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30-12-2003, 22:24
001: My shitty start:


2 - 3900BC: The hut gives me Ceremonial Burial!

I also have a cow in my 21. :D

Build an Enkidu Warrior and send it exploring:


30-12-2003, 22:25
Shit! I only just realised you need alphabet for curraghs! [cry]

Set to Alphabet...

30-12-2003, 22:30
*you* realized ? ;)

so it aint that shitty a start after all hu ?

Beam chose Sumeria for you no ? that was very nice of him, it s a great civ :D

31-12-2003, 07:35
Yup, and the map maker was nice enough to put you in a spot with some rivers nearby...

I told you the location was fine! :)

31-12-2003, 12:29
Hey it *is* shitty! I have 1 city on a river and 1 more to the east with water!!! My agri trait is wasted!!

31-12-2003, 12:44
Hmm, dunno till which turn you guys went yesterday but you can already see 2 rivers. Remember
that on archipelago maps river arent that abundant!

17-01-2004, 14:56
15 (3250BC) - Meet the Vikings on my island! Bugger, I can't afford alphabet.

25 (2750BC) - Build Granary.

26 (2710BC) - Buy Alphabet for Pottery and 12 gold (I have been researching it).

As if the MM gods are smiling on me I can just get a curragh next turn.

27 (2670BC) - Build curragh.

32 (2430BC) - Found Sumer.

37 (2230BC) - Found Lagash. Damn. My curragh was trying to cross a 3-tile sea and sank. :(

42 (2070BC) - Fuck. A barb moved on to my tile with 2 commerce and caused a riot. [mad]

43 (2030BC) - Found Kish. Now the barbs have pillaged my cattle tile, and my 4 turn settler factory now running at 6 turns. [sad]

49 (1790BC) - Beams curragh arrives on my shores, he informs me I am waaay behind in tech...

59 (1525BC) - Shit. I've lost 3 curracghs now trying to reach a neighbouring island. I can make it safely with a galley but I really wanted to meet some other civs before researching anything. :(

62 (1450BC) - The Vikings demand 40 gold, I give it as I am nowhere near ready for a fight.

73 (1175BC) - I have 3 Curraghs on the way to reach the other island. One of them *has* to make it. I decided at the start not to research or buy anything until I had made a few contacts and lowered the cost a bit. As a result I have lost my first 3 Curraghs and I *still* have no techs.

I need to buy The Wheel very soon as I still don't know where the horses are on my island. I have however expanded very quickly and an 2nd in most important demographics, including pop and land area, so I hope I get at least one of Horses or Iron.


17-01-2004, 16:32
Those pine forests look nice, new with C3C Snoopy ?
So you are in 1175bc and still have *NO* techs ? DUDE ! [eek]
Hope you have the same bad luck in our game [sad]

23-01-2004, 00:39
74 (1150BC) - My Curragh made it! No contacts yet, I hope this island has someone on it!

76 (1100BC) - The second Curragh died, but my first spots the Arab border! I'm not going to risk it until I map the island I am on.


77 (1075BC) - The last Curragh has made it to the island.

81 (975BC) - At last I meet the Arabs. I pay them 175 for The Wheel. Yay! I have a horse, it will be connected in 2 turns. [coool]

85 (875BC) - Now my Curragh meets the Mongols!

Pay the Mongols 252 gold for Writing.

94 (670BC) - Research Literature.
Sell Lit to the Iroquois for Philosophy and Code of Laws.
Sell Lit to the Vikings for Masonry, Warrior Code, Mysticism and 6 gold.
Sell Lit and 21 gold to Arabia for Iron Working and Maths.
Sell Lit to the Mongols for Horseback Riding

100 (550BC) - The Vikings complete the Statue of Zeus. This is excellent news as in about 10 turns I am going to declare war and take it for myself.

107 (410BC) - My sole Curragh finds the English, I am only missing contact with the Japanese now.

108 (390BC) - Research Republic and switch. I got 6 turns, not bad for C3C.

From Arabia I get Construction, Map Making, Polytheism and Currency for Republic. I get Mono as my gree tech.
I give the Iroquois Republic and Monotheism for Feudalism and 88 gold.
Finally I give Republic to the Vikings for Monarchy and 30 gold. This is primarily so they change to Republic, where they can't pop rush units to attack me.

113 (290BC) - Come out of anarchy to Republic.

Now I declare war on the Vikings at start my assault. I trigger my GA by attacking a warrior with an Enkidu. Next I take 3 border cities for only 2 horse losses, although killing lone warriors and archers proves to be too much for my Enkidus and I lose several evenly matched battle in a row...



Bergen holds the Statue of Zeus and will be mine next turn. [evil]

23-01-2004, 07:21
Looks like Beam left a tech cap for you. He should have traded all techs around! Now you were
able to catch up!!!!

Anyway, well done of course :)

23-01-2004, 14:48
Nah, Beam doesn't have any Middle Age techs so he couldn't have traded Feudalism around, and my free tech (Mono) was new to everyone as well.

03-02-2004, 23:05
114 (270BC) - Bergen is defended by 2 spears and an Ancient Cav, I lose 2 horses taking it.

116 (230BC) - Take Oslo and move troops in to position for next turn.

119 (170BC) - Mongols demand Mono, I laugh at them. Research Chivalry.

124 (70BC) - Give Chivalry to the Iroquois for Engineering and 168 gold. Give Engineering to the English for 19gpt and 42 gold. England has the Great Library, so if they had anything else at all to offer I would take it for Chivalry. Instead I gift it to her for the attitude bonus.

I take out a spear on route to a coastal Viking city and I get my first leader! This is great - I was going to raze a couple of border Viking cities so that I could get all the remaining ones in a peace treaty, but now I have a leader I will make peace and get the city I am next to, so that I can move my leader out and rush my FP this turn instead of next.

99.42 KB

Make peace with Ragnor and get 4 cities. Check one of my free cities!

The two (small) red cities are my Palace/FP, the blue circle is the Viking capital, and the green circle is one of my free cities from the Vikings.

9.1 KB