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28-01-2004, 23:53
I am Dutch, Sky is Byzantene.

1: I settle on the spot and move to irrigate the cow for +5 food in my city. Gotta love Agricultural! [groucho]

7: Build Curragh

14: Build my second Curragh. I have also sent a Warrior out exploring, and I am now size 4.

My first Curragh has found a new island already! [coool]

21: In the same turn I meet the Zulu to the east, and Americans to the north.

22: Build a granary, my 4 turn settler facotry is ready. My warrior finds a Chinese warrior, about 10 tiles from Amsterdam.

Damn, China have Alphabet. I decide to risk my 50-turn writing gamble (now on 29 turns) by selling around Alphabet. Who knows how long my borker staus will last...

Give Alphabet and 57 gold to the Zulu for The Wheel.
Give Alphabet and The Wheel to America for Ceremonial Burial, Bronze Working and 45 gold.
Give The Wheel and Ceremonial Burial to China for Masonry, Warrior Code and 24 gold.

Now I am level with China, America needs Warrior Code, and the Zulu have Mysticism.

23: America get Mysticism, so I get it and 25 gold for Warrior Code.

28: Found my second city - a cattle on grass makes this a second 4 turn settler factory! [dance]

30: I see an Arab settler on a nearby island.

33: Give China Mysticism for Iron Working.

49: Meet Persia.

51: FUCK!!!! Sky also went for min writing and because he is player 1 he got it first. [mad] Now all the AI's have writing and he has 4 of them in MA's against me. [rolleyes]

I'm still going for Philosophy, but I will need to get it a full turn ahead of him to take advantage. :(


29-01-2004, 09:01
Are min tech gambits still as profitable as before? I nowadays often set research at maximum. It has worked for me most of the times - on deity.

29-01-2004, 10:03
I'm more inclined to max out on research too in C3C. Got good results with it in general.

01-02-2004, 22:18
58 - I research Philosophy and I'm first! [dance]

I take Code of Laws as my free tech even though it is relatively cheap. I can now set research to Republic.

I decide to not sell either Phil or Code of Laws to the Americans or the Persians, becuase I can't make peace with the other AI's yet. I am kinda gutted at the timing of this, I had hoped to buy Code of Laws before I got Philosophy so that I could get Republic as my free tech...

62 - I've braved it out and not sold my techs yet. Now is the time.

Make peace with China and give Philosophy for HBR and 103 gold.
Make peace with Arabia and give Philosophy and HBR for Maths, Polytheism and 6 gold.
Make peace with the Zulu and give them Philosophy.
Give America Philosophy for 37 gold.
Gift Philosophy to Persia.

Build an embassey with Arabia - they are 33 turns from Temple of Artemis.

01-02-2004, 22:29
Wow, you got Philo fast [thumbsup]

01-02-2004, 22:34
I went 100% farmer gambit to turn 51 when I got writing. IIRC I only had 1 warrior (miles from home) when Sky got the world in MA's aginast me.

I had to put several size 1 cities on to scientists to get so quick.

11-02-2004, 21:01
56 - Make peace with China.

63 - China and the Zulu both have Map Making, and everyone needs Code of Laws. I am going to hold back on selling CoL for a while, otherwise Sky could do some tech brokering and get both Map Making and CoL. If I avoid this by gifting everyone either CoL or Map Making it would drop the price too much for Sky.

68 - Shit. I missed something. All the AI and Sky have Phil and CoL - I can only have forgotten 1 turn of Diplo. [cry]

70 - Arabia demand 45 gold, I give it.

72 - I finally meet the last AI, England.

81 - Research Republic and switch, I get 5 turns.

82 - Persia, America and England all have Currency, so I presume Sky does too. Persia and Sky will both have free MA techs now. Because I want Republic to trade for MA techs I set some citizens to tax (I am anarchy), then trade:

I buy Currency from America for 409 gold and 6gpt.
Give Currency and 11gpt to China for Construction and 3 gold.
Give Currency, 4gpt and 3 gold to Arabia for Map Making.
Give Currency and 1 gold to the Zulu for a worker.
Sell Republic to Persia for Monotheism, Literature, Monarchy and 7 gold.
I check Sky's diplo and he has Monotheism too, so....
Sell Monotheism to America for 409 gold.
Sell Monotheism to England for 185 gold.
Sell Monotheism to Arabia for 47 gold and an MA agianst Sky.
Finally I gift Monotheism to China and the Zulu - they are near to me and I don't want Sky buying them in with it.

Cool. Only Persia and me have Republic, and all the AI are totally dry of money.

85: Emerge in to Republic. I set sci to Feudalism at max, I will be there in 11 turns.

87: Sky got Republic this turn (along with Arabia) so I sell it to everyone for peanuts and make 79 gold.

Thankfully China is already a Monarchy and decides not to switch. That is very good as Rupublic would just allow them to build more and save more cash, and I want to invade in the next 20 turns.

Pics to follow...

12-02-2004, 08:06
That's a high class round of trading [goodjob]

12-02-2004, 11:35
Yeah, I paid a lot of cash up front and managed to give Republic only to Persia. As a result Sky didn't get Republic until 5 turns later, which he told me he was researching. :)

22-02-2004, 01:58
93: Trade Silks and Horses with the Persians for Wines. They built the Great Lighthouse recently and are the only civ I can trade resources with apart from China.

FUCK! When I ended my turn I got a message saying I've lost my source of Wines, and I will get a rep hit for this!!!!![mad]

I guess Persia has declared war on me, or lost the Great Lighthouse.

94: Research Feudalism a turn eariler than expected. Lets see who has it...

95: Wow! Persia now demands Horses!! I refuse and he backs down.

102: I had a gpt deal with China that just ended. I declare war and move in:


I take Shatung, losing 2 Horses. I forgot to take a pic before ending the turn, so here is what I could get:


103: Take and raze a Kaifeng (it inteferes with my city plan).

104: I attack Chengdu and amazingly my first horse kills the Pike! Unfortunately I lose 4 horses to the other defenders (1 Spear, 1 MI and a 2hp Rider).

The Zulu give me Dyes for Horses.

105: A stack approachs Chendegu. I lose 3 Horses and kill an MI, a Warrior, a Horse, an Archer and a Rider.

I am 1 turn from Chivalry, and buy from the Zulu for 166 gold.

106: Sell Chiv to France with 133 gold for Theology.

AI: A Chinese hose attacks my Swiss Merc at Chengdu and triggers my GA. [coool]

108: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [cry] [saiyan]

Chengdu flips - it was size 5 and due to shrink this turn, and I had rushed a settler due this turn too. In addition I have a Swiss Merc there and 19 Horsemen!!!!!!!!!!! [mad]

This is the worst flip I have *ever* had by a long way! I am saving cash to upgrade my horses, but now I have only 1 to upgrade. [cry]

Before (last turn):


As you can see, I am in a bad way. China can pour it's riders through Chengdu and take maybe 2 cities this turn. I think I have to make peace, but then Tilburg is almost certain to flip...

22-02-2004, 15:31
Fucking flips..., we all have experience with this. They always come!

22-02-2004, 17:50
Yeah, but not normally when resistance is quelled and you have 20 defenders there. [rolleyes]

06-03-2004, 03:03
108: I have to make peace with China to avoid losing at least 2 cities next turn. It cost me 6gpt, when it was free last turn.

Wow - China declared on Sky when I made peace. [???] That would make sense if Sky was at war with them and got an MA against me as part of the peace deal, but I wasn't aware Sky had ever been at war with China, or that he currently had an MA against me.

116: Since I lost my whole military in a flip I've been slowly replacing the essential stuff while building infrastructure.

Now I can trade with America: I buy Engineering for Chivalry and 115 gold.

118: Research Printing Press.

Sell PP with 90 gold to Arabia for Invention.
Sell PP to the Zulu for Education and 52 gold.

120: Give Persa Invention, Printing Press and 203 gold for Banking.

Sky is waaay behind in techs now. I've been spending my stockpiles of cash and keeping up to take advantage of the tech deals on offer, and it's scary how powerful China is. China still has Astronomy more than me, and has been tech leader for a while.

My FP is due next turn, and Gunpowder is in 2 turns.

Click here for pic of empire (1600x1200) (http://www.civ3duelzone.com/forum/uploaded/anarres/2004362131_120.jpg)