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02-04-2003, 21:26
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Game Settings

Random map
anarres = Scandinavians
Killer = Ottomans
Level = Deity
Barbs = Roaming


03-04-2003, 01:55
In my first move I sent my scout north to the hills, discovering a wheat to the NW and coast to both east and west sides (not just west as in the start pic). I send my settler west to get a coastal start for next turn and I see a cattle in my starting 9 tiles!

Hopefully Killer will be lured in to a false sense of security. ;) [}:)]

03-04-2003, 08:03
Both sides coast is not very good I think...

03-04-2003, 22:54
Check it out now:


I went west to the coast and the wheat, now I get cattle and an extra wheat. :D

04-04-2003, 13:55
I've had worse starting points.... No bonus grass though.

06-04-2003, 14:56
4 - pop hut, deserted.

5 - pop hut, get Ceremonial Burial

Meet England to the north, buy Alphabet for Warrior Code, Ceremonial Burial and 17 gold.

Set science to Writing at 1 gold per turn.

06-04-2003, 15:35
Check out my scout trapped by the English! [mad]


06-04-2003, 18:02
17 - Pop hut and get 25 gold.

36 - Found second city Bergen

37 - Look what the damn English have done!

The bastards have stolen my bonus resource! [mad3]

31.59 KB

40 - Now the bitch Elizabeth researches writing 5 turns before I get it! [cry]

06-04-2003, 22:24
44 - Build 3rd city Copenhagen

46 - Research Writing, set to Map Making. Spend 38 gold on embassy with English. Buy The Wheel for 195 gold and 4 gold per turn. I have a resources already connected! :D

50 - Buy worker from England for 112 gold.

68 - Here is my island:


08-04-2003, 00:06
77 - Damn English research Map Making 9 turns ahead of me, and since I am on 40 - tuen research I have to finish. I will now have to research Horseback Riding ASASP afterwards so I can upgrade my chariot army (almost 20 strong).

My island is crowded, I have too big an army, I will have to slot in another city!

09-04-2003, 00:46
86 - Finally finish Map Making, switch to Horseback Riding (7 turns @100%). Switch 2 cities to galley.

87 - Produce my first galley from Trondheim.

89 - I have contact with Rome! Rome are stocked with techs and money like England.

From the English I buy contact with the Mongols for 69 gold.

Sell the Mongols Map Making for Horseback Riding, Bronze Working, World Map and 46 gold. They are dry now.

From the English (again) I buy contact with the Americans for WM and 125 gold.

Sell WM and Contact with Mongols to America, get WM and 29 gold.

Do more WM trading and make another 40 gold or so.

I borrow 149 gold from Rome for 10 gpt.

I borrow 252 gold from the English for 16 gpt. (To get up to 16 gpt I turn all my citizens to the higest gold weildig tiles, mostly coastal tiles).

Upgrade 17 Chariots to Horsemen. War next turn!

I forget the minimap, I will post it next turn.

12-04-2003, 03:22
90 - Declare war on the English. Take Hastings, get 2 settlers near my border.

AI - I can't see the AI, but I lost a horseman on swamp and a warrior fortified on a mountain. There is an archer with 1hp on each.

91 - Kill both injured archers and back both horsemen up with archers. Upgrade another chariot. I can pick them off now for a while, then when I have more horsemen I can get Warwick, the bastard city that stole my wheat. [mad]

AI - 2 of my units have been attacked and have retreated. :) Dunno if any English archers died...

92 - Resistance in Hasting ends. Kill 2 damaged archers.

AI - From the missing units I think England lost 2 archers and killed a horseman. I appear to be at war with the Americans! [:o]

93 - Killed a lone archer.



14-04-2003, 00:06
96 - Take Hastings and Warwick. I am only paying a few gpt for units now, this is very good as I can now get money to upgrade my chariots.

97 - Sell Spices and 40 gold to the Romans for Contact with the Arabs and Ivory. Give WM to Arabia for WM and 3 gold. Weird thing is I don't have harbours, so this must be going through England! [eek]

99 - Raze York, get 3 workers. It was 1 tile from the coast, very badly placed. Take Newcastle, a tiny fishing village to the SE of the island.

We finish at turn 101:



16-04-2003, 20:58
101 - Make peace with the English, get Code of Laws for WM, 37 gold and 1 gpt.

Get Masonry, Mysticism and 2 gold for Code of Laws from Arabia.

105 - Give Spices, 4 gpt and 14 gold to Arabia for Furs.

106 - Give WM to Egypt for TM and 24 gold.

26-04-2003, 19:02
107 - Found Aarhus, not quite where I wanted it, but still directly on a horse, denying England one of their 2 sources.

Buy Phil from Egypt for 93 gold. Set science to Republic 90% (21 turns).

108 - Roman Leginons arrive on my shore (well, 2 anyway). I kill one and fortify my city.

I am now at war with Arabia, and for some weird reason I got extra unhappiness?

109 - 2 more LEgions arive.

119 stil killing romans, but spear/archer now

121 - ARGH! I get a peace 'renewal' deal from england - I can only accept for 20 turns or declare war, so I declare. One of my captured cities riots. [rolleyes]

I take Canturbury and get a leader. :D

Take Oxford and Leeds, one in the north and another in the south.

123 - Capture Coventry and the Great Lighthouse. [dance]

127 - Compete the Forbidden Palalce in the middle of my continent. Attacking London I get another Leader, nearly all my horsemen are elite now. :D

Damn, I fail to take London this turn though. :(

128 - I take London [dance]

129 - Capture Nottingham, there are only 2 English cities left on the island, way to the south in the jungle.

England surrenders for Iron Working, Maths, Polytheism, 4 gpt and REading (in the middle of nowhere).

130 - Research Republic, switch immediately - 6 more turns!! [mad]

Sell England Republic for Literature, Construction, WM, 10 gold and 2 gpt.

Make Peace with America, straight terms.



20-05-2003, 00:40
136 - Become a Republic, that anarchy was waay too long.

Make straight peace with Arabia.

Give Construction to America for Furs

137 - Make a straight lux swap with Killer.

148 - Been buildign up my cities, waiting for the treaty with England to end so I can take the last 2 cities.

Make peace with the Romans, paying 360 gold for Currency.

149 - My peace with the English runs out. Since I have 10 Elite Horsemen I make my spare leader in to army. On my 5th elite victory I get another leader. :D

150 - Buy Feudalismm for 345 gold from Killer (half the price from Rome)

157 - Give Spices, Silks and 8 gpt to America for Furs.

14-06-2003, 03:02
163? - Make peace with the English.

166 - Buy Engineering from the Americans for WM and 911 gold

Buy Mono from Arabia for Engineering and 48 gold. Set research to Invention (8 turns)

171 - Lux deal with Killer has run out.

175 - Research Invention. Sell to America for 139 gold, sell to Arabia for Theology.

Give America Invention, 105 gold and 20 gpt for Theology.

I get Education form the Romans with Peace for 119 gpt. It is real expensive, but I have to stop the effect of Killer's Great Library.

Sell Education to the Americans for 134 gold and 15 gpt.

176 - Now Killer has Education I can do my evil trading act...

Buy Astonomy form the Romans for Spices, Silks, 149 gpt and 145 gold. I had to turn tax to 100% and set all the entertainers to tiles, and move to the high commercial tiles to get the gpt up to do it.

177 - [lol] The Arabs try to get Silks from me, I deny them.

183 - The Romans land a Kinght and a Med. Inf, and I trigger my GA. :)


184 - Another 3 Med. Inf. land, I lose a Beserker taking them, that's 2 lost already. :(

Rome makes peace, and for 350 gpt in the deal he gives:

Navigation, Gunpowder, Banking, Chivalry. :D [dance]

I investigate Cumae where Mallegan's voyage is being buit, it has 7 turns left. Next I declare war on Rome.

Wow, Killer not only hasn't got Astronomy yet, he hasn't got Gunpowder or Banking either! [eek]

Maybe he is going for Democracy??

I am gonna hold off rushing Mallegan's for a few more turns, I don't want to let Killer know I am about to attack yet as I need to upgrade to Knights and Beserkers first.

185 - Rush Mallegan's Voyage in Liverpool, on the opposite side to Killer.

14-06-2003, 12:28
I have a cunning plan. I am sending 4 Beserks to take Neapolis, home of Leonardo's workshop. I will take it and upgrade all my units in one turn, then abandon it.

I hope to save about 1800 gold. :D

14-06-2003, 19:12
193 - I take Neapolis with my Beserkers and get Leonardo's! [coool]

Upgrade 28 Archers to Beserks (1400), 12 Pikes to Muskets (360), 11 Horsemen to Knights (440), 11 Spear to Muskets (440).

Now I abandon Neapolis. Mwahaha [mwaha]

194 - I send off most of my Caravels with about 45 Beserks, 25 Knights and a couple of settlers and armies (without troops in).

I have spread my troops out so that I can hit his cities along the whole east coast. I will launch 2 seperate Knight attacks, with supporting muskets and an army each. I have yet to decide if I should have musket armies to keep my Knights alive, or Knight armies to give better attack. [hmm]

195 - Make peace with Rome for 7 gpt as they land troops near an undefended northern city. Send off some straggling units to Killers land.

Somehow Killer *still* hasn't got Gunpowder! This is good news, Pikes is the worst my Bezerkers will have to face.

14-06-2003, 20:18
Fantastic!!! :D I followed the conversation at MSM but Killer didn't suspect a thing it seemed :)

14-06-2003, 21:52
198 - WAR!!!

Attack Uskudar:

Lose 1 Zerk, Kill 2 Pikes, 1 Spear and 1 Sword.

Attack Pi-Ramasses:

Lose 3 Zerk, Kill 1 Knight and 2 Spears and 1 Warrior.

Attack Abydos:

Lose 1 Zerk, Kill 2 Swords.

Attack Antalya:

Lose 1 Zerk, Kill 1 Pike and 1 Warrior.

Attack Giza:

Kill 1 Pike and 1 Horseman.

Attack Syracuse (SE Island):

Kill 1 Spear.

I abandon Giza since I can't sefend it, all the other cities either have Muskets or are kept safe by hills and mountains.

I send my Zerks inland, they are continueing on foot. I can still sweep round to the north with a few Caravels and get to his western cities.

Army near capital:




14-06-2003, 21:58
Killer is doomed. I won't say so in the chat, but he really has no chance when he loses his capital...

Great job anarres !! Albeit a bit cheap with a civ as the Vikings ;)

Lt. Killer M
14-06-2003, 22:41
yes indeed, a bit cheap ;)

no, seriously ,that was an easy job once you had your island secured, but the way you executed it was absolutely great!


14-06-2003, 22:46
Well even if they were all Knights instead of Bezerkers I would still have won. [:p]

Lt. Killer M
14-06-2003, 22:50
If you couldn't have built Zerks I would have played a way different game, anarres!