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  1. The front page is in the building
  2. Broken pictures
  3. School gaming
  4. Ask Sid
  5. CDZ Civ League - news item
  6. Starcraft II Beta Opt In open
  7. Civ4:BtS v3.19 released!
  8. 18th CDZ meeting has started!
  9. Stig revealed
  10. downtime for maintenance
  11. Maintenance maintained
  12. Shabba FC wins CDZ Cup
  13. Massive pitboss started!
  14. New Civ game coming to... Facebook?
  15. Merry christmas!
  16. Happy new year!
  17. Civilization: Network coming in june
  18. Sid working on Civ5!
  19. CDZ participating in pitboss team game
  20. Pirates! coming to the Wii
  21. Civ5 already available for pre-order
  22. Steam brings civ4 to Mac... for free
  23. Release dates for Civ V!!!
  24. Nintendo 3DS details at E3
  25. Civ5 trailer!
  26. Civ on Steam
  27. Overpriced version of Civ5 coming up
  28. New Civilization boardgame announced!
  29. It's demo time!
  30. Civ V System Requirements Announced
  31. Registration issues resolved
  32. Must... Join... Steam... Group...
  33. It's there!
  34. Civ5 DLC coming up!
  35. Win a Civ V art book
  36. Azeroth goes Civ V
  37. Soren Johnson does Google Tech Talk on Civ AI
  38. Civ with lyrics
  39. New patch coming up
  40. Civilization Network planned for 2011 release
  41. Sid Meier on Civ & game design
  42. New Civ maps available.
  43. Jon Shafer moves to Stardock
  44. CivWorld alpha ignores CDZ
  45. Civ4 wins a grammy!
  46. Civ sale on Steam!
  47. CDZ Front page error
  48. Civ V wins Bafta
  49. Hot stuff incoming!
  50. Civ V discount on GamersGate
  51. About time: Civ V pitboss coming up!
  52. Happy remobing day!
  53. Got faith in civ5?
  54. IGN previews G&K expansion
  55. Steam sale 2K games
  56. Happy birthday CDZ!
  57. Big Civfanatics Change!
  58. Happy birthday CDZ!
  59. Civ 5's second expansion: Brave New World
  60. New from ex-Civilization project leaders
  61. Age of Wonders III
  62. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
  63. Soren's economy RTS
  64. Why Gandhi Is Such An Asshole In Civilization
  65. Move your Civ3 to Steam for free
  66. Community announcement: no CDZ April's Fool this year
  67. Civilization 6 has been announced!
  68. First Civ6 expansion, Rise and Fall
  69. Happy 2018!
  70. Civ6 ad-tracking software removed