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24-03-2003, 00:51
We've played 35 turns so far. Here's my log:

Anarres VS Grey Fox

Turn 001
Moved the settler to the plains tile southwest of the start position. And started irrigating the Wine tile.
Sent the scout east, and leaved the Goody Hut.

Turn 002
Built the city, and started a scout.
Took the Goody Hut with the scout, got 25 Gold.

Turn 003
Sent the scout north.

Turn 006
Finished a scout and sent it west.

Turn 007

Turn 008
Got a goody hut... it's empty.

Turn 010
I got a settler!
Quite far from the capital, but I will be able to build workers and settlers atleast.
Moved the settler a bit from the Desert (there seems to be a lot of Flood Plains here)

Turn 011
Moved the settler some more. Doing some scouting for a good location.

Turn 012
Settled New York near France.

Turn 013
Contacted France.

Turn 014
Traded Pottery and Masonry to Japan for Ceremonial Burial and Bronze Working.

Turn 016
On the AI's turn I think I saw Germany. Will probably be contacted on their turn.

Turn 017
Contacted Germany and sold Ceremonial Burial to them for 45 Gold, sold it to France for 35 Gold.
I think I saw a new AI on the AI's turn, or if it was barbarian... well I'll know next turn.

Turn 018
I got 25 Gold from a Goody Hut SouthWest of the capital, right next to a Barb Hut.
The Civ I saw last turn was Spain. I traded Masonry and 32 gold to them for Alphabet.
Bought the Wheel and a Worker from Japan for Alphabet and 145 Gold.
Changed Research to Writing and put it on 10% instead of 20%. (probably forgot it before)

Turn 019
Finished a road thanks to the Japanese worker.

[b]Turn 020
Trying to lure the Barbarian warrior from my nation with my scout to give me time to build a warrior. (Have built 3 Scouts, and will finish a Settler next turn so far, the city is size 3 and will be size 4 next turn, pretty unusual for me ;) )

Turn 021
Traded Alphabet to Germany for Warrior Code and 25 Gold.
Traded 1 Gold and The Wheel to Spain for 2 Workers.

[b]Turn 022
Settled Boston west of Washington, it has Silks within it's borders.
Finished the Mine with the additonal workers. And the road with the worker who's job just finished.

Saw the Scandinavian borders with my most western scout.

Turn 023
Contacted Scandinavia. They got no techs at all. Neither do I ;)
But I have more gold then them, so I win the battle :D

I'm on par with everyone but France. Which I got two more techs then.

Turn 024
A warrior is complete in Washington.

Turn 025
The Silk will be roaded next turn. And I think I can see the korean borders.

Turn 027
Bought a worker from Korea for 110 Gold.
Bought a worker from Spain for 43 Gold and 4 Gpt.
Sent them both to the unworked wine tile.

Turn 029
I just noticed how wrong I placed the 2nd City, I should have gotten more Floodplains within the first borders :( (Boy do I wis I was Religious so I could easily rush a temple now :P)

Turn 030
Now many civs got Iron Working, Mysticism, and Horseback Riding. While France still don't have Pottery or The Wheel.

I hope they are not researching Writing ;)

Turn 031
Forgot that New York has no luxaries, so it rioted...
Changed production to warrior, I'm gonna need it, there is barbs in the area aswell.

Turn 033
Philadelphia Settled north of Washington.

Turn 034
A barbarian camp appeared just right to my workers north of boston, I stopped working the tile they were working on and moved them to safety, I also moved a warrior to the location to disperse of the camp.

Turn 035
Finished a road with the workers I moved out of barbarian range last time. And started cutting down a forrest tile near my next city site.


24-03-2003, 00:52
Where do I edit posts? Or isn't that possible?

24-03-2003, 02:20
I've met all civs but Anarres btw.

I just gotta say that the Expansionist main bonus is the scout. Oh my, is it good.
I've met all civs already (except anarres), and because of that I've been able to trade and keep up in tech. Buy 4 workers or so. And as a side bonus I got a settler.

That part of the expansionist trait hasn't given me much though, just 50 Gold or so, and a Settler far away.

04-04-2003, 00:08
you can edit with the paper and pencil icon in the upper bar in the post

24-04-2003, 14:15
Uh, is this still going?

07-05-2003, 16:50
quote:Originally posted by WildFire444

Uh, is this still going?

Apparently not!

11-09-2003, 14:54
quote:Originally posted by ProPain

quote:Originally posted by WildFire444

Uh, is this still going?

Apparently not!

Still not.[evil]

11-09-2003, 15:07
you must be going through every thread to have dug this one up PV

20-11-2003, 22:09
We need to get this one going again anarress!

20-11-2003, 22:09
Stupid post by me, he should not read that or he'll be fried on my fork! ;)

21-11-2003, 00:44
I ll look into this one....to get some info on your play style [evil]