready for ToE and an SGL ready to rush Hoovers. Sanitation is my next target, my Hospital pre-builds are on their way. [coool]

03-05-2004, 12:54
Pics will follow later, I am playing the monster SG atm...

03-05-2004, 14:23
Great job bouncing those millitary alliances back to KingReno!
How are you going to prevent him re-assigning alliances against you? You don't want to lose 900 gpt!

03-05-2004, 14:31
Whoopsie - I forgot to mention the agreement we made! [groucho]

From the open thread:
quote:we have signed a peacetreaty till turn 220 where Anarres gets first strike. Furthermore we are not allowed to have more then one MA against the other human.

04-05-2004, 23:28
190: Sumeria has (for the first time in the game) some spare gpt. I get 23 gpt and 31 gold for Democracy.

191: It's party time on the Dutch island! [dance]


I have 40 Cavs and 10 Muskets there, the Dutch are fighting (and winning) against England so I expect to walk it. I have a perfect rep so far, but I got an RoP to make sure of the invasion. Before attacking I buy Nationalism for several hundred gpt. [mischief]

Groningen first for 1 Cav loss, then I raze ??? losing another Cav. Utrecht falls next, I lose 2 Cavs and raze it. Rotterdam falls now and again I lose only 1 Cav. :D

I found 2 new cities: Prilep and Ohrid. Ohrid rushes a harbour with the help of an 'ex' Dutch worker.

Checking diplo KR has Nationalism already, so I sell it to the French for 26 gpt and 41 gold.
From England I get Dyes, WM and 7 gold. The Dyes I get on my next turn from the Dutch island, but this way KR can't sell it for Dyes on his turn.
From Sumeria I get 34 gpt and 45 gold for it.

Here is the Dutch colony now:


Since I kept my # of cities low I intend to rush the Palace if I get an MGL from this war. I estimate this would allow another 80% on my total production once the cities are developed, although at first I would face a small drop in overall produciton.

25-07-2004, 20:59
192: Maastricht falls, I (amazingly) lose no Cavs against 2 Rifles, a Swiss Merc and a Cav fortified in a city on a hill! [eek]

Heh, Eindhoven is within reach! [groucho] It falls for only 1 loss, even though it is on a hill and over a river.

Groningen gets replaced by a new city (Vidin) just W of it.


193: Haarlem falls now and I raze it, I lose 2 Cavs in the process. Now I sell improvements and abandon Eindhoven.

194: The Dutch have landed 4 Swiss Mercs and 2 Med Inf on a hill next to one of their old cities, it costs me 3 Cavs to get rid of them. I still have plently of units left to take Amsterdam though, I lose about 3 or 4 in the process.

I am going to keep A'dam because it has the colossus, the great lighthouse and mallegans. That's lots and lots of extra commerce, and +1 ship move. [coool]

I found another city on the island, several more will follow in the next couple of turns. I need to keep the war up until I get a GL - I've had about 10 elite winds so far.

195: I research Sanitation and OMG!! You wait hours for a bus and then 2 come together. [lol] I HAVE A SECOND SGL!

Since my first is still waiting to build Hoovers after I hand-build ToE I am wondering what to do with this one. Maybe I will use it to rush the palace on the Dutch island if I can't get an MGL to do it.

I take Holwerd and keep it so I can rush settlers, I only lose 1 Cav. Now I take The Hague and lose 5 Cavs. I guess it's only fair after my amazing luck with the rest of the Dutch cities...


196: Take Leerdam, I lose a Cav to a swiss merc.

198: Build ToE! [dance]

This was by hand and very painful in the last few turns, I half expected KR to beat me to it like everything else. I take Atomic Thery and Electronics as my free techs, next turn I will rush Hoovers with one of my SGL's.

The other SGL will head to the Dutch island to rush my palace. I recently realised the SGL's would stop MGL generation. This seems to be a bug that you can have more than 1 SGL at once.

200: I build Hoovers! [party]

201: Germany is still the only civ with Replacable Parts, and last turn I could get it for Sanitation, Sci Method and 550 gold. This turn I can only get "close" with that amount, so they must be researching one of those techs. [ponder]

Fuck. Becuase I lost my Rep against the Dutch I can't buy Rep Parts at all now, so first I sell them Sci Method for WM and 180 gpt.

Now I can sell Germany Atomic Theory for Replacable Parts. :)

Sci Methods also goes to England for 70 gpt.

204: My Wines deal with Germany ends this turn so I sell them Sanitation for Wines, 100 gpt, 120 gold and WM.
Another deal with the French is ending also, so I sell Sanitation for 118 gpt and 10 gold.
Sell Sanitation to the English for 65 gpt and 66 gold.

211: I finally make peace with the Dutch and get 39 gpt from them.

212: Research the Corporation.

215: Sell Industrialisation and Scientific Method to Sumeria for Fascism, WM and 3 gpt.

Sell Atomic Theiry to France for Communism, 98 gpt and 6 gold.

220: Research Refining.

Our peace deal has ended. I get first strike this turn, but Kingreno has Ironclads everywhere and is planning to control the seas. He could land an invasion force on any of my islands.

I just spoke to KR on MSM - he says he has 70 Ironclads!!!! Also only 7Inf and "some" Cavs. I expect him to maybe try to take my lux island (since it is quite far from my productive cities), and I also expect him to bombard me to hell.

I have a choice of researching Ironclads (5 turns), or going for Steel (7 turns) then Combustion. Oil is very scarce on this world, and Sumeria has 2 of them, both connected. When I get to Combusion I will gift Sumeria techs to Refining and then will trade for it. Can I stand 15 turns of KR's bombardment? [hmm]

221: Kingreno has started his bombardment. He reported no city improvements destroyed, but many units were redlined and coastal tiles damaged. I guess it's about 12 turns before I get Destroyers...

My Palace has now jumped to my second island, and I think my stats (F11) have stayed more or less the same. This is great news since my second island will only grow stronger over time.

180 gpt from Germany ends this turn, as does 70 gpt from England.

I sell Electronics around: Germany gives Free Artistry, 185 gpt, WM and 29 gold. From France I get Silks (8th Lux), 24 gpt and 42 gold. To England I sell Atomic Theory and get 92 gpt and 77 gold.

222: Battle report from KR:
quote:Battlereports turn 221.

IC hits RR West of Leerdam, then moves 2N
IC hits Cav 2hp SE of Hilversum then moves 2N
IC hits roaded furs to craters NW of Edessa
IC hits Cav 2hp on gemmed mountain near Brussa
IC hits Cav 1hp on same mountain, both IC still there.
Fr missed inf in New Ceasarea
IC hits RR goldhill E of Varna
2*Fr misses Rubbertile near Dyrradum, move east.
Fr hits cav 1 hp S of Sardic, move 2 west
IC hits roaded Saltpeter South of Ani and leaves craters!
5*IC misses Inf N of Pillep…grrrr
IC hits the same conscript Inf for its losable hp.
Fr misses Grassland NE of Taormina, moves 2 NW
IC hits Cav 1 hp SE of Amorium, moves 2 E
6*IC hits 4 Cav in the mountains North of Nicaea, 1 missed. Total - 7 hp.
2*IC+1*Fr hits cav 1hp N of Septum, the cav has 1 hp left.
IC misses Plains S of Septum, moves NW
IC hits SugarPlains S of Constantinople, F misses same square.
IC hits Cav 2 hp SSW of New Constantinople and moves 2 E

No more battles occurred this round. But Carthaginians Land near Constantinople!
1 Arty bombards KR's stack from Constantinople (which is no longer my capital) and takes off 1hp from a rifle.
10 Vet Cavs attack:
4 Cavs die
4 retreat
2 rifles killed
3 rifles to 2hp (one elite)

3 elite cavs attack and kill the 3 rifles (all at 2hp)
3/4hp Cav attacks and kills one of KR's Cavs.
3/4 Cav attacks and dies, taking KR's Cav to 1hp.
4/4 Cav attacks and dies :(
4/4 Cav attacks and kills another Cav.

Shit. I can see another 6 galleys off my NW coast of the main island. If they contain Cavs I am in real trouble. Most my units are on the second island (old Dutch). I will offer Industrialisation for peace - in 20 turns I will have destroyers and maybe battleships.

Kingreno has resigned! Apparently the galleys were empty, and without an immediate ability to attack he falt the game could not be won. I'm a little suprised however since 70 Ironclad could do a whole lot of damage to my coastline.

This game acutally finished a couple of weeks ago, I've been very slack in posting my spoilers...

25-07-2004, 21:46
That's what I call a set of turns! [eek]

25-07-2004, 22:23
Hmm, I have several more turnlogs to post from other games, I think some are bigger than this!

25-07-2004, 22:44
Eagerly waiting sunshine!

27-01-2005, 11:25
I am looking for the anarres - Kingreno II spoiler...

Where is it? [groucho]


27-01-2005, 12:41
hmm, I will get it done over the next few days. I actually have lots of spoilers to post! [:o]