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27-01-2004, 21:23
10 - Grr. A very crowded map and here come the Greeks! My capital is undefended but I can complete an archer next turn (instead of barracks).


11 - Meet Carthage. Sell them Warrior Code and Ceremoial Burial for Alphabet, Masonry and 1 gold.
Sell Greece Masonry for Bronze Working.

Now me and the 2 AI are even in tech, and Markstar needs Masonry, Alphabet and Warrior Code.

37 - I have 3 cities now, and have just reserached Iron Working.
Give Iron Working, 1 got and 1 gold to Greece for Mysticism and The Wheel.
Give Iron Working and Mysticism to Carthage for Writing.

38 - Shit. I left my tech on max for a turn. I realise now that Gallic Swords will cost 80 gold per Warrior upgrade, so I set tech to Literature at min.

51 - Greece demand 24 gold, I give it.

59 - Carthage demand 27 gold, I give it.

60 - Connect my Iron asn switch to Gallic Swords.

75 - Leptis' culture expands and steals my cattle. This is what I was waiting for - I declare war and take it. I have 10 Gallic Swords now.


78 - Research Literature.

81 - I take Carthage with a stack of 8 Gallic Swords.


83 - Take Hippo and Sabratha and get a leader! [dance]

Cool, I'm not totally sure what to do yet, although an FP is most likely.

85 - Give Lit and 22 gold to Greece and get Phil, CoL, and World Map.

86 - Shit!! Markstars troops appeared from nowhere and took a Greek city I was about to capture. Not only that but he decimated my stack or 6 Gallic Swords!!! [cry]

I make immediate peace with Carthage getting a city, HBR, Map Making, Mathematics, WM and 95 gold.


Now I raze Delphi:


88 - Things go from bad to worse. Carthage flips back just after I make peace, and so I decide to build my FP closer to home. I was starving Carthage before I built the FP there, at least I didn't lose my FP...

Markstar is on my borders, I expect to lose this game soon. [cry]

92 - Just when I am expecting Markstar to attack he offers peace! After a quick chat online I agree to 20 turns. This is a big opportunity Markstar is missing! I have only 8 Gallic Swords and 5 Spears, and my empire is much smaller than Markstars. I can't think what he is doing, I have now got 20 turns to replenish my forces and to expand in to Carthage...

94 - Take Carthage and Thevest from Carthage. I pillage my iron and start building warriors for upgrade.

95 - My GA has ended. :( 5 turns to Republic...


27-01-2004, 22:23
nice game but what did you guys choose for landmass? Untertiny or something??

27-01-2004, 22:39
We meant to choose maximum land but we asked for min.... [crazyeye]

28-01-2004, 00:34
Lot of action though [groucho]

Perhaps he thought he shouldnt mess up the chief too much in his first CDZ game [:p]

28-01-2004, 09:31

By happy man! Markstar could have just bypassed the Greeks while you were attacking Chartage..., right?
Why did he attack those Greeks anyway? [confused]

Looks like you guys are in a stand-off situation now... [groucho]

28-01-2004, 11:34
Great map, it provides a special way of playing the game, its almost like a scenario or an MP game.
I have to take my hat off to Markstar though, he probably was gassed by the Greek campaign that why he offered peace.
Very nice :D

28-01-2004, 11:43
[lol] Funny thing is Sky, the peace allows markstar to replenish forces, but that is it. I get to replenish forces and also take out Carthage. My current plan is to hit Republic in 5 turns and switch immediately (religous). I will then be able to save cash for upgrades - after Republic I won't do any more research.

At the time of peace I had only 8 Gallic Swords and a few spears. I was toast if he had attacked...

28-01-2004, 12:17
Maybe he only had 8 MWs and 5 spears too... [lol]
It was definitely a mistake to make peace with you, am just sayin' he's done very well up to now, putting you in such a position.

Dont u think the flips in C3C are awkward ? we've had a few in our SGs which made absolutely no sense...its weird...
I will give examples if you want...

01-02-2004, 19:09
96 - Make peace with Greece. In the end not a single shot was fired, but only because Markstar took the Greek city I was going after...

Carthage is about to take Rusicade, on a small island with another Greek and Carthaginian city, so I gift it to Greece.

98 - I take Utica and see a stack of Markstar's Mounted Warriors! [:o]


Since Carthage has just 2 cities I decide to make peace. I get their island city, Polytheism, Currency, WM and 10 gold.

99 - Research Republic and switch Immediately. On checking the diplo Markstar is also a Republic, and Carthage has Republic and is in anarchy.

102 - I take the last Carthaginian city.

111 - My peace deal runs out next turn, I am ready to attack.


112 - My warrior attacks a regular MW in the jungle 2 south from Camulodunum, it takes 1hp damage and the MW redlines and retreats.
I attack the galley near Lugdunum with a reg galley from the north and lose. Attack with another galley from the south and win.

I move in a stack to attack Markstar. I have 7 Spears and 23 Gallic Swords. On swamp my defense is 3, so the MW's should lose about half the attacks,
and the 7 spears will have to be killed before he can attack the Gallic Swords. His MW have a defense of 1, so any left around should be easy pickings.
I also move in a few units in the east, to raze the city there.

Markstar has Feudalism now, and I have seen Pikes. I will have to attack now with everything and hope. I have stopped research to be able to upgrade
and I will have to face Knights at some point. I think I will lose this, next turn we will see if I have any units left...


06-02-2004, 22:08
113 - Battle Report from Markstar:

"Attack with a few unit your stack of Spearmen/Gallic Swordsman. I lose 5 units."


On inspection I have only 8 Gallic Swords left in the stack, and 5 are demaged. That means 7 spears got killed for no loss, and 15 Gallic Swords got killed for only 5 Mounted Warriors! Fuck, it was almost even battles, I really shouldn't have taken so much damage. :(

Now it's my turn for the RNG to shine. The MW next to my decimated stack is nearly all injured and at defense 1.1 (only basic 10% bonus), so I attack with my whole stack and retreat the units after attack. I take 8 MW's out with my 8 swords and finish the last MW with my warrior to the east. :D

114 - Markstar attacked my 2 spears and killed both for no loss.


I have 6 x 4hp Gallic Swords in range, but only 4 that can retreat. His stack has 2 pikes and some injured MW's.

1: GS dies
2: Pike to 2hp -> retreats
3: Kills Pike for no loss
4: Kills Pike for no loss
5: Attack with 3hp Gallic Sword and kill a MW (and get my second leader!!!)
6: Attack with 4hp Warrior, redline a regular MW
7: Attack with 4hp Warrior, kill a regular MW

I've sent my leader east to move my Palace. Carthage is too close to my FP now so I will build it on the coast. I also turn research back on this turn.

117 - Research Construction and crawl in to the Middle Ages.

120 - I move 8 spears and 4 Gallic Swords in position in the east. I made a huge mistake in wanting to draw Markstars units over there, because there are enough Mounted Warriors already there to take care of my units for little loss. :(

Off the west coast I have 5 galleys ready to drop off 10 Gallic Swords behind enemy lines. I hope to raze a couple of cities, but it is not amazingly likely. The main point behind this is that my Gallic Swords are not upgradeable, and soon Markstar will have too many Pikes and Knights. I need to start using them up before they eat all my GPT. I have started building horses to upgrade to Knights, but that is at least 20 turns away for me...

121 - Oh shit. Markstar obliterated my eastern stack, but at least he moved a few pikes there. Now he can't get them west in time.



Also see the stack in the east! He has 2 MWs and 1 MI and 2 Pikes there, so I should be able to hole all cities but Knossus.


122 - I lost Knossus, causing 1 MW to die. He couldn't reach my western stack at all! Take Pharsalos. Raze Mauch Chunk. Take and disband 2 workers on a hill:


Now I move 2 galleys in to Pharsalos and load 4 Gallic Swords on, and use this to get 4 GS's on to a mountain in the south. The remaining GS's move on the the boats and follow down the coast, apart from 2 that stay on land.

Now I have moved on I abandon Pharsalos.

123 - I attack Tonawanda with my GS's on the mountain and kill 4 MW's. Another 4 GS's land on the mountain.


124 - Battle report from Markstar:
Lost 3 MWs against your GS that came down from the mountain. Also, 3 units
lost -3,-1,-1 HP.
Killed GS in jungle (-2HP).
Lost MW against Spearman near Knossos, won with MI.

My 4 4hp GS attack Tonawanda:

1: Kill Pike, lose 2hp
2: Kill MW, lose 1hp
3: Kill MW, lose 1hp
4: Kill MW for no loss

My 4hp Galley attacks Galley 3 south from Lugdunum and dies inflicting no damage. My 3hp Galley attacks and dies. :(

125 - Battle report from Markstar:
near Entremont : 1 MW lost, 2x - 3, 4x -2 (kills all 4 GS's)
near Tonawanda : lost 2, 2x -1, 1x -3, (kills 1 spear and several horses)
near Hippo : MI -4 (kills nothing)

Entremont is no longer my capital, but Markstar may not have noticed. It only survived with 1 horse. :(

I have almost no troops left. I caused lots of damage in Markstars territory, but with only defense 2 units they got picked off quickly by his Mounted Warriors. If he sends all his units now I will die.

126 - Battle report from Markstar:
Elite MW kills spear at Entremont losing 4hp.

I have nothing left to attack with, I lost lots of horses last turn - they had to be put in Entremont to stop it falling.

127 - Research Feudalism.

129 - Markstar has taken Hippo!! His battle report: 2 MWs lost, 2x -3, 2x-1, 1x -0.


Although I am #1 in the important demographics, I am sure to lose now. [cry]

Here is the end of turn status:


130 - Fuck, I give up - Markstar just took Entremont and Agedincum. There is no way I can stop his forces, I have almost no units.


06-02-2004, 22:17
wow... [eek]

Great spoiler, thanks for making it a picture feast!

06-02-2004, 23:38
That was a brutal game. Great spoilers from both players. Thanks.

07-02-2004, 00:34
Can't believe you lost this one [mad3]

07-02-2004, 18:26
Good game, anarres! [goodjob]

Thanks for being the first one who actually played on to the bitter end with me. I learned a lot from you (as well as I'm learning from Killer right now) and I'll definitly play you in C3C. [slay]