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  1. the 1st one
  2. No moderator!
  3. [Called off] grs vs Tubby (We'll restart in civ4)
  4. One more little Tubby is coming
  5. Away from the homestead
  6. **SPOILER*** Daghie's spoiler
  7. ***SPOILER*** Fe's Space of the flying axes
  8. Worst Job ever
  9. ***SPOILER***Beating down Whomp in Civ4
  10. ***SPOILER*** kicking a little Admiral Butt
  11. English to American
  12. ***SPOILER*** for CFC mega Pitboss game
  13. Concrete Barrier testing
  14. Tubby's entry into Hattrick
  15. SpOiLeR for War of Misfit Civs- Team Cow Tippers
  16. What are you Thinking?
  17. NEW CDZ Pitboss Spoiler....for Tubby only
  18. New Language for Tubby
  19. Jib Jab
  20. College Football Smack talking
  21. Geocaching... anyone?
  22. Tubby's new career
  23. Who wants to beat up a loser?
  24. Spoiler for Tubbyzuma vs Ghengis Darkness
  25. Tubby's Double Civ Spoiler
  26. GPS question for ya
  27. New Hairdo
  28. New Scam ... be VERY careful
  29. Wii coming to a Tubby near you.
  30. **SPOILER** Kicked in the balls by Simon
  31. Hey Tubby....article about your "problem"
  32. Sumpin's Fishy
  33. I finally fixed my computer
  34. **Spoiler** A little sumpin sumpin with the King
  35. Two big losers----OPEN THREAD
  36. **LOSS** Tubby's slapfight with Mauer
  37. Funny Items on Craigslist
  38. Krispy Kreme Challenge